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22 July 2009


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There are two ways to think of this trip:
1. a romantic getting to know you all over again kind of trip.
2. a test of love's endurance!wind rain no shelter!!!!
I like to think that it will be a bit of both and that you both know you love each other madly and no wind or rain could ever dampen those spirits.
If I was going away for 3 weeks on a bike trip I would take you, because I would need someone to make me laugh when it was raining and windy, my pet hates!!!plus I know that when it looked as though it was goig to rain we would both find the nearest hotel!!!

I'd take a ziploc bag full of ibuprofen and my sense of humor!

Love the comment of Ana .
Moi, I will take MY MAN ( just as you've done )
can't wait to see you back !! Let me know when you are back in saint Zach so you can make me travel by telling me

I just love what you do with your SLR, but you're right - if weather is a problem, you might not want to deal with that.
Sounds like you need a sidecar!

I would make sure I have medical insurance in case of an accident. I think a small first aid kit packed on the top wouldn't go astray.
Then leave the cares of the world behind you & enjoy each moment of the trip as if it's the last thing you get to do in your life. Have a wonderful time, Corey.

A bible and wine!!!

Much love and many hugs and prayers
I know you two will have a marvelous adventure...........
Love and hugs

All you need is Yann, minimal essentials, clean underwear, trust and a sense of adventure. You and FH will be on the road for the full 3 weeks because you are going to have a ball and not want to shorten it by a week. A good ride to you both.

I don't think I could go without a small camera. Even the camera on a mobile phone would be better than nothing! I am packing for a family holiday right now and am trying to pack minimal but at least I can bring a suitcase (and my camera!)I am looking forward to reading about your adventures. Safe travel...

May the road rise to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face.
And rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.

Irish blessing

I'd take Cuddle Duds (soft supple long underwear!) You can always take them off when it's warm, but you'd appreciate them when it's cold (like in the Alps!) Fun name your French-Husband has for his little laptop. I have that one as well...it now has a new name! Can hardly wait to read your 'posts from the road.'

A rosary.....and a sense of adventure..I think you already have a wonderful sense of adventure and curiosity..

i'd take a car

While living in Germany we camped with our 3 young children and one day we watched as a family of 4 arrived on bicycles. Each person had a small back pack...that was it. They set up a tent, all went inside and moments later, out they came...each person was changed into a nice clean outfit and looked fresh as a daisy...they proceeded out of the campground, probably to do some site-seeing and eat a bit of dinner....those folks totally amazed me and left a lasting impression of simplicity and efficiency that remains to this day a fond memory. I look forward to hearing about your wonderful adventure!
fondly, cathy

3 weeks on a motorcycle... mmm a change of underwear and a smile....I think this is going to be great fun!

this sounds like a fabulous trip, but i'm in my early 20s, which means i'm up for a little more crazy travel. i can understand your reservations :) but i'm sure you'll have a great time!! hope it's a memorable (in the pleasant sense) trip.

The most important thing I would take on a trip like that is a bigger bike than the one I have now. I envy you guys so much.

Oh Corey, you are going to have such wonderful memories from this trip! I envy the two of you on the road alone. My handsome man and I spent 10 days driving (yes, in a car but no kids!) around Normandy and Bretagne five years ago and what I wouldn't do to have another 10 days alone with him doing something we enjoy. We were in Turin a year ago and it was marvelous - as you are going right through there, maybe stop for some chocolate and a bite at Eataly - my very favorite place to shop for food on the planet!!!
Safe travels my friend,

This sounds like FUN, Corey! Like the Tour de France but on a motorcycle. I'm excited for you and I want you to write about each stretch of your travels, please. And yes, I'd like to see photos, too. Maybe even a video? Does FH's fancy EEEpc shoot video?

What would I bring? Definitely comfy underwear. Oaky, that's not exciting but hey, if you're going to be sitting down on a bike for several hours, you might as well wear really comfy underwear. And you know, they can be sexy. You live in France, afterall! I'm betting even the grand meres wear sexy "granny panties"!

