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06 July 2009


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When we have so much to be thankful for it is just overwhelming and the happiness overflows in the form of tears.

you are back to colours again. Primary feelings overcome by the pastels you experienced with your daughter transmitted to your appreciaton of your men. And who said pink is just for girls?

Sometimes you take for granted a lot of things, then suddenly the truth comes to your heart and tears fall down. It's a very good feeling, I have to say.

A fine example of living and appreciating the moment. Life is simple and beautiful.

Tears of joy are wonderful...the simple things in life are the best!!!!

Sometimes our blessings have a way to literally showing us their faces. *hugs*

Oh, How I know that feeling. Everything comes together in that one moment...life, death,love,gratefulness,happy,regret,missing those that have gone, sad,rememberence, tolerence...every emotion in one milli second.And it's a good thing.
On a lighter note, it was a good job that you weren't chopping chilis !!!!

Blogs are so interactive where we get lots of informative on any topics nice job keep it up !!

It is the small quiet moments that are the big things in life...........
You are truly blessed
Love Jeanne♥

Welcome to menopause, my dear!

Moments like these are precious. Sometimes, my husband thinks the children don't listen to him, but yesterday my 7 old proved him wrong when my son remembered a newspaper topic that my husband had been reading in the Wall Street journal about Ghost in Germany. Which my son thought funny at the time, but then my husband has explained it was in ref to something in the past. My son word for word said to his dad his explanation. Made me proud.

My daughter and I call those times when emotion washes over us "happy moments" whether they move us to tears or laughter. One never knows when they will descend or just what will trigger them but they are moments of insight to cherish. Thanks for sharing yours.

it is those moments that matter most in life!!!

I know just how you felt. It is such an overwhelming feeling of joy and nostalgia at the same time.
You have an amazing way of relaying thoughts and feelings. xoxox

That's what live and love are all about.

Corey, again to hear you apeak of feelings I have had (and, others on this blog) bonds and strengthens the camradary we feel with you. I'm always surprised and a little shocked when that wave of all those emotions begins hitting me all at once. I feel very blessed and maybe a tad guilty for experiencing so much good in my life, wanting desparately to hold on to the special moments forever!

Love flowing out of a profoundly grateful heart and making its way down your cheeks!! I can picture you in that moment in my minds eye.

Thank you for the blessing.

I feel this way so often when I look at my husband, when he comes into the room or even when I hear his voice on the other end of the phone. To feel appreciation for simple things that are really big things is a lovely gift.

That is wonderful, so simple, so profound, God Bless, Jx

tender and beautiful...

Love is a very special feeling. Thanks so much for sharing your heart with us.
in Oregon

it can almost feel overwhelming, that thing called love. and isn't it grand?

So very eloquent, Corey. Thank you!

That is one of those moments that you have to cherish and just BE.

Beautiful, Corey...just beautiful. And I completely understand....

Those are the moments that make life so exquisite. Thank you for describing it so eloquently.

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Happy tears, the best kind.

That is so sweet. I know, those moments can catch you off guard sometimes. Cherish.

Those feelings are what it means to be human.


You were having a "ZEN" moment... Like Thornton Wilder in his three act play “Our Town”you take the ordinary moments of family life making family life seem “extraordinary”

I love those moments when out of the blue the unexplained joy of my family life washes over me.
Is it a female thing? or do men experience it also?

ever since i turned 50 this year, this seems to happen to me more and more. i look at what i have and the overwhelming joy often makes me cry.its a private moment filled with such happiness and yet such dread at all the changes in the family. comfort to know its not just me x

Moments like that are true magic, and the gift is crying those tears of joy and gratitude. Thank you for sharing this; I'm going to look more happily upon my kitchen sink. xoxo

THAT is why I love to wash dishes.

Those moments sweep over one and are precious indeed. Washing up is invariably a good time to think for me. Thankyou for writing about it here.

Life is good!

Lovely moment, well noticed. Isn't it wonderful to be alive to enjoy these experiences!?

Dearest Corey, you have because you give, you are loved because you love. Washing dishes is a form of meditation and soul searching.

Every so often us females just get that lovely sentimental side of us flowing down our cheeks! If I cried while washing up my hubby would assume I had my period!

Those moments when the heart just seems to expand, too large for our chest, are always wondrous moments of great joy.

Love this post Corey - probably because I'm a big moosh and cry at the proverbial drop of a hat and am so thrilled when someone else is weepy like me, which is so dang seldom. ;) But more likely because I could feel the love come through your words.

Ohhh, I think many of us women have experienced such cleaning-cleansing moments. For me, laundry is therapy.

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