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13 May 2009


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I think I've decided that I like Phillipe the best, though the paella and the apron are pretty impressive too!

Now, tell me, have we got to be dressed as a ladybird to make this paëlla more tasty ???
It looks so GOOD !!!

Oh Wow! The food comes first for me, but the man and his apron a close second!

Oooh! I pick Phillipe! Even if he also sucks the heads of shrimp! LOL! I laugh because my Dad always does that when making paella! We are after all Argentine :) Wonderful post and exquisite photos!

If I wasn't married Philippe might just get my vote!

:) Definitely Philippe.

Oooh La La....I am on the next flight to France! Handsome Man in Apron who can cook...Mon Dieu...the possibilities. Thanks Corey, your blog always holds great interest!

Hmmm choices?? Can't we pick all of the above?

You might need to slow those workmen down if this is what happens when you do not have a kitchen! I can smell the paella. MMMMMM. And although I have lived on the water for years, and have enjoyed my share of shell fish, I have never conjured up the bravery to try that whole suck the head business... thanks anyway. : o

I'm not a fan of some of the seafood in paella, but I saw it prepared on tv in a massive pan as you've described and its amazing how such a dish is prepared.

The visual of someone sucking out a shrimp head almost made me lose my breakfast.


That was easy.

I love paella and I'm married!

Corey, did you know... portuguese way of eating shrimps is exactly the way FH eats them!

Btw, paella and Philipe's apron rock!

Love and big hug*


He is adorable and I'm so pleased you got a good meal !!!!! That apron is charming.

Uh...no brainer....#3. My daughter will be in Paris in July!


Sorry for your friend Philippe (he looks good too)but I could live on paella, I just adore it because it has two of my fav, rice and fish! (I'm on my lunch break at work right now, fruits only today, and I'm drooling over my keyboard.....)

Would it be OK to prefer the recipe to the three other choices, please? Our elder son has developed a real passion for paella, especially as the cook at his school canteen puts squid in: 'you know, mummy, those tiny little crispy tentacles', says Son 1, with finger actions to suit...

Anyway, seeing as dad is allergic to mussels and mum has had several bad reactions to shellfish recently, I think our boy is going to have to learn to cook it for himself, so I'll settle for the recipe, thanks!

I've never commented, but I have been following your blog for a couple of months. I have to tell you, I own that exact same apron -- a gift from my Spanish teacher some months ago! She also makes a wicked Paella, which she did for our class (a corporate class) here in Houston, Texas a few months ago. One apron, thousands of miles. I'ts a funny world.

Looks so yummy! You are blessed.

Even though I'm married; Phillipe and his apron are tied for first...I love paella but I'm vegetarian now (and allergic to shellfish), so everyone else will have to eat my share! :)

Let's see maybe it's Phillipe in the apron with the paella that is so darned appealing! Love it all, love those shrimp and ooh I get grossed out when my son sucks the head of crawfish! and he's been doing just that since he was 5.......

Phillipe the best for sure, then the apron (which I would love to have) and I wouldn't touch seafood with a 10 foot pole so I'm not even putting it on there.

I love paella (ok and the fun apron too!), my mother in law is from Cadiz and has shared her paella recipe with me. Although it is time consuming to prepare, and we have to wash the paella pan she gave us outdoors because it is huge, it is so worth the results.

I absolutely love paella. I love all the fish but I want the feet and tails and eyes removed please. Just give me the eating parts. Phillipe is adorable. The apron is awesome.

When I was growing up, we vacationed in Spain every single summer, and paella was always on the menu!! I love it, and have a pan for it, but have not had the courage to try it on my own.... Phillipe and the apron aren't too shabby either!!!

too many good choices to pick just one, so i'll take the whole lot (with my husband in Phillipe's place;) i recently learned to make paella at a cooking school on a weekend trip to Barcelona; it's one of my favorite meals! thanks for sharing the yummy pictures!

Wow, the paella looks wonderful and, of course, special props to the chef wearing the cute apron!

I'm getting hungry just looking at the pictures.

Marilyn (in Dallas)

I adore paella and cook it once a year...I use a large wok...do you think Phillipe would be grossed out by that?
I would adore even more a paella cooked under a fig tree by a handsome man wearing a polka dotted and fringed apron...now that must be heaven.
Even Yann's sucking shrimp heads would be a lovely sound to me, under those conditions ;}

Oh, wow, I could almost smell and taste the paella from your photos! Can I come over for dinner?!? :) SILKE

Sucking fish heads and other gross eating habits is a boy thing ! A handsome guy who is single and cooks well....thats the ultimate ! Cant wait to see the new kitchen Corey xx

Love the apron!

Definitely Phillipe. The apron second (I love polka dots). Haven't had paella before, but do want to try it. Hmmm you'd better send Phillipe, the apron and his paella pan over here.

YUM.You KNOW what I mean.

Woohoo! I read your posts almost daily and this is the first I'm glimpsing of the match-maker side of you. Very fun. Paella is wonderful and in the Canaries it's staple food besides culinary skill. I think I could eat it every day. As for Phillipe, isn't it great to see most anything when it's done well, thoughtfully and with art? btw...I've been meaning to invite you and "French husband" to please! visit us in Sacramento when you rumble through. My husband is an old car and motorcycle aficionado and I'm sure they'd get along famously.

