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29 July 2009


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WOW!! What a ride!!! Stay safe! Cy

What a ride, alright!!! I was sure you were going to crash every time I saw a car coming towards you - driving on the wrong side of the road from us in New Zealand!!! Thats a lot of mileage you are clocking up - how is Yann doing , with all the driving??
Thankyou sooooo much for taking us all along with you both.

I have held my breath with you in awe and in exhilaration. It is lovely to be able to stay with friends and welcomed warmly. I love the excitement as well as the beauty of your journey and I am privileged to be able to share in your adventure. Scary hairpin bends!! I love your spirit of adventure and your joie de vivre. I wish I had half as much gumption!!!


Oh Corey, you are so brave.
What an amazing journey.
Thank you for taking us with you.
The scenery looks so beautiful.

Wow you just blew me away with the video. What a great ride. Thanks a million for taking us on your trip. Stay safe.

Glad you are having such a marvelous time. How lucky you were able to find your glasses. Gorgeous photos!

Whew - just watched your video three times running, and how wonderful to hear you singing!!! Reminded me so much of my motorbike days, exhilarating! I'm also from NZ, and took a while to get used to cars on the "wrong" side of the road when I toured Germany and Austria. Thanks for sharing this incredible journey. Take special care and enjoy.

What a great ride Corey...my stomach flipped each time you went round a bend, and looked over the side, oh my word..AMAZING!!!

I am impressed. Stay safe and keep singing!

whew!what a ride, just the kind of thing to scare the bejasus out of me!i travelled up the cirque de gavarnie in a coach (near Lourdes,France)when i was 20 and was petrified!the photos and video are great,and i heard you singing "the hills"!lovely to catch up with blogging friends on the way.stay safe! kathleen

Great video, Corey! Did I hear you singing..."the hills are alive?" If you guys ever do your motorcycle trip across the US, you must do the Beartooth Hwy over Beartooth Pass in WY. It takes you to the northeast entrance of Yellowstone Nat'l Park. I think French Husband would find it suitably challenging...Stelvio Pass looks very similar. Glad you're having fun..

Wow! I have been reading daily and am very much enjoying your adventure.

Unbelievable! Trip of a lifetime, and we get to go along! Thanks for risking life and limb for the video, it was spectacular. Ride on, sister, ride on! ...the hills are aliiiive.. hee!
xo Isa

My stomach got a little upset watching the video...you two are having such a fabulous trip. Loved your singing...just keep riding!!! Enjoy every moment!!!

What an adventure! Still glad though that it's you not I. I shall enjoy the journey vicariously. More videos please!!

Fantastic video! Thank you so much for making it and posting it. You made me smile when you sang "the hills are alive" when you were taking a corner and you pointed the camera at the mountain peak. Lovely singing voice by the way. Continued safe journey.

I've got a little motion sickness after watching the video - but the scenery was worth it!

the hills are alive with the sound of music...heard you momentarily singing that :)
what beautiful captures on the back of willow. so enjoying and the video was fab.

The photos are wonderful, but to ride along with you!

I am only now catching up with you and where are you? In Austria! Can't believe it!
Have been very busy, among other things sent one of my daughters off to California this morning.
Sent you mail with phone number.

Corey, you are a hoot!!! Thanks for letting us experience part of your journey!! Nice voice too--wink, wink!

Lots of motorbikes, and one bicycle...going downhill, wow! Breathtaking, thanks so much Corey.

What a ride!

You know the slow car that you passed? That would be me...

What? No photo of Liselotte and the champagne toast? Shucks!

Is Liselotte the first virtual friend you've gotten to meet in person after months (or years) of blogging? Will view your video later, after I've completed this morning's task of revising the revisions of *Lucky* Chapter 13 (only two more to go -- yay!).

P.S. At this very moment, our local public radio jazz radio station is playing Nat King Cole's classic recording of "Route 66," which I assume will one day be one of your and FH's motorcycle itineraries!

oh wonderful!!!
and excellent camera work!!! really.

