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14 May 2009


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Enjoy your dinner-out all of you !

Joyeux Anniversaire, Annie !!!
- 90 sweetest thoughts -

Bon appetit! Two well-deserved reasons to celebrate at a restaurant! Joyeux Anniversaire!

Happy Birthday Annie! You've come a long way, and I whish you a long one to go.

Happy Birthday Annie!

Happy Birthday Dear Annie continue to share your wisdom with us all xxx

Happy 90th Birthday, Annie. What a wonderful milestone to reach. May we all be surrounded by and give such love as yours.

Bon Anniversaire, Annie !!!

God bless you dear Annie
May Heaven smile and hear your every wish.
Love Jeanne

Happy Birthday, Annie! And thank you, Corey, for introducing us to such an amazing women. Have a lovely dinner. :)

Happy Birthday to Annie.......enjoy this night out with your delightful friends!

Have a wonderful birthday. My prayers are with you this day!


Happy Birthday Annie. May the love you've given to others come back to you tenfold!

Happy Birthday Annie!

Joyeux anniversaire Annie ( how beautiful is her full name : Anastasia , simply lovely!). Wishing you all a wonderful dinner . Meilleurs voeux for la party girl !!!

Happy Birthday Annie! May all your wishes come true.

Happy Birthday Annie! You have a gorgeous evening on your day, surrounded by friends, eating good food, and laughing until you cry.

Happy Birthday Wonderful Annie. Blessings Always!

From one vintage Annie to another: Happy Birthday, Annie.

Une toast l`honneur de vouz , Madame Annie !

et Joyeux Anniversaire !!

Joyeaux Anniversaire Annie, Je souhaite que vous ayez continué du bonheur. I bet I mangled this horribly.. been way too long.

Happy birthday! Best wishes always~

Happy Birthday Annie!
My prayers and God's blessings for more years of joy, health and peace.
With love,
jody in florida

Happy Birthday Dear Annie, many blessings
from your friend and admirer!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ANNIE!!!!!! you both are lucky to have you each other!

Enjoy the dinner!

Happy Birthday Annie!! The best is yet to come. Enjoy Dinner Out.

Happy, happy 90th birthday Annie!!! It's been delightful hearing all the wonderful life stories that you've shared via Corey. Cheers!! :-)

Happy birthday Annie! May your day be full of happiness and love.

HAPPY, HAPPY DAY......have a wonderful dinner..can i imagine where you're going..??? dream..?

Happy Birthday, Annie! Enjoy dinner with friends and celebrate!

How wonderful, dinner out to celebrate Annie's special day. Please wish Annie a very happy birthday! I know you will make it a special one.

so that explains why the weather is finally beautiful here, too!! it's annie's day!!!

please tell her *we all love her, too! :)

*i am confident i can speak for the group. lol

Happy Birthday, Annie!

I enjoyed reading about you and learning from you.

Happy Birthday Annie and yall have a wonderful dinner.

hugs and love

Happy Birthday Annie. I wish for you a wonderful birthday filled with love and all things lovely. Enjoy your dinner with your special friends let them sing "Happy Birthday to You." Soon I hope we will get to see you cooking in Corey's new kitchen!
Bonne Anniversaire!

Happy Birthday to you, Annie. Wishing you many blessings.


Bon Anniversaire à Annie! Vous êtes une femme formidable!

(de l'ouest du Canada)

Joyeaux anniversaire, Annie! J'espere que vous mangerez tres bien ce soir en s'amusant avec vos amis!

Timing and weather have conspired to give Annie the best gift of all - a meal out with good friends, all the preparing and serving to be done by others.

Happy Birthday Anne! What a wonderful milestone 90 years! I hope you day and evening were the best they could be.

Birthday greetings from Northern CA! May your day be filled with lots of love & laughter! Enjoy your dinner out with such lovely friends!

Thank you for sharing Annie with us. Both of you are inspirations!

Happy Birthday Annie! Wishing you a much love, joy, and happiness. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and joy for life with Corey and us. Cheers!

Chère Annie

Je te souhaite un jour très spécial et beaucoup de jours sains bénis merveilleux en avant de vous. Joyeux anniversaire ! Joanny

Happy, Happy Birthday, Annie! Enjoy your celebration!!

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Annie with many more to come.

Please wish Annie a 'Happy Birthday' for me...and I hope you have many more years together.....Betty

Happy Birthday Annie!

Enjoy your dinner out!

Happy Birthday Annie! I have enjoyed getting to "know" you thru Corey's blog. Hope you have a wonderful birthday.


Joyeux Anniversaire!
Hiliohroni Annie!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Annie! May it be joyous and filled with laughter and good wine.


Happy birthday to Anastasia ! I love this name !
She is so fantastic ...I want to see more photos

Joyeux Anniversaire chere Annie - hope you all enjoyed a wonderful night. Just checked out Phillipe and his spotty apron & paella - just gorgeous ! I love spots, paella & Phillipe !

Happy, Happy Birthday Annie! ((hugs)) to you! :-)

Happy Birthday, dear Annie!!!!!!

This was a wonderful post and I loved seeing her hands. It was especially refreshing to read that she left her husband at 84. My parents separated on their 50th wedding anniversary and I have always found it so strange. Ultimately they got back together but only because they didn't know what to do without one another. So glad that strange things like that happen in other places.

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