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28 June 2009


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I love, love, love Paris. I had heard so many stories about how the French hate Americans, which made me a little scared. Never the less, I went knowing that I have a gorgeous smile and even if we didn't speak the same language, everyone understands a warm greeting.

I loved Montmarte too. We were lazy Americans and didn't take the stairs. I'm sorry I missed the fabric store.

I have one of those Eiffel Tower key chains. I love it!

I'm jealous! I wish you a fabulous time in Paris. I wish I could be there with. My own personal guide. That would be great!


Even 3 year old children from all over France can name the Eiffel Tower as part of their vocabulary repetoire!
PS. Drink a café noisette for me!

I too love Paris. We were there this time last year with our daughter and her Irish fiance. I have some of the Eiffel Tower key chains as well. Have a wonderful time and I wish I was there again - one day I will be back in Paris and explore again. Have fun!
Carol x

Oh how I would love to be in Paris. Maybe one day - so far away from Australia

Love these images of Paris. Hope you have LOADS of fun. It's a STUNNING day for it!

Have a wonderful trip and enjoy your beautiful daughter!!! There is no city in the world like Paris!!! I adore Paris!! Can't wait to return in October....counting down the days!!!

I just know you and Chelsea will 'paint the town' red and have a ball. I was last there the raging hot Summer of 2006 before heading South (and before I knew you dear friend). Bob, granddaughter Jasmin (then 10)and I thought we were going to die waiting in line in the heat to ascend the Eiffel Tower - it was worth it though!!

Paris is wonderful, beautiful, awesome and I know you will return with fabulous images for us.

Have a great visit.

I love Paris too and though I have been there 3 times I can nver get enough.

Paris really will be 'gay' with the both of you storming the place.... have a wonderful time, take lots of photos (duh!) and come back with fabulous stories!

Wooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooo!

Have a wonderful time with your baby girl!!!


Lucky you - sitting under the Eiffel Tower! Enjoy your time there with Chelsea.

I will echo many of the other comments -- I AM JEALOUS!

Dear Corey,

Are you going to the Marche Aux Puces at Clignancourt? If you do, check out the cafe/bistro Chez Louisette, tucked into a corner between antique dealers, with wonderful food.

I will be there in the fall! I am so excited to return!

Have an absolutely divine time my friend and I will look forward to your photo tour when you return!

oh! how fun is that!!!

PLEASE go to:

111 boulevard Beaumarchais
75003 Paris

such a wonderful store and be sure to have a café crème there..

and if you are already going to be buying some material in Monmartre...then go to

**A.P.C Surplus
20 rue André Del Sarte
75018 Paris

(everything is 50% from the regualr store!!!)

then...in pigalle...since it is close go to

**Rose Bakery
46 rue des Martyrs,
75009 Paris

(or their other location in le marais...
30 Rue Debelleyme
75003 Paris)

You can speak english there and have some gorgeous carrot cake!!

en tout cas...there is a start...DO enjoy paris!!!

love nancyxx

see I was so nervous I posted typos and spelling errors!!! you better have fun in paris...oh how i love that city!!! ;))

love you again..nancyxx

And have a macaron from Laduree for me! Have a wonderful time touring the big city with Chelsea.

I am leaving on Friday for Burgundy but spending the 4th in Paris and leaving on Sunday for Beaune. Let me know of special place you see or come upon.

Oh wow have a fabulous time, I was there in april with a friend, we went for a bloggers/expat meet up...arranged by Leesa from News from France blog..there were 14 of us. We were only there 5 days, we walked and walked..went all over, Eiffel Tower, Montmartre..Marais, and also into the suberbs to meet another blogger Barbara..who couldn't make the lunch. We were out most days from 9.30 til late at night..!!

Dear Corey, This is uncany! I was just in Paris (for the first time) earlier this month! Was there for a meeting and had no time to stay but two nights, but I DID go see the Eiffel Tower! At 11pm it's spectacular! I managed it all by myself too, RER and Metro!! Have a BLAST!!!

Oh I so love Paris! Went last November for the Marie Claire Idees fair but we enjoyed all the craft stores so much more - went to the 2 big stores in Montmartre.....fabric was great!

I hope you have a great time!

Corey and Chelsea, have a great time in Paris!
I'll be waiting for your new beautiful photos and stories from your trip.


I hope you girls have a wonderful time...I am jealous..wish I could get on a plane and go too....Pray you take lots of pictures to share and try lots of good food.

hugs and love

I'm jealous, too! I was only ever there once and that was in 1974. We arrived on July 13th and that evening we went up to Montmarte - stood in front of Sacre-Coeur and watched fireworks over the city. Whoa! Didn't know about macarons, then - more's the pity.

The Eiffel Tower is magical, to me. I'll never forget my first glimpse of it. We were at the musee d'orsay and could see the tower and it didn't look that far away, so we decided to walk to it. Well, we walked and walked and walked and it didn't seem to be getting any closer. Finally we lost site of it and I told my husband I was giving up and going to take a cab back to the hotel. Then, I turned down a street of apartments and there it loomed like an elephant in my path. It was the back side, not the tourist side and there were no other people on the street, just us and the tower. I'll never forget that experience of seeing it. It was magical.

I, also, didn't take the stairs to the top of Montmarte, but did climb to the top of
Arc du Triomphe.


oh, have fun! i will there in a few weeks staying at the la louisiane as you suggested. too bad you won't be there i'd love to meet you in person for a late'.

lucky, lucky you!!!!

Mother and daughter spending good quality time together. I soooo love Paris, have a great time.

Say hello to Paris for me, till the next time I'll go there......I'm sure this time around you will have great fun.

Chelsea, I hope you are taking your camera as well, to do a ' show and tell ' post through your eyes. I'm sure Paris will never be the same again !!!

have a very blessed mother and daughter time


Thank you Corey for bringing Paris to me. I miss it so much and your pictures make it come to life! Merci beaucoup!

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