(ok i found a converter on-line...of fahrenheit to celcius..;)


ps on the way back...please go through croatia's sea coast!

Wow! We really CAN fit on the bike with you! I can't wait for the next video! Too bad you can't record the entire trip for us to take with you.

I am NOT letting my husband see this video - he is already getting ideas. I am going to Berlin next week for 6 days and we are taking a day trip to Prague so I can't wait to hear your impressions - never been to either and your diary here is making me so excited! Keep on Truckin'

I was hoping for a few pictures on Stelvio Pass but the video was icing on the cake.....Thanks

Ok, I lasted about 2 seconds into your video before my stomach started losing it.
But wow! I can't seem to say more except WOW!


you are so brave to ride
so wonderful to share...


i am beginning to think
there must be pink petunias
the world over.

one can hope ♥


That video was just terrific! I felt like I was on Willow myself. I loved the part where you held the camera out to show your face! Born to be wild...Thank you for doing that - I know it wasn't easy.

And how wonderful that you spent the night at Liselotte's home. Nice to stay with and meet a reader.

Corey . . .that was so exciting!!! I called my children over to the computer to see it too! This post went way beyond my expectations . . . you really know how to surprise us sitting in the comfort of our homes drinking our coffee.
Would you ever consider doing an annual trip like this? Then all your readers can meet you in France and we could do a group ride! Great idea, huh? (This from the woman who has never sat on her husband's bike in 10 years)!
You are enlightening and changing attitudes around the world!!

The hills are alive with the sound of Corey!!!
What a ride!!! I didn't have my helmet on and my hair is all windblown. I am having an incredible time with you and Yann.


Wowie! That was fun to watch, though dizzying.

You guys are making excellent time, even with all of us hanging on for dear life at the back. ;)

Oh my goodness! You are a little dare devil Corey!

How did you survive that??? I literally got motion sickness just watching that for the two or three minutes it lasted. How frequent are "turn outs" along the road? I would have to stop over and over again. I'm still queasy now.

(You must tell us the length of the route and how long it actually takes with all those curves.)

And you appear to be filming, holding the camera with two hands - have you been tied and tethered to dear FH or the seat??? I hope you're getting hazard pay for this trip. :)

How wonderful you got to meet a blog friend along the way, I love that!

Oh my goodness! I would have wet my pants. That was fantastic.

Love the images seen in the rear view mirror...you, the Alps, the winding road.

Wowser!! I am loving this vicarious trip... can feel the wind in my hair and the fanny fatigue too!! Safe travels, Corey - Deb

Oh Corey, the video makes me want to do this trip! What incredibly gorgeous photos you are sharing! There were so many motorcycles on your video - it must be a popular way to travel the countryside.

I am once again thankful for your generosity in making sure that we are a part of your voyage. I truly look forward to seeing each and every one of your updates!

My hair was wet from the shower and after watching this fabulous video, it's dry and a mass of wild curls and waves. My Facebook is sharing the video for you now. Awesome, Corey.

Wow - reminds me of Glacier Park (in MT)...looks like a heavenly ride! Jamie V in MT

Oh so fun...safe journeys sweetie!!

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! I have just watched the video, How do you manage to take those pictures without falling off??!! How do you manage to keep the camera so still that I feel as though I am on the back of the bike with you!! I cannot keep the camera still when I am standing on Terra Firma!!
Please, Please, take care I love the pitures and the video but no more risky stuff, OK. Love to you both.
ps And HUGE, HUGE, Prayers.

Oh my you are brave
Love you

What a thrilling ride! Toward the end I was leaning in my chair as you went around those corners! I am trying to imagine what it must feel like when you make a pit stop and get off the bike...it must be quite an adjustment for a few seconds to be standing still on solid earth again. I hope you make more videos for us!

Wow wow wow!!! so beautiful! thanks for sharing the video - that is just fabulous! Do people live in the castles on top of every hill? I wondered that in Germany as well. Also, how would one obtain such a home...