Must say Corey, you are very brave..I am sure you and your husband will have a wonderful time..make the most of it...it will certainly be a test of endurance as the comment above says!! And a such much fun you are going to have :-)

I am lucky if I can get my husband into Oxford..firstly he is always away working and then when he comes home, he is too tired to do anything,and I mean anything!!

Will look out for posts ...take care and have lots and lots of fun and laughter!

Hi Corey,

I'm excited for you! What a great trip!

As for staying awake, have you ever tried the energy drinks that come in cans? There are several brands like Red Bull or Kronik...also Starbuck's has an energy drink now. They all have lots of caffeine plus a few other energy-boosting ingedients.

They work very well for me, and I have no problem falling asleep after a cup of coffee..

You are going to have a great time! All the worrying will be for nought. In Prague, should you have trouble finding a place, there is a nice B & B that is a little pricey (but not outrageously expensive) called Vila Kozlovka. Telephone 02/32 58 82 Address: Kozlovska 24
160 00 Praha

We stayed there and the proprietess spoke five languages, her house was immaculate and her breakfast luscious. There are visitor's centers in most large towns and many smaller villagers. Have a lovely trip and we'll be waiting to hear all about it.

If I were going on a motorcycle for three weeks I’d get a motorcycle with saddle bags and as much storage space as possible. Then I’d take a pair of jeans, a pair of shorts, two shirts, and a small thing of laundry soap. A metal bottle for water refills and some granola bars for on the road snacks. A light jacket. My face wash and a face cloth. My smallish digital camera. A toothbrush and money. And a list of cheap places to stay along the route. I do not camp! I think I could survive with that.

I hope you have fun and take it easy. It’s not a race. You should take frequent rest stops to stretch the legs and take in the scenery. A trip is no fun if your uncomfortable all the time.

Hi Corey! If you and FH find yourself in Cagnes-sur-Mer (on the beach, just before Nice Airport) around lunch time and want to eat lunch there, "Le 86" sandwich shop, next to the church, can't miss it. Cheap and great food! Call me and I'll meet you there! Have a GREAT trip!! Cy

Will you be visiting your Mom this summer?

A first aid kit, a comfy pillow,cash (in a money belt), Gold Bond powder. Camera definitely, journal to do sketches and notes. Two plastic glasses for those glasses of wine or champagne mid-day.

Corey- Change of clothes, one dress, clean underwear, decent shoes, firat aid kit w/ any meds, a camera,maps, jacket/sweater and the desire to be free to do anything you feel like for 3 whole weeks with your beloved!
Rain might not be so bad if you must discover some cozy accomodations and get off the road for a spell!Have a wonderful trip and just GO! Everything will work out fine and if you hit a few "bumps", just more stories to tell later!

Ooops! I forgot...a scarf too!

who cares what to pack... your going on a fabulous, envy inducing adventure.... have FUN!

1. "Cash: for sleeping under a bridge..."
What, do you have toll-taking trolls in Europe? LOL!

2. Corey, the standard packing advice is to pack as little as you think you can get by with, then leave half of THAT at home!

3. It's so easy to make a compact, easy-to-fold lightweight tube-tent with just a large heavy-duty plastic sheet (maybe 12'x20'?), a long sturdy cord and several clip clothes-pins -- weren't you already talking about taking along a clothesline and some clothes-pins anyway?

To make, fold the plastic sheet into a cylinder around your ironing board and, using paper to protect you iron's soleplate, fuse it into a tube by pressing along the overlap (maybe 6"?). To set up the tent, run the cord down the interior of the tube and tie each end of the cord to/around a tree or other stable structure at a height of maybe 4'-5'. As you lie inside the tent with your gear, you will automatically create a "floor" that, for two, will probably be ca. 6' wide. Use the clothes-pins to clip both ends shut, not only for privacy and safety, but also to keep out nosy nocturnal critters :-)

OH, Corey, I am of no help about anything motorcyclish (sp) but I will certainly enjoy your adventure via blog while keeping dry. By the way, have you ever blogged before about how you and French Husband met?