Philipe first, Food second which looks absolutely delicious and the apron third.

Looks like it was a great time.


Oh la la . . . Phillipe for sure. (I'm single too). Love the paella also. Love a man who cooks!! Send all over please?!

My mouth is watering.....for the paella!

Message to Phillipe: run, Corey means business! You won't be single for long . . .


Phillipe of course! Love Paella, I agree with you about the shrimp.
Corey you are the consummate-- Matchmaker, Matchmaker,
Make me a match,
Find me a find,
catch me a catch
Matchmaker, Matchmaker
Look through your book,
And make me a perfect mate

Matchmaker, Matchmaker,
I'll bring the veil,
You bring the groom,
Slender and pale.
Bring me a ring for I'm longing to be,
The envy of all I see.

There is some lucky gal out waiting...

Hi!!! I love so so so so much your blog!!! Looks so yummy!
regards from so far



visit me anytime...

Well, I'm married and a vegetarian (including seafood) so I'll stick with the apron.

Too bad you couldn't save the stone walls in the kitchen, but I'm sure you have something planned thats just as good!

Was late reading yesterdays post because my husband and I went shopping for a new bed to put in our "new" house. When setting it up last night he actually used a tape measure to make sure it was centered properly! Hoping we finish the remodel soon...

If Philippe cooks as good as he dances, I can tell you ladies, the Paella must be delicious.

That is one huge paella pan - you would need a bath to wash it in. And you are one very cute, not-so-subtle matchmaker, Corey!! looks like no-one is starving without the kitchen facilities.

Another married vegetarian here, so gotta opt for the apron (not that farm-boy husband would be caught dead in it). But I can still ogle Philippe, just so long as I don't touch!

BTW, are you getting any news coverage lately re actor Gilles Marini (native of Cannes) who's in next week's final of "Dancing With the Stars"? Yowza, he certainly represents the French husbands of the world well!

Hope to get update loaded onto my website later this week of excerpts from your Portuguese festa posts from California last June. Thanks again -- obrigada -- merci!

The paella looks glorious. Good luck with surviving the kitchen redo. I have been away and missed visiting you here. Good to be back and seeing what you are up to.

I thought Philippe was going to wait for me & teach me how to make that paella >_<;

We see that you are not suffering TOO terribly without your kitchen ... Philippe is even more darling than his apron and at least as delicious as his paella ... is he taking applications for a sous chef?

i've only eaten paella once and it was fabulous! i agree tho' that phillipe and the apron are unique and adorable!!

I'm married but ooh la la got to love a man who looks sexy even while doing a red lady bird impression.


How can your life be this beautiful?

I´m in love!!! ......with the apron. Just love polkadots and the tango.
Sorry Philippe, you would have gotten my vote if there wasn´t a gorgeous husband.
His paella looks divine.

Hummm... I would eat the paella, remove the apron and kiss the chef! Is there a better way??

How cute is that apron! He looks like a ladybug...oops...I mean a manbug?

looks like Philippe will have a hard time packing his paella pan to board the plane to his fan club in US. Perhaps easier if clad in his flamenco apron?


Paella is a tradition at parent's home (my family is from Spanish origin) My father used to make huge ones for us, neighbours and friends on a wood fire.

Felipe (Philipe) has a child soul, he looks sweet and sparkly. The apron is a must! looks more as flamenco one to me :) and of course you HAVE to eat shrimps head as French husband!


ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm SO hungry now (at this time of the morning!)


YUMMY!!!! One and all! Somebody go catch that catch!

Omigoodness, who can resist a man who is comfortable enough with himself that he can wear a red dotted apron?

Oh please...more about Philippe. He seems very interesting.

Oh my...the paella looks absolutely scrumptious. Nice to see images of the preparation...art for the palate. As for Phillipe. Mais oui, I am single..and love to dance. Would Phillipe care for a Latina from the states?
*winks* Wonderful blog!


Paella is my favorite dish in the world, so please do share the recipe. And, as for the chef????? Bring him to willows with you this summer so I can beg him to fall in love with me. :)

the apron is adorable, Philippe is adorable, and I'm allergic to fish...

I'd eat them all up (ok maybe not the apron!!)

Yup ... you can wrap Phillipe up and send him my way. He'll appreciate the fact that I'm not looking for a committment I think. HAH!! I love paella too though, it was a difficult decision on that point.


Bravo Philippe! He's a true aficcionado to make a paella in a flamenco tablier!


YUM Paella!!! a man after my own heart...he cooks and is not afraid to wear a polka dotted, frilly apron.

LMAO, I know what you're up to. You and your matchmaking ways :)

Why do I think Sheba referring to something (one) other than the paella?

Gah! I hate boo boos. Please insert "is" in between "Sheba" and "referring", Mme Éditeur. Merci buttercups.

haha.. wow that pot and shrimp are huuge!! i'm sure it was delicious :)

...So how is Phillipe doing these days?
Miss Sandra

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