Safe travels!!

Your trip sounds so great! I love hearing your descriptions.... makes me wish I was there!

Love the video...you on the back of the bike (Willow) It's like you are a "Bond Girl" in a scene from a James Bond movie!!! I think you better drink a martini tonight. Shaken, not stirred!

Oh COrey, I wish that we knew each other in real life as Im sure we are cut from similar cloth... I started singing The Hills are Alive... a mere seconds before you did! And the shots in the mirror, the shots of your face and of Yanns concentration... I SO want to get a motorcycle licence and go touring around Europe on the back of a bike... except I would insist of a side car for Bronwen!

I second Jamie V's observation about the scenery being reminiscent of Glacier National Park in northern Montana. Also a bit like Yosemite's high country (the Big Oak Flat Road up to Tuolomne Meadows and beyond through Tioga Pass to Lee Vining). My parents took me on a lot of tortuous mountain roads in my childhood in both the Sierras and the north coastal mountains, so I found your video exhilarating. More, please?

(P.S. Now it's on to Chapter 14!)

you are a brave, BRAVE woman!

Absolutely amazing to see your video! I'm so glad the weather has been so wonderful for you.

Thanks to you both for taking us along on your journey!

Stay safe!

Looks like a FUN ride! We love the twisty roads!!

Corey, what an adventure!!!
Love you photos! I miss Europe so bad! I'm Europe homesick. Every morning I run to turn on my computer to see more of your picture. you're not too far from Czech republic now, brave people on a motorcycle!
Are you going to Budapesht too? it's beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Fantastic!! The scenery has such a fairy tale quality to it. Beautiful homes (castles) surrounded by lush forests and majestic mountains. Stunning!!

Your attention to detail is amazing.

You should be a travel writer or work for a tourism agency, because I think everyone is wanting to experience such a wonderful trip. I know I do!

Marilyn (in Dallas)

I don't think I could ever do that! I am afraid of heights like that! I can fly and stuff... but no way jose! I couldn't drive the California coast never mind the alps!

However, it is amazing beautiful!

Sheeshz - I thought that gold 4 wheel drive was coming straight at you!!!

Wow...great stuff. I am writing this down for a future trip for us! Was that a little squeal I heard before passing that A3?

Austria is so ... One of my friends is from Austria and here temporarily, well, until he retires and goes back home. Each year he makes the most fabulous Austrian Christmas cookies! To be there as you are would be fabulous and fattening.

You two are something else!

So cool! I like the video postings - please shoot more!

I heard you singing "THE SOUND OF MUSIC"! What fun you all are having. My hubby had to watch the video too, he loved it!!!!!

Be safe.

That was thrilling....do share more. I love the beautiful country side views and the adrenaline of the ride on the turns...not to mention passing the car!!! What a wonderful trip.

LOVED the video...so did my husband...now he wants to ride cross country (I said...where will we put the kids?) His answer...sidecar. They are 4 and twin 2 1/2 yr. olds. Don't think it's happening anytime soon. So, we will continue to live vicariously thru you and FH.
Now...my Mom is a great believer in SIGNS...always thinking something means something...even if it doesn't and maybe it sometimes does...WELL...did you notice in your video of the Stelvio Pass that VO is spray painted on one of the wall as you're going up the hill? Now, I am sure it's part of another word, or something, but it actually jumped out at me while watching the video. It's about 1/2 way thru it...there it is. So, if you doubted, and I know you didn't...your Dad is along for the ride, watching over you and keeping you guys safe. Have fun my friend...safe travels to you both!

I don't know ... Yann seems to be choking on those turns.

Booger Green

Damn! You should have named the bike Hannibal (no, not Lector)! Willow makes me think of Palin's middle daughter. Not that I have anything against her poor children ... just the creature that came from Wasilla.

You are braver than I am! Loved the part where you panned your own face!!! Too, too cute.

Susan M.

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