"the roar of the engine"
Do you have earplugs you could wear, so your hearing isn't permanently damaged?

Take THREE changes of undies -- plus at least one plastic bag, in case the ones you've washed out aren't dry by morning when you hit the road.

What exciting times ahead for you. Isn't it amazing what we do when suddenly we are alone without young children. All these new possibilities and ways of planning and experiencing them. What would I take? Plastic. Lipgloss. Camera. Cell Phone. Oh yes, and a toothbrush.

A change of underwear since after looking at those photos of those hairpin turns, I may need them and a rain jacket with a hood, a little cash and that's all. Live for the adventure. I am always telling my husband stories of your blog and he listens...somewhat intently. But, telling him about this ride, he was engrossed, listening, engaged, looking at the photos. I think he was completely jealous and we both wish u & FH safe travels my friend!

1 - Ibuprofen
2 - More clean underwear than you think is necessary
3 - Knee high boots to wear (good for when it rains)
4 - Lots of socks and t-shirts
5 - Small pillow for your back, or to sleep on
6 - Fleece blanket (takes up very little space rolled up, but super warm)

Hotel reservations, definately!

My first (only) trip to Europe my friends and I bought a Eurorail pass, and to save money we slept on the train as much as possible, even traveling extra miles at night so we could sleep but still arrive at the right place in the morning.

Sometimes we tried to sleep in the train station but were usually kicked out. One night in stockholm (I think) we had no reservations, the train station was closed, the train wasn't going anywhere and the youth hostel we tried to stay at was booked full and locked up. It was a ship and I begged them (on the phone)to let us at least sleep on the deck so we would be safe, when we arrived(middle of the night) we found a tall fence with spikes on top and there was no way we could climb it so we stayed in the park out front. Us and several vagrants who wanted to be friendly.

Yes, reservations for a warm bed and a warm shower.


New York Times has an article in today's paper about the modern art scene in Prague:


My own 2003 BMW R 1150 GS and some really sick knee-high boots.

Your husband.
Kidding...I have a 'blue shirt' of my own that fits nicely. Be safe and have a wonderful time, Corey.

Honestly, there is no way in the world I would go on a motorcycle trip for 3 weeks...however, if forced to go...I would bring a credit card and an escape plan. You're a better woman than I...so bring your sense of humor, your trust in FH and your faith in God...I will keep you in my prayers...and will worry about you as I do my twenty something children....

I think minimalist is the way to go! I think you'll be fine with very little! I really think you will love the ride on the BMW R 1150 GS. We had an older model (VERY comfortable as far as bikes go). Just remember to trust your driver and relax when you ride - don't be tense or it will be uncomfortable later! You will have an absolutely memorable time! Can't wait to hear all about it. Wish you were coming out to the states... maybe next year? Jamie V in MT

P.S. re homemade plastic tube tent: Do NOT clothes-pin each end totally shut when you're in the tent. If you do, prodigious quantities of condensation will accumulate from your respiration. Leaving the top of each end not clipped closed will obviate the worst of the problem.

Hello hello,
Although this may not be the thing for you, French husband ought to check out www.couchsurfing.com. It is a great social network for travellers. You can find people to shack up with or to show you around the town (potentially in their nice, non-butt bruising cars or public transit). I find it is the best way to travel--to see the true culture rather than tourist traps.
I am excited for you and your trip. Don't be afraid!

As a former rider - clean socks and underwear. Your, stress your, favorite soap and a pair of slippers (they will be very handy at night when you must take those boots off and don't want to go barefoot). Anything else you can "adjust".

Hotel reservations, most definitely! A comfortable and good night's sleep will regenerate your muscles and your spirits! Have a blast and eat lots of gelato in Milano.
Ciao, cugini.

Flashlight, with fresh batteries!

Birdbrain? Is that Sheba and Franca's oldest sister? The Luddite posts!!


Dear Cousin

That is a trade secret.


I want your life! Wow!

Baby Wipes! They are small, you can squish them and most importantly they can help you feel refreshed. You probably better get used to the fact this is not going to be comfy, but it will be one of the most exciting!

