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19 June 2009


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Happy Birthday Sacha! What is today's cake? and what does the birthday dinner feature? What fun!


Sacha, Happy 17th Birthday from Texas (and birthday wishes from Texas are bigger and better than from any other place on earth.)


I might sound mean, but the best part of summer is ..........vacation!
And lots of fresh, colorful and juicy fruits.
Happy birthday to Sacha from Italy


Summer's Embrace:

The scent of roses
The shadow of the moon
Oh how glorious the month of June
The first day of summer
Salute to grads and Dad's and brides
All of us are smiling wide!~

Barbecued dinners
served upon the deck with windchimes softly heard
They play a melody so sweet
and yes I embrace that casual feeling
It can wait until tomorrow.
The pace is divine.

On a pale moonlit night
We are serenaded by a crickets orchestra
We define our destiny under the stars
I bid you hello sweet summer
And if God is willing I will welcome you again
Next year at this time.
~Written by me Jeanne

Beautiful post
Birthday blessings to your precious son
Well I was just 17 if you know what I mean
The Beatles

La Donna

Happy Birthday Sacha! : )


My favorite thing about summer is the sultry nights. Eating outside at restaurants and cafes, dancing or listening to music in the park ....beautiful flowers all around, and everyone seems to have sunshine spirits. I live in the city, but would love to have a garden of my own like I did once upon a time.


To Sacha ... Happy Birthday and good luck on your exam.

As for summer ... the ground is free of the many feet of snow we get in Maine, the birds are singing, flowers in bloom, veggies growing and a Mount Gay and ginger with a twist of lime tastes delightful.


Happy Birthday, Sacha! Enjoy your day and your 17th year ahead. Best of luck on your exam, too.


Oh how I miss the feel of rope soled espadrilles under my feet! They would be the perfect summer shoe here in Australia and I can't fnd any anywhere!



As today is the first day of summer break for my four boys, I think what I love most are lazy, sun-filled, warm breeze summer days. I love the sounds of the bees, and the birds, and sleepy afternoons on the hammock after enjoying lunch outdoors. And I love rainy mornings like this - the change in the weather, and being able to enjoy a cozy day, knowing the sun will return very soon.
Happy birthday Sacha! Isn't each birthday shocking - the realization that your baby is becoming an adult? My oldest is 15 and while I am thoroughly enjoying him the older he gets, I can still remember him at 2 like it was yesterday~


happy birthday sacha!!!!!!!



Happy Birthday Sacha - what a great combination of places to grow up - California and Provence - it doesn't get much better than that!

Gorgeous images of summer Corey - I can feel it all from our Midwinter bright sunny chill.


Happy Birthday Sacha! Enjoy the sunshine.

Summer is nestling into the warm sand and soaking in the heat of the day. Going barefoot, eating juicy fruit that runs down the arms, fresh corn on the cob, sunflowers, and laughing outdoors.

Portland, Oregon

Jeanette M.

Ah, 17 is magical. Happy Birthday Sacha. My favorite thing about summer is not very romantic but there you have it, it's the fruit. The bounty thrills my tastebuds. I live in Phoenix, AZ so summer is our "down time", trapped inside with the air conditioning but you can enjoy fruit inside!


Happy 17th Birthday to Sacha!


Happy Birthday Sacha! My favorite part of summer is NO schedules!


Corey, you torture me with your words! How I love summer and the beach. I live in East Texas with no beautiful beach around, but do have plenty of trees.

Happy Birthday, Sasha, you handsome young man!


happy....happy day sacha....& a year of non-stop fun ahead.!!


Happy birthday Sacha! Something tells me he'll always get lots of attention from young ladies in Provence and Willows.

shannon in oregon

wish him the happiest of happy days!



Happy Birthday to Sacha!

My favorite thing about summer is the early sunrise. Even though I'm not awake that early (usually) I love waking to daylight. This morning I woke at 4:00 a.m. and lay there watching the light creep across the bedroom wall until 5:30. It was perfect.


Happy Birthday, Sacha from Cape Cod, Mass.


Happy Birthday Sacha, and good luck on your exams.

Thank you for this post today Corey. I love pretty much everything about summer - sunshine, warm weather, green grass, flowers, garden tomatoes, corn on the cob, fresh fruit, hearing the call of the meadowlark again to name a few things.

