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20 June 2009


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I love the quote and those angel wings are stunning
Love Jeanne♥


Beautiful! A friend is caring for her very ill sister. She posted a photo today of her bald headed gaunt and pale sister. Sounds depressing right? No. The sister had the most wonderful smile on her face and sparkly eyes. You could just feel the love. That photo inspired me all day.


Corey, that is a beautiful quote.


Oh my! What a surprise! *smile* I was just popping by to see what you were up to and to say that I think your photograph of the single wing on the mantel is so beautiful - heart-wrenching, actually. It speak straight to my heart. And then I pressed the link and... Thank you, Corey. :)

PS: Have you seen the film Wings of Desire? That film is one of my most favourite films. The b&w cinematography is stunning. I think you would really like it, too.

Shelley Noble

Pretty nice Photoshopping there, Miss Corey! :)


I love Provence! We just spent a week there in May. We were in the Frejus area-how lovely. Want to go back to hit some of the big markets that you mention. By the way: Beautiful angels wings!

Katelen Tays

It is quite beautiful.. It is the simple things in life..That are beautiful.


Simple random acts of kindness....thank you for another beautiful quote...can we purchase the wings anywhere?


and beautiful wing...



Really lovely...and the link!!..France does look beautiful at the moment..thanks for sharing Corey and Happy Birthday to the 17 year old!!


So sweet, Corey, so sweet and true!


Love that quote, how true.

 s wise

Love your quote..makes me wonder if it is the inspiration for the children's book," Broken Bird' by Michael Broad - one of my children's favourites! It is the story of a small bird, born (hatched?) with only one wing..who is teased by his brothers as he can't fly..who goes out in the big bad world and discovers his true love..who also has only one wing...and together they fly...

Gorgeous story...



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