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19 July 2009


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What an adventure! I love your free spirits and your sense of fun. I cannot wait for the details. The Alps! You are a braver Gal than I. Enjoy, enjoy being free and carfree.
Love Ana

I'm choking with laughter over my morning coffee as I re-read this out loud to Bob! OMG Corey, you forgot the kitchen sink! You are too funny and Yann, like all men, probably thinks one can travel lighter than light! Do you have friends along the route where you can stay - like you were planning for the ride across America?

Sounds like an adventure but I must admit flying sounds more feasible. Besides, where the heck would you put the antique treasures to bring home? I've seen those big touring motor cycles on the highways towing little trailers lately..........now that's what you'll need!

Planning a big trip is fun though! I'll be off Friday to your 'neck of the woods' and hope so much I get to meet your Mom as we pass through Willows - in a rental car, not on a motorbike!!!
Hugs - Mary.

Corey you are indeed an adventourous girl!I am looking forward to the posts from this trip.the Duomo in Milan is indeed beautiful,on holiday in lake garda last year we spent our first night in milan and did the bus tour of the city before leaving for the lake area and there really was a sharp intake of breath on seeing the duomo for the first time! i saw someone describe it as "lacelike" and that really is what its like, so delicate looking.Be safe and enjoy your trip!

Whoa! How big is that motorcycle?
You wouldn't have time on this trip, but in the area of Salzburg is a lovely little picture-postcard town called Hallstatt. Wish you could go there!

I was going to make sure you stop to see the Last Supper on the way. But last I was there, there was no food allowed in the building :(. Oh those alps, always good for a summer snow. How about you entice yourself to stop in Lago Magiorre or Lago di Como... beautiful enough to endure a bike ride in any weather. Or eat wonder delicacies in Vienna? See the Danube in Budapest... so many ways to go, so many choices...

Whoa, girl! You need a U-Haul behind that bike! You forgot to mention the most important thing - your computer! Sounds like such a wild and crazy ride. So fun.

You might consider investing in saddle bags for the bike. One luggage box on the back is ok for a single person on a short trip but an extra bag on each side is great for the extra goodies you will need for a trip of this length. Saddle bags come in all shapes and sizes from simple leather bags to expensive luggage type the can be removed from the bike. If I remember correctly, you dad's bike has a set of leather bags. Oh, don't forget to pack the laptop.

One cotton sarong (good as a skirt, towel, shawl,scarf)
One woolly hat
3 prs underwear/2 bras
2 warm trousers
3 pairs warm socks.
2 t shirts
boots to wear on the bike
comfy shoes for walking
1 fleece
strong motorcycle jacket and gloves
meds/toiletries/small hip flask/ knife
a hot shower at least on alternate nights

Just go, just do, be together.

F-U-N! You and FH certainly are living an adventure, Corey. Now you have me dreaming of traveling...

I can't wait to follow you on this adventure...!! The Duomo is indeed spectacular, and you have to go through Salzburg!!! It is absolutely beautiful!! My sister (back in Portugal) has a large group of bike-owner friends who all take a trip every year to a chosen european destination... I will ask her for any tips!!

Oh what fun and what an adventure!!! You go girl!

Corey, when you make your to-do list, make sure that #1 is "Make list," so you'll have something to cross off right away, because it's a real morale-booster.

Interlaken, Switzerland, is said to be a lovely town, should the Alpine portion of your itinerary lead you there. Alas, a distant cousin on my maternal (i.e., non-Portuguese) side -- who lived there and had been the 5th person to summit Mt. Everest -- died several years ago, and I don't know whether his widow (whose name eludes me offhand) is even still alive.

Re packing lightíssimo(?): I spent three weeks in the Azores last year with only two carry-on bags for all my gear, including a figurative ton of papers and several books, basic toiletries, footwear, a few undies, my two favorite tailored pantsuits and a broomstick-pleat skirt (ties up compactly into a knot) and makeup because I needed to look professional for one of the weeks at a pair of conferences. Yeah, it CAN be done, but takes a bit of planning. As you know, one rinses out hand-washable garments as often as necessary during a trip. However, by the time I got home from the Azores both pantsuits desperately required dry-cleaning, and I was so sick of the sight of them that I've not worn either one very much ever since. But it's amazing how much "stuff" one can live without for a few weeks when sufficiently motivated :-)))

Boa viagem!

Just a thought, Corey: Would you be willing to wear a fanny-pack while riding, in which you could carry a bit more "stuff"? I realize it's totally un-cool, but...

Oh, Corey..what a fabulous trip you have planned! I was grinning from ear to ear as I read your plans.

I'll be cheering you and FH on as you make your way through Europe!!!

Marilyn (in Dallas)

You guys have a great plan and I'm very jealous! After a few trips I have bike luggage down to a fine art. Luxury it aint, but make sure you pack your wets Corey. Tell you what, let me know when you're going and I'll meet you in Prague, should be about the same time by bike from Kent as it is from your part of Provence.


Exciting but . . . just think of all the goodies you might find along the way and no way to get it home short of mailing it. Okay, okay. Sometimes the adventure has to be about holding on to your man and filling a camera. Works for me.

You and FH are quite the team. The trip sounds like a lot of fun. Hope you don't get "tresmag"-that was what my Norwegian Grandma called it when you sat on a wooden chair too long.

oh....what an adventure!!!! (i don't think i could leave the sea...nor resist leaving milano...)

I can't wait!!