Please tell more about rose wine replacing red wine during summer.


Happy, happy birthday, Sacha! From Washington state. Enjoy your special day.

My favorite part of summer is the respite from the rain here!! It's so lovely here in summer.


Birthday wishes to Sacha from Colorado!

Carolyn Mallin

Happy Birthday Sacha!!!! From Shelbyville,Kentucky.


Happy Birthday, Sacha! How lucky to have a summer birthday.

Gail Sullivan

Hi, Sacha,
Several years ago I went to get out the plastic happy birthday letters that I used over and over on everyones birthday cake. Unfortunately from the last birthday to this one, some of the letters mysteriously disappeared. So, ever since, the cake and message have been "Happ Birdy". So, today I say to you, "Happ Birdy, Sacha!"
Gail from San Diego

As always a lovely post.

Tamara ModernGear TV

Happy Birthday Dear Sasha!


Happy Birthday Sacha and good luck on your exams. Summer in Arizona means swimming, flip flops and plenty of sun, sun, sun.

Beautiful post as usual. Takes me back to our trip to France last year.


Ah, so sweet...
enjoy it all a little more for me too, please.

Julie Ann Evins

Beautiful text & pics, reminds me of everything I love about Provence and Summer - 2 of my absolute favourite things.
Many Happy Returns Sacha & Corey - hope to see you Saturday week ! jx

Hasmade Designs

Happy B-day Sacha!!! and good luck on your exams...

Corey, summer in Provence is beautiful!


Happy Birthday to Sacha! Growing up way too fast. I'm so glad that you are unable to leave for CA until July! For if you had left earlier I would have not seen the beauty of Provence! Thank you for such sweet beauty!


Happy Birthday Sacha from North Idaho! Corey beautiful post today. Thank you for sharing. P.S. What do I like about summer? Hmmmm.....took me awhile to think about it and then I thought what do I NOT like about summer. Nothing, I love it! Blessings, Kimberly


Happy Birthday to Sacha!


Happy birthday, Sacha! 17! Wow!!

Now, Corey, I've said this before - YOU need to photograph for a magazine!!! My god, woman, you are GOOD. I can imagine your photographs in Conde Naste Traveller. Or foodwise, maybe in Gourmet. Really. I mean it. I would love to spend a day photographing things with you.

Cathy J.

Happy Birthday Sacha! Hope you had the best birthday ever!

Summer in So. CA. to me means the best of fruit, garden tomatoes and backyard parties with family and friends. It doesn't get better than this.


Hope you enjoyed your birthday surrounded by California girls Sacha! Good luck with your exams - isn't it mean that they make you sit them in the lovely Summertime!!!!

Corey, I know you are loving this early Summer in Provence - bet the markets are bustling and bountiful - I'm off to our little local one shortly for farm eggs and fresh vegs., but it's nothing like the fabulous French ones! Speaking of cooking - when will we see your kitchen, please?

100 stifling degrees due here today - Summer, you can have it - I'm a cool weather gal!
Hugs - Mary.

P.S. Any chance Nathalie can add the translator to her blog?

Ellen Cassilly

Working in the garden and then taking an outdoor shower!!!!

Happy birthday Sasha.


Happy Birthday Sasha from Oregon's wine country (they say it resembles Prov. France), enjoy your day.

Corey, your photos are amazing as always! In my imagination "my dream France" looks exactly like your photos. Wonderful post!

Sue McGettigan

Happy birthday Sacha!

My favourite part of summer? Probably the farmer's market, and early morning or sunset walks on the beach when the heat of the day is yet to come, or well past.

This summer I'm excited because I'm going to see my family! Like you I live a long way away from my peeps, instead of meeting them at my home (CA) or theirs (Australia) we're meeting at my brother's in Switzerland for some precious time together. I don't leave until late July, so if you're coming through Los Angeles and want to walk along the beach before you head up to Willows let me know :)


This is a beautiful post and brings to my mind the writings of M.F.K. Fischer about her own Provence years.


Happy Birthday to your wonderful 17 year old son! =)

Julie Fredericksen

MY birthday is June 25 (oh to be 17 again. I'll be 60).
Our anniversary is June 29 (35 years.
Our daughter's birthday is July 9 (27 years).
Dan's birthday is Aug. 5 (61 years).
So I guess what I like best about summer is that it is a season of celebrations.

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