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01 June 2009


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Corey, you have the most wonderful attitude to life. No wonder your blog is the most popular. Your generosity of spirit reaches us all. Who cares what is for dinner when there is laughter and love. Bless you.

Hi Corey, In keeping with your post,I just took a peek at your french receipes. Adorable and yum. Can't wait to see your finished kitchen. No sneek previews?

We have not had a pizza since our kitchen has been finished and even the thought of a pizza still turns my stomach but macarons for dessert YUM. Good luck with everything. xxx

Dear Corey, I can't think of a better meal: Pizza and Laduree macarons!! Bon Appetit! Cy

Corey Dear,
For the coming weeks and months, look and see the advice given at Apartment Therapy as to how/what to cook when you have no kitchen:

I could so well read the expressions on your dear face as you had that conversation with Chelsea......you were so gracious and yet must have been seething underneath! I would have gone berserk, plus I don't have enough guest rooms, yeek!!!

I just bet they had the best time ever though, memorable in many ways because of YOU (and Yann and Chelsea and Sacha too!). All I can say is "thank God for pizza", and French pizza is always so good.

Cold pizza for breakfast...it's a staple around here!

I hope your kitchen is making progress!

Sounds like a good time to me. Pizza, dessert and lots of laughter.


I could eat pizza morning, noon and night. It wouldn't bother me at all!

It sounds like you all had a wonderful time, and that's the most important thing.

Marilyn (in Dallas)



Yummy! Especially, the macaroons. The are on my to find list the next time we go to France.

I love cold pizza. It's a delicious meal any time of the day. I have a kitchen but I don't cook much, pizza is a staple around here.


Sounds like perfect meals to me-especially those delectable macarons. Corey-you have such a welcoming heart and V and family probably had a very delightful time at your home-with or without a kitchen.

You are a saint..those Macaroon's are beautiful. Do you think I will find some at Safeway today? ;o).

Pizza and Laduree macarons, now what could be better than that. I remember that picture of Chelsea and "V". I hope "V" had a wonderful year in Canada.

Pizza and Lambrusco, sounds yummy!

Oh I could live on those macaroons.

So I guess they were comfortable "semi-camping" as well.

I'm so excited to see your new kitchen.....what fun! And I know you will experience a new burst of food creativity as a result and that will make it so much more worth the wait.

Sounds wonderful, Corey!

Kind of like if life hands you lemons make lemonade...only better.

You're such a great Gal!!!

Oooooooooh, Laduree! The thing dreams are made of!!!

Macaron Pizza!
Now that is an idea worth pondering for a bit...
I am inspired.

I'd be more than happy to eat pizza for three days to have the opportunity to stay with you.
Sounds fun!


You are an amazing Mom!!
So sweet to have them stay without a kitchen.
Since I am Italian, I could eat pizza for breakfast too!
So funny, I was just looking at Laduree online today!! Wish I could get some of those yummy treats!!
Have a great week!
Your new kitchen will be worth the wait.

That is so funny...I had pizza for lunch today...and then pizza for dinner. And this afternoon, I received something quite lovely in the mail...from YOU! Thank you so much, Corey! What a beautiful kitchen linen! It is a perfect fit for my 100 year old house!!! At some point mid-century, someone painted all of the trim...even the entire staircase...seafoamy gray-green!!!

I loved the creative touch you added to the envelope too! : )

You brightened my day!
Julie M.

ps My house is all a-jumble at the moment, too. So, unlike a couple of years ago...I don't normally eat so much pizza. Back then, I remember calling in an order...then going to pick it up...when I arrived the gal behind the counter said, "Are you the large cheese pizza?" I smiled at an average guy checking out the cheetos...and replied, "Well, if you are what you eat, then I guess I am!" Average guy grinned under his baseball cap. I went on to say, "And my mom is an apple fritter." : )

That's a lot of pizza. No other take out restaurants nearby?

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