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16 July 2009


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le petit cabinet de curiosites

As always you have the most wonderful story to tell even if there is a part of sadness in it. I'm alone , Philippe is in Giens .


Thanks for another piece of your life. I'll leave on saturday for a two-weeks-bike-trip to Austria and Germany, see you in august. I will miss your daily diary so much.....

Julie Ann Evins

Another wonderful chapter from the rich tapestry of your life. Do you still have contact with Mdme Guerrin ?
I also wonder if you jumped last night you brave girl ?! x

nicole 86

As a Frenchie, I do appreciate your story. I wish I were Mme Guérin for lonely foreigners, sometimes, I try ...


The kindness of strangers is always something I treasure. Beautiful.


God bless the Angels sent to us by God.
I love you ♥


What a sweet story! I am glad she was willing to become your friend.

Gina Baynham

What a bitter sweet story. I know of the lonelyness of being in a strange place with a new baby.

When my first daughter was born I was very young, had moved countries for love and knew no-one in our small village that we had only recently moved to. I walked back and forth past a hall that had a Mothers group every wednesday but was too nervous to go in. When I finally plucked up the courage and went in the group of mums said they were wondering when I would join them. They had noticed me pregnant and had seen me walking my pram quickly through the village. Sometimes we have to be brave and make the first move. I made some great friends but it took guts to make that first step. Kids are a great ice breaker!


write the book
xo jody


I know there has to be more to come on this story. Can't wait.

Jeanette M.

You finally started your book! I can't wait to hear the rest. Did you jump?


Caring doesn't need words to be understood. Madame was a classic example. When you write the book, I'll stand in a line for an autograph - even if I need to come back to France!

Leslie Garcia

Dear Corey,
I can't wait to read more!!!!
You write so well...you feel so deeply about life and it comes across the miles very clearly. You touch my soul!
Peace and Love,


I'm desperate for the next chapter....the sign of a good writer...leave them wanting more...and I want more. !!!!

becky up the hill

A wonderful story and perfect cliff hanger! You have had us all along for the journey, now does this mean a new one will start? A good story teller, has the reader there with her/him. I bet alot of people were pushing Chelsea in her stroller and meeting
Madame Guerrin.


Corey, you already have so much raw material for a whole shelf's worth of books right here on your blog, it's just a matter (as though it were that simple!) of deciding on your central organizing principle for each one. Also, whether you want a small volume of text-only, or a lavish coffee table book illustrated with loads of your photos. My first choice would be a book about Annie, while she's still well enough to help you with it.


You left us hanging....can't wait for chapter 2!


So beautifully written. I could picture you, with Chelsea in the stroller, meeting Madame Guerrin.


While "bagatelle" may suggest something of no importance, but Park Bagatelle sounds full of promise.


"French Husband would later wear a black tie of his father's" --what is the song "the cat's in the cradle"--I cry at that as well


You always have a way with words. I do think you will need to write the story. And as they say ".......the rest is history."

How lovely to be taken under her wings by Mdme Guerrin.

Marilyn in Oregon


I've always believed that there are angels that walk this earth to help and guide us in times of turmoil. I think Madame Guerrin was placed in your path to see you through a difficult time.

I, too, would like to hear more about your friendship with her.

Marilyn (in Dallas)


So touching Corey. Don is gone for two weeks in Oregon. Kris is here but there is something about one's mate being out of sight that creates such a feeling of aloneness. I may be enjoying my separateness at the moment but it doesn't change the fact that I feel alone. I'm very glad you found the kind Madame Guerrin that day.

Anne A

Such a wonderful story, yes I believe that Madame Guerrin was there to help you, just at the right time.

If you were to write a book, I would be there to buy it :-) I love the stories about you and your French husband :-)


I love your short, snipetty sentences and your gentle focus. Can't wait to read act deux (is the second chapter act deux in french)? You should definitely write a book - I would read it.

dancing kitchen

Good people find good people. It's a fact.

Evelyn Jackson

Madame Guerrin and Annie...you seem to attract the kindest, most compassionate people! I think that says a lot about how kind and compassionate you are. Can't wait to hear...'the rest of the story.'


Your always teasing us... Great Photos, recipes and stories! I kept looking for more. And, I too, would love to come to France for an autograph! What a fun party that would be!!!


Jardin.....d' Bagatalle. One of my favourite scents!! It brings back my young years in love....

The Peach Tart

The pictures are extraordinary. I've spent a lot of time in the area and so miss the markets there.

I loved the story and can't wait to hear more.

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