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05 July 2009


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About the writing a book question, I say the same! :) Aside from the fact that its cheaper, other plus are that it won't fall apart if I spill coffee on it (well...my keyboard might get fried but the post will still be there, right?) and a blog is more interactive than a book, where you can see people's comments and little stories that they related in response to that day's post. :)

I thank you allowing me to live my dream through your blog. I hope to go and stay at Le Madone in october if i can rustle up the money. It will be both a holiday for myself and a scouting trip. I have a dream to live in france and your blog has allowed me to do that from a distance. I love the way you write and the way you share your life. I hope that if I do make it to provence in october that we can meet for a coffee or a meal. Your blog is a book, a moveable feast of words and pctures. Keep writing, especially for people like me, who find it difficult to keep up any kind of writing on line.

I know that you have probably thought of this but here goes anyway with regard to migraines i used to suffer badly and i had to look at my diet. I have to wear sunglasses inthe sun and mke sure that i drink a lot but i also have to watch what i eat, dairy being one thing. perhaps the next time you get one just check what you ate and what you drank. As I said youo have probably thought of this already.

What a lovely post today! Not to say that all of yours are not lovely. This one was very dreamy, a perfect Sunday morning post! Your photos are the best. Thank you, Annette

I held my breath until you greeted Annie! Every day is a blessing with your lovely friend. Thanks for the tip about La Louisanne...I may stay there in Sept.

just a quick post. I suffered from migraines until MD suggested try Treximet.
I don't like to take medicine but will take
this when have headache as it relieves it
within one hour. Non-addictive. A real life
saver.Missy from the bayou

Thanks for sharing. I, like many others, am so anxious to see your kitchen, but will no longer press you on it. I have had paint colors brushed onto a wall in my house since last February. It still isn't finished. We have a French boy coming to live with us in August and I want to sand the woodwork in his bedroom, paint that and the walls. Good Luck with that, Eileen. But.. I still can't wait to see your kitchen.

I just love starting my day reading your blog!! Thanks for answering questions and sharing wonderful France with us. I am eagerly awaiting my trip in Oct!!!! My heart skipped a beat about Annie. Sorry to hear about your headache in Paris :(

Hi Corey =)
I sure picked the perfect day to come and catch up! You made it easy for me - I can't wait to see what color your kitchen turns out - I am so glad that Annie is okay (I held my breath while reading your account of the morning delay) and everything with your kids sounds fabulous. I think a motorcycle trip through France sounds fabulous! Come to the States and do it next year. I just traveled to New Mexico, and in AZ it was 91 degrees at DAWN. Bleh.
Much love to you and yours!
xo Isa

My dear, your posts are absolutely divine. I can not wait for the day when I am able to drive down and visit you while on my 40th birthday trip to France. You are such a wonderful inspiration and your children are so very lucky to have you!

Do you still write for Somerset now and then? (I hope I am remembering correctly)
You do not have bad grammer! It's mostly perfect. Glad to hear Annie is still doing well. I love to hear about her.
Chris in Sacramento

Being on line does take up a lot of time...if you spent your whole life at the computer what would you blog about :)
I treasure each not I get from you and the fact that they come as an unexpected surprise make them even more special.
I just got Somerset Life, the issue in which you wrote "Homesick" it is an article that describes exactly the way I feel about being so far away from my home of birth and nowthat my Son has chosen to live in a country that he was not born in...now I have a three way tug of my heart.
In many ways my life is richer for it...at the same time :)
Your grammar may not be perfect...according to you...but you do get your message across, often in a profound way.
Next time I go to Pigna, Italy, I am for sure making a side trip to meet up with you.
Don't worry it won't be any time soon... next year perhaps.

LOL ...I should have proof read my message.
That should read..I treasure each note...and... unexpected surprise makes them even more special.
The rest are grammar mistakes.

corey your blog is so wonderful. you have a joy that radiates through your words and pictures, and i often find my mind wandering to how i could snatch myself a european husband and do the same thing.