Take as little as possible, what you don't have you will find and it will make the journey all that more adventurous. When your husband offers to wisk you away with the promise of keeping you warm you have to forget about the "stuff" and just enjoy every moment!

In China, the sheperds are replacing their horses with motorcycles, it's faster and easier to herd animals on a motorcycle. Besides a lot of young Tibetans and Mongolians are trading their old nomadic lifestyle by jumping on a motorcycle and traveling on it. Check out the link, you can join them, what fun that will be.

Still laughing!

fun! fun! looking forward to hearing more. i do think FH needs to consider a compromise by investing in saddlebags. when we did our bike trip through the canadian rockies we had 2 side bags and a back box...used every square inch. you can get away with 2 pairs undies if you invest in some "technical" undies (aka. material that dries more quickly than cotton). you wash one pair per nite. make sure you have some good quality rain gear (gortex). keeps the wind and rain out. i used mine when we went through the high/cold mountain passes to help keep me warm. i also had a thin scarf that i used to keep the wind off my neck, again, this is necessary when going through the high mountain passes. i wore jeans everyday, both for wind resistance and safety (as i did not buy "real bike pants" but boy did i ever want a pair of chaps!!) not sure what the weather will be like in general. we took a good SLR camera, as well as a point 'n shoot. i kept the small camera in my jacket pocket and took a ton of shots while we were driving. we found a number of motorcycle chat rooms where we could get info from people who'd already done the trip.
bon chance!
kristin Toronto, Canada

There are two things when you're traveling this "light" that are indispensible...matches and toilet paper. Everything else can be bought if needed or something else can be used to fill the need. Have a great trip. Ceske Budejovice is a wonderful town as is Ceske Krumlov. Look at the graffiti (the fresco (?) work in pattern on the walls of the buildings). Poke into the little shops where they sell the most ornately decorated and delicious gingerbread cookies in the world. And if you happen to go through Hluboka - there are kids (now adults though) who learned how to speak English and play American baseball from my cousin. We took a lot of equipment over to them and baseball is still going strong even though my cousin has come back to the states. If you happen to talk to any of the baseball kids, just say Phil and Ardi say hello and give them a hug!

Have a great time
If you get to Budapest take lots of pictures for me.......

Love is all you need.

Wha? No corkscrew?

Have you ever thought of going south instead of north???No mountains and warmer temps

Well, Corey, you're NOT with Lance!!! He's the one who is convoyed by caravans and trucks of people and supplies !!!

You're with Yann !!! So just sit on the bike, keep grabbing THE bag (The ONE bag for 2, I'm afraid) with one hand, and squeezing FH with the other one ... Still you can dream of Lance (or of his convoy) all the way long, if that helps...

Bon voyage !!!

It sounds like a great trip! Milan is amazing, busy, industrial, classy, great food -the duomo is my favourite place -make sure you climb to the roof - oh and go for panzerotti (small deep friend pizza dough filled with the freshest tomatoes and mozarella - sounds bizarre but has to be tried!) They are available from Luini which is very close the duomo - in a street that runs from the Piazza Duomo near La Rinascente! People eat them for lunch in the square or a late afternoon snack.

Also think of the man that I saw once whilst driving over the Alps from Switzerland down to Domodosola and onto Milan - he was riding down the hair pin bends on a penny farthing!

I love your sense of adventure! I hope there is room for the camera in your bag because we will all be expecting to see LOADS of photos of the trip!

I come to your blog from time to time and
yay - I was so excited to read about your trip. I live in Canada now but I am from Prague. I hope you will have a good experience.

be safe, have a blast and enjoy! prague is gorgeous!

Can you say romance? Everything happens for a reason and maybe one of the reasons for you and FH to stay in France this summer is Prague...Got a bee in my bonnet one summer while living in Brussels, called my former H who was in US at the time and told him I was driving to Prague next morning, 9 hours. He flipped, I went. Being a good southern girl, living near a Johnny Mathis statue - hum a little "Moon River" on the Charles Bridge. Romance baby, romance!

p.s. Great seafood restaurants under the bridge and on the banks of the river, the Jewish cemetary will break your heart and how can you not take a break in Venice! Grab that man of yours and go, go,go!

Corey, this is so exciting!
I am born and raised a Czech girl, left my homeland for love. All I can say is that Prague is beautiful. Hope u have very good time.

Do you have any friends at your destination (or near it) to whom you could mail ahead a box of clothes etc. for yourself to wear on the 2nd ½ of the trip, whilst mailing your 1st ½ clothes home to yourselves? I did this on one of my Azores trips when I was staying for a few days with, then housesitting for, Americans at the US Air Force Base at Lajes, and believe me, it really made life easier for a woman of a certain age(!) traveling alone and having to shlepp her own bags.

Corey what a wonderfyl time yoou will have, Can't wait to read about it

This is going to be a great adventure! Can't wait to hear all about it. Blessings, Kimberly


Anyway, just wanted to tell you I loved your post about your Prague road trip. Love your go out and grab life attitude. How wonderful to be such an adventurous soul – save for the sore read end part tee hee!
Looking forward to reading all about your exciting trip!

Corey...that is the funniest, sweetest thing ever...He will keep you warm. The trip will be fun...the time of your life I imagine...ENJOY the ride...close your eyes and hold on tight...but make sure to take some photos for us along the way. ENJOY my friend, ENJOY!

Imagine doing it on a bicycle! Thats what le Tour is doing today and tomorrow!

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