Being practical, I would take:

2 pair jeans
2 pair Smartwool socks
2 pair undies
2 t shirts
2 long sleeve shirts (I turn into one big freckle)
sunscreen and eyeware
1 wind breaking, warmer than all get out jacket
an old Mercedes first aid kit, they even had morphine just in case

For underwear and toothbrush. You will want a small camera too. You will want pictures of those hairpin curves, the rain, and the special under the bridge accommodations. But most of all take laughter and a sense of adventure, which I know you have already planned.
in Oregon

P.S. If you do make a tube-tent out of a sheet of heavy plastic, when you put up the tent be sure to lay the overlap on the ground, so it will have the least possible amount of stress pulling on it.

Less is best! Don't forget some kind of lip balm and sunscreen. I look forward to a few pics of my 84 yr old mother's homeland of Salzburg. God be with you both and enjoy the view which is unlike any other ride!
Ren in Az

Clean underwear and the incredibly hot French Husband. That'll do you for awhile. Amazing trip!

I'm green with envy. You can just pack up and go on an adventure! How fun! How exciting!


Hi Kristin

We knew months ago, that our teen aged children would be away during this time. We knew we wanted to do something since we were going to be alone, for the first time in eternity.
I started riding behind Yann, about six months ago, to get the feel of it and see if I liked it.
Yann knew he was going to buy a new/used motorcycle, and the one we bought came up for sale a few days before Chelsea left for Mexico.

The trip "just happened" but we knew it would (Early last year we had planned to go to the States this summer, and ride across the USA. But the timeline factor was too short, and a few other things prevented that from happening, so we went with plan B.)

Oops! I forgot to say Bon Voyage! Have a great time and be safe!

Can you attach a U-Haul in the back?

Hi Catherine

Yann would rather eat dirt everyday for a year rather than go in comfort.

I think we could attach a UHAUL, gee, I would be willing to pull it with my teeth if Yann would let me.

a small picture of the bikers' madone.

Have a funny and safe ride !!!

There should be NO QUESTION -- you *have* to take your camera! even if it's just the small one! YOu're going to take the trip of your life without being able to photograph it?! I don't believe you dear lady!!

what an adventure Corey!

I had myself a motorcycle: a Triumph, when I was 17...love them!

you both will have a GREAT time! I know you trust your husband so this is the very important thing :)

I would bring a very small pocket camera if one (I'm not sure...now I'm more of: look and cheer and put in the treasure chest that taking my camera because sometimes take out some of the charm...like you are going "outside" the frame instead of living it)

I would bring cash, a raincoat :)and a toothbrush :) (sorry.... :) )


sorry I just wrote (too fast...) with many mistakes... "than taking.......... takes of...."

Have fun,


i'd probably take DIVORCE PAPERS!!! hahahahaha. and maybe a catheter bag...heeheeheehee...I think you will have a wonderful time!!

What a fabulous trip you are about to have. Bring a scarf, the small camera and a small notebook. BREATHE DEEPLY and take in the sights. Love and hugs to you both. E

What to do on the back of the bike not to fall asleep ?
I used to sing ... until my husband stopped the bike because he kept hearing a very strange, unusual sound and thought there must be something wrong with our bike!

Although it has already been mentioned, I think wet wipes would be essential for me and lip balm and ear plugs! You can buy clean underwear if necessary and throw them away as they get used. Oh yeah and relax!!!!

Yippee be free Corey. And don't be afraid to book a nice plush hotel room.

well, you've certainly received enough advice....with all the good wishes going your way you are bound to have a marvelous trip your - so glad you will be able to post while on the road - I was getting ready for withdrawal symptoms..lol
God bless you & FH and His grace & mercy keep you both safe & healthy - I pray for travelling mercies & the most estupendous time........

you can see the gazebo (but not dance in it, unfortunately) from the sound of music in salzburg! and the back and front of the von trapp house (they're 2 different houses). my bestie and i took the sound of music tour and it was hilarious and fun. they played the soundtrack on the bus.

my toothbrush and cash. ;)

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