I spent the entire day in bed yesterday unable to share in the 4th of July celebrations. Migranes are horrible. I feel for you sweetie!

Watching the Tour deFrance this a.m, going through your area of France. The tile roofed houses, small villages, tree filled hills/mountains-just like in your photos!
Glad Annie is okay, shame on her for scaring you. Give her a hug will you please?

Am I the only one who thinks that mauve slats in a laundry would look kinda fabulous? :)

Thinking of you as we watched the Tour De France this morning. Glad to hear That Annie is OK. How exciting to stay in France for a change. Have lots of motorcycle adventures. What will Chelsea do in Mexico City? I will have SUPER exciting news for you Thursday morning. More later, Ellen

Thank you for answering all the questions. It's so interesting.

In future questions and answers, I'd like to know what you like "least" about France and do you have the desire to eventually live permanently in the states, i.e. retirement. And, what about the kids would they like to live in the US?


I just loved reading this. I always enjoy your blog but I learned much more about you today and I think you write divinely. You make France come alive in my mind and someday maybe I will get to visit. So glad to know Annie is ok.

hugs and blessings

I have just found your wonderful blog from Being Ruby. I have a friend with a house in France, near Agen, and go regularly, and of course love it. I also have a love affair with Italy and am going to the Almalfi coast this year after doing Florence and Venice last year. Living in the U.K. is a great base to see Europe. By the way, I love the way you write. It reminds me of A Year In Provence. Will be back often. XXXX

I didn't have any of those questions, but I enjoyed the answers to them very much.

So sorry for your migraines! I get them too. No fun! But I did have fun in Valensole on Saturday with some girlfriends from Nice area! The lavender was soooo beautiful! Thanks for sharing your photos and for inspiring me to organize this little journey!! Cy

Just found your blog from a Twitter. What a lovely ride for a frustrated midwesterner that has been trying to get to Paris for years. I'll be following. kath

Thanks for all the tips lately on traveling in France and Provence. I am taking notes for our trip in the fall.

in Oregon

Just a big thank you for sharing your life with us.I love waking up in the morning to read your blog and look at your beautiful photo's.

Corey, simply, thank you.
Thank you for your fantastic writing and charming pictures.
I am sorry about your migraines, have you tried homeopathy?
Very glad Annie is doing fine and yes, I must agree, summer rain is the best.

Sending hugs to you friend!
You look stylin' in your beautiful little black dress, slippers and the fuchsia sac they came in!! Please Never feel guilty!
WE can only do, what we do, no more!

A wish for NO MORE MIGRAINES, to you!!


Dear Corey,

Thanks for answering our questions!

By the way, did you and Chelsea eat in the Cafe Marly? I hear the food is great...

A million thank yous - for your blog which inspires always and opens doors to paths not yet traveled. For a wonderful dinner, a great playdate and a listening ear. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And to answer your question re the design trend - you've created and are living in it, beautifully.

Any chance you go biking through Germany and Austria the second half of july?

Corey, I too, suffer from migraines although they have disappeared since I went vegetarian AND avoid anything with MSG. (In the states, as you probably know, MSG is hard to avoid) Is it as prevalent in France?
Also, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see some vegetarian French recipes!
I read your blog every day. It is my daily link to imagining myself in France!

Please, please, pretty please go over to BLURB.com and check out how to make your own book! You don't need an editor or have a set deadline, you can choose your own photos and as little or as many words a you prefer. You can download the software for free and there is no expensive publishing fee. You can make us a very nice coffee table book to drool over for a very reasonable price. I have a friend who made a book through this program and it was high quality and fantastic. We love your blog, you could steal from it!

Corey, thank you for always sharing so much! I am homesick for a place I've only visited and never lived but absolutely love. Perhaps one day.

I love the blue chair:) I can't get enough of your antiques!

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