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06 June 2009


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Oh la!
You look gorgeous. Ditto F.H.
What a beautiful setting for a gathering.


How beautiful! 2 best images; #1 you in your sassy white dress with fabulous, fabulous hair!! #2 the image with the calla lilies. thanks for taking me on this dream evening ride!

I love all you share

Thanks Corey for taking us with you at a cool party! Love your dress and shoes! Looking forward to the food...:-)

You are living a fairy tale... and I thank you for sharing it with us!

That looked like a fun party - you looked gorgeous, and Yann, well he as always was the best looking guy around! Bet you were ready to snuggle into those pillows after dancing/planting in those heels all night long!!!

Glad the kitchen is almost completed Corey - anxious to see the finished project - and to know you can eat other than pizza soon!

I love the large party pouffes! Those look like so much fun. The only problem is the older I get, when I sit down on certain surfaces, it gets harder and harder to get up. Of course when this happens, I usually end up having some of my best laughs!

Dear Corey,
This is so ROMANTIC! You and your husband look so in LOVE!
Looking forward to tomorrow's photos and words!

Very SEXY and Very ROMANTIC!!

sounds like an amazing party.

OH YOU LOOK HOT COREY! and love your hair...;)) really.

ok..in a few hours i leave .... to be in same time zone..;))


Now I have to go clean house! (LOL!)
But my oh my what visons, what a party and you looked fabulous so I know you had a ball!
Can't wait to see more.
Man, do french people know how to throw a fancy party or what!

What a fabulous party. So Jealous!

What a lovely evening. Your hair is so pretty. Thanks for the visual treat!

Oh I love your dress! You must have stood out, wearing white, when most of the others wore black or polka dots!

Man!!! what a party! Pretty pretty pretty you.

Oh ,you lucky girl...and it looks very romantic too.

What an amazing party! Very clever with all the furniture outside. Next time take me PLEASE!!!!
Take care,

Whoa! I love the look of that party and you and French Husband looked great!

The kitchen is looking good too.


Your dress is very chic. It looks great on you.


fantastc party!
and you have cute dress!

aahhhhh......what style....what fun...both look fab....

Lovely photos Corey. The pic of you and Yann..ah so romantic! One you'll have to have framed definitely. It looks like a very sophisticated and well designed occasion. Can't imagine owning such a beautiful property and then not living in the house-at least part time.

Dear Corey,
You look drop dead gorgeous. Way to go, have fun and share with us, your friends.


With everyone else wearing black, I think you really sparkled in your very chic white dress and shoes! That picture of you that FH took is gorgeous.

What an enchanting night. Can't wait to hear more!!

Marilyn (in Dallas)

You look beautiful, Corey. Wearing white was a great way to stand out in the crowd. You clever socks!

Corey, you look marvelous! WOW! That pix of you and FH really got to me. You two look into each other's eyes with such love. Loving each other is a priceless gift that you both give to your children. My daughter experienced her parents part and divorce almost 10 years ago (when she was 13), and I fear that she will never trust enough to find true love. I fear too much to believe in it again for myself, but I hope my daughter will find the right man someday. Maybe he's French...?

Coco, I've a feeling we're not in Willows any more ...

very romantic...loved the dress and hubby was very dashing

Wow! Marvelous. Your toe cleavage and the photos of you and yours that night.

very nice and you look fab!

Oh, I loved the test tubes idea!
What a party!

kisses :)

Soooo cool sooooo funky, bet Chelsea was jealous. Your white dress is a triumph. Will leave you to the memory of the end of the evening... and will look forward to part 2 temorrow, A demain, Jx

Ooooooh, Corey, what a fabulous evening affair (in several senses of the word)! Love the pillows on the lawn. You and Yann looked divine.

Can't wait for the next installment.

Cory, you and FH looked amazing!!! What a fantastic party!

Hmmm sorry ... I spelled your name wrong ... let's try:

Corey, you and FH looked fabu!!!

You have left me grinning from ear to ear. What a lovely evening you had. I can barely wait for the next installment. *sigh*

Wow! Sexy!

Magical...simply magical.

Girl, YOU look gorgeous!
I forget about the party when i am looking at your picture.

Too too beautiful. Although I was picturing something less modern and more florally. Glad you had a lovely night.

Corey, you look absolutely beautiful... and please, I have to have those shoes!

Heavens to betsy! I have never seen such! All I could think of as I saw that outdoor furniture??was how would I ever get up! I'd have to wait until everyone else left!
No, really, I loved looking at this other world.


You look FABULOUS!

I also love that photo of you Corey, you look right at home in the gorgeous setting! What a wonderful party!!

Wow! Black may have been the color of the evening, but the woman in white was the gorgeous one!

From Cinderella's sink to the ball. No need to worry about the glass slippers, you already have the Prince!


Fab party, right out of some Tres Chic magazine, and you & FB are living the magic and the last picture of the two of you - a match made in heaven, simply a beautiful couple.

A good choice wearing white - --I know you always kid about your looks, but you looked like a sexy blond Franco-American classic Grace Kelly Stylish & youthful. Way to go girl.

the Dowser Daughter

Great dress, great party and looks like a great time Corey..xv

Corey, those shoes!!
They are simply fabulous.
And the dress!
Absolutely wonderful.
And FH's photo of you . . . now do you see how beautiful he sees you?

(But, oh those shoes!!!!)

I'm probably the only person who wishes I could "throw" that party instead of just "attending". Got some great ideas for my next one - thanks. Loved your look, inspiring. Shoes were perfect.

WOW! Corey, what a magical evening you must have had! I dreamt last night (and this is NO joke), that hubby and I inherited a chateau on the water somwehere in France... now while I was DREAMING, you were LIVING the dream I had! lol =)

Fabulous photo of you! And I love it, that you wore white, in a sea of black.

Aunt Amelia

Trés chic! I love farolitos; a town close by "sells" them @ schools etc. for Thanksgiving! One can dedicate them to lost ones or to honor any celebration of importance! Once they are placed & lit by the families on a tranquil walkway by the water in a nearby park, it illuminates the entire park & puts a diff. perspective on THANKS-giving! :-) Cheers, Julie

You looked lovely in white.

My wardeobe looks like Widow Twankys with all the black in it, (40 years as a professional violinist didn't help) so I've taken a sacred oath now to only buy colour from now on.

Your white outfit and fab shoes looked simple but hellish elegant. Nice legs too by the way,


You looked amazing in white. Just loved the pillows and beds - What a cool idea.

White was DEFINITELY the color to wear. Bravo brave one! What a magical evening. E
What did you cook in your new kitchen?

too delicious! and the food post above...i cracked up, being the same way. btw. you looked too divine in white. perfect choice!

Ohhh...look at you two! Those pillow/sofas strewn about the lawn look like something straight out of a movie. Thank you for the description of the clothing. That was something I hoped you would write about. I also like that idea of the button hole in a different colour. The little details that can make a simple outfit so much more interesting... Thanks, Corey.

Wonderful picture of you Corey. You two always look so comfortable together. Your eyes say it all.

What a fabulous party. The lighting effects were wonderful and you to looked smashing!!! I really love your blog...julie

50 looks great on you! Loved the looks of love between you two. (:

I also like that picture of you. Your hair looks sassy!


Love that guy with the purple face...tres chic...I'm smitten. I know, he doesn't have a purple face but it was just the color of the canopy over that place. Good pictures.

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