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18 June 2009


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Hasmade Designs

Corey, what a great way to spend the day...but I would have loved to do all the other things on your list! :-)


What a beautiful view!!! I can't believe they hiked in flip flops...enjoy their visit
and Sacha is absolutely right about girls!!!


I would LOVE to take that hike! How beautiful! My husband's young cousin is visiting us from France and the only thing she wants to do is go shopping! After she leaves, I do not think I will go shopping for a very long time!


My son loves nature and hiking the most........
Fabulous........I love Mother Mary
wow those steps


I bet it was an amazing experience!


Refreshing young girls, minds & spirits! Pass on the bug to other kids around the globe to get in tune w/Mother Nature instead of Mrs. Apple, Mr. iPod & alike! Good girls! Cheers, Julie


I would love to go on that hike it looks very beautiful and the view breath taking. What lovely girls to choose hiking over shopping. They will have a great memory to share together. I hope they enjoy the rest of there trip.


the step climbing passage brought tears to my eyes.


I agree with you, Nice, St. Tropez or hiking... I still bet they go shopping, but I too would have loved the experience of hiking to the grotte.


How incredibly delightful that four young women would chose such a hike over shopping. How equally delightful that you gave them the choice and accompanied them. These girls will remember this, as I am sure many other moments, of their high school trip to France and time with Corey. Just like their passage into the "heart of the stone", this passage in their lives from high school to whatever comes next will be marked by a wonderous event.

Thank you for the wonderful post and the wonderful pictures.

le petit cabinet de curiosites

tennagers are so full of surprises ...It has been a long time since i've been there , I guess I was still a teenager . I loke this place

Leslie Garcia

....Dear COREY... That is the name I would say on one of the steps. AMEN


What a place!


What a beautiful and heavenly place. You are the best tour guide, Corey!

shannon in oregon

whenever i should visit, i too would like to hike to the top of St Baume...

Debra P.

Corey . . .you made my day again! Instead of being down about our US economy, bills, cleaning, etc., you lifted me up. What a beautiful and holy place! I will spend my day thinking about it and dreaming of my future visit to France . . .the Grotto is now a must see!! take care.


What a wonderful memory for the girls! So much more than shopping! Congrats to them (and you)!


Well, I've never been to France, but I can only say that when I go, my first days will only involve hiking if that's what it takes to SHOP! After that, the sky is the limit.

What precious memories that did not require a credit card! I know there is so much to see there. I have reminders of France all over my home—awaiting that day when I get to drink it in for real!

Hugs from California, KJ

Tamara ModernGear TV

Oh Corey, you made me cry! But in such a good way. Thank you so so so much for your blessings - of your friendship and of keeping me in your thoughts.

Elaine L.

They are obviously very mature girls. You must be so proud of your niece.



Dearest Corey, My heart was light this morning and this post has made it even lighter. What a blessing. I copied the beautiful grotto image at the top of my post (i.d.ing as your photo, of course) and set it to my desktop. Beautiful place. Beautiful women, young and young at heart, and a beautiful step by step prayer.


Some smart girls who seem to be open and available to all the surprises of life.
..definitely an event to remember and cherish forever.

Shelley Noble

How incredible. How moving your poetic post. How touching to imagine the prayers. So gorgeous.


What beautiful photos! However, I can't believe the girls hiked in flip flops... of course they are teenagers!! I loved the thought behind the stair climbing as a prayer. But I couldn't help but think that if it were me, I would probably being praying for myself that I would make it the whole way up... LOL But teenage girls have lots of energy and stamina!! Sounds like a wonderful trip.


Fabulous pictures and the view at the end looks pretty wonderful too!! xx


Fantastic choice !!! I would have loved to join you and the girls !!!!


Dear Corey

You are an angel that has just touched my heart and given it peace today...seeing my name on your post and knowing that there's a step prayed by you with my name on it in St Baume... Thank you. Someday I will be there to see Saint Mary Magdalene's grotto and most of all...to meet YOU! ~xo


Shopping should not be a "hobby". Reassuring how they made their choice which you even enriched by adding fun!


Finding intriguing items in brocantes or flea makes does not count as "shopping" _according to me. Franchised clothes sold in France like those in US are produced in developing nations, so the shopping is best for food and artisianale goods. Sites, restaurants, nature as well as such boutiques make travel worthwhile. After years, I'm convienced foremost it is the people we visit and meet who make the voyage the best!



Wish I'd been there,



What a happy memory for these girls!

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