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07 August 2009


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Looooove the baths. My friend and I learned long ago, however, to avoid the VIZI MASZAJ, where old ladies in pointy bras douse you with a hose and slap you while you lay naked and cold on a metal gurney.

I love going into the women's bath and just being. It's the closest I ever get to meditating.

And I have had the best facials of my life there at the Gellert salon. The Hungarians are renowned for their beauty regimes, you know!

When I go back to Budapest, I always stay at the Gellert. I love padding down the hall in my bathrobe, taking the guests' elevator directly down to the baths. It's all faded, not fancy in the least, in contrast to the beautiful tilework in the baths. I always fear that some huge Western corporation is going to buy it out and refurbish it and that it will lose all its charm.

I'm so glad you're loving "my" city!

My dream came true last week. My Mum is suffering from Leukaemia, and since we found out the prayer of my heart has been that she would be ok. We found out last week that there are 250 potential donor matches for a bone marrow transplant for her, and that she is doing so well that she may not even need one.

The relief of my dream coming true has lead to floods of tears bigger than I could have ever imagined.

I hope you have a lovely time in Budapest, I look forward to hearing all about it.

Lots of love,

C x

When in Budapest I didn't have the chance to go actually there, so thanks for sharing.
My dream came true when finally I put my feet on the Ireland land, back in 1998. I had to punch myself several times before believing I was really there!

I think I would love to go to baths like that.. the nearest we have is hot thermal spring. But they are outside and about 9 hours from here.. in a kind of desert town.. maybe an idea for a ride..

a dream of mine?... to walk the land of my ancestors - Cornwall in the UK.. that is my plan next year.
you are an amazing person Corey and I thank your for your gorgeous words each time you post.. I have spent the day re-reading some of your older posts.. it is wild and woolly here at the moment, so reading your blog is a perfect thing to do.

safe travels xoox R

Fabulous story and emotion so well phrased!

Thanks for sharing Budapest with me that has been a dream come true for me also.
It is where my darling Grandmother was born as you know.
Love you

The baths look amazingly beautiful. My dream was to be in Paris for our 25th wedding anniversary. It was more just a thought because I never in my wildest dreams ever thought it would come true. Then somehow it just happened and we had the time of our life. I am sure Corey that for you and Yann this is an amazing experience. Keep safe.

I had a teacher like that in high school. Swimming in that pool one would feel like a Queen. So beautiful. So rich!

Wow - what a teacher that you remember her now and the dreams she inspired are still alive and well! I'm glad one of them has come true for you.

A dream of mine is to go back to Italy one of these days and travel there with my family. I think we'd have to include Provence on the trip too!

My dream came true in a big way. I wanted to sing on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera. 15 years ago I was hired by the Met as a chorister, and now I sing on that stage almost every night between the months of October and May. The first time I stepped on the stage and looked out, I wept. I still get weepy when I'm out there, I still can't believe its true. Even now, when it is sometimes "just a job", I can't believe how lucky I am.

One of my dreams was to visit the ancient city of Petra in Jordan. We did get to visit and I was just amazed, amazed to be standing there.

My dream is to someday live in France for at least a year... living your dream has encouraged me! Thank you Corey


i am still....working on my dream..;)))


I had a "coup de foudre" in SF in July 1985. I had a date with him on April 13, 1986. That day I thought I better hurry up and marry him because he was "old"--16 years older than I. He was married & separated. I was married to a "friend." It never shoulda happened but tomorrow we will celebrate 21 years of wedded bliss & other conjugal states that were less bliss-full. It's been a very simple marriage with lots of other dreams fulfilling themselves on the way--I have am a dual-citizen of France and the USA, I have a French passport and national ID card (they blow my mind every day), I have a house in France, and now I'm much more than Halfway To France.

I've shed tears like those you shed upon immersing yourself in the water and only hope to have more!

Bonne route, Corey!

Corey, I know what you mean. It has happened to me a few times in my life but the mixture of joy and tears is unexplainable. I am grateful for your teacher who gave this gift to you.

Dream on!

My dream has come true recently, we have purchased an apartment in Cotignac, south of France. We were there in July and I kept having to pinch myself to say: "We did it, we did it! This beautiful place is home!" Like you, tears were involved.

Another of my dreams is to visit the pyramids at Giza.

It's good to have dreams...


My dream-come-true was going to the Azores for the first time to see where my father's parents came from (I've been back three more times already, and look forward to returning again!).

Corey, you said your ancestors were also from the Azores, and I know that you've been there too, so I wonder if you felt something similar as well. Even though it was a foreign place, and I grew up not having been told of my father's Portuguese ancestry, the islands (especially Flores and São Jorge) still felt vaguely familiar. No doubt this was due simply to the power of suggestion, combined with seeing a number of folks who resembled family members -- but still, it was an eerie sensation for someone like me who's highly rational/skeptical and not normally given to such emotions.

My dream was Paris and it came true this past May for my honeymoon. Just thinking about it makes me cry. But because of your trip I have new dreams that I'm plotting to come true. Thank you!!!

I always wanted to go to East Berlin and especially Check Point Charlie. I did go. On my 23rd Birthday. But it was after Reagan torn down those walls!

Dear Corey,

Another moving post. I still remember many of my teachers that inspired me. Mrs. Selden showed us slides of the Loire Valley chateaux in fourth grade French class and started us all dreaming/schemimng to get there. When I stood before Chenonceaux, it was very moving, for that reason.

My dream is to become a citizen of the EU (whether England, France, Spain...) and live there permanently.

It's so interesting to read everyone else's dreams. Rebecca - how great that you are singing with The Met!

To live in France 3 months of the year.

My parents had a gigantic book of the works of Michelangelo when I was a child. I would often look at the beautiful art and dream of seeing it in person one day. Well, we went on our first European trip when I was 17. We went to St. Peter's Basilica and took a tour and there it was, The Pieta. It is so much more beautiful than in photos. I actually cried when viewing it.
My current dream is to visit you in France.


I think you are living my dream by taking this European vacation! It's serving to wet my appetite to make it all come true.

I can't wait to read and see more!

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Oh, Corey what a touching, touching post. My first act of travel was inspired by a daydreaming adventurer of a teacher in high school. She got this girl to invest $100 in passport without the idea of where to go and then five years into owning it I made my first journey overseas to Paris. I actually kissed the ground when I arrived. But as far as a dream come to life, as cheesy as it sounds that happened when I met my husband. There I was at 29, never having had a boyfriend, thinking "well I better make the most of singlehood"and my wonderful David walked into my life and I soared. And I have thanked the Lord everyday sinced.

I am still waiting, for the dream to come..the one thing I would like to do is live in France or Italy just for a while...

Only problem is my husband doesn't think like me..:-(

Mrs. Taylor was an incredible teacher to make an impact like that. Corey you teach us that dreams do come true. One of my dreams has been to visit Provence and I will finally do that in the fall. I only dream of seeing as much of the world as I possibly can, laughing with like minded loving friends, savoring the sunshine, and having many opportunities to dip my toes in the waters of the world.

How timely. I wrote about my dream come true this week at my blog. Oh yes. Dreams really can come true.

I loved Budapest when I was there at Easter. I didn't get to spend time at the baths, but many people were enjoying the outdoor baths at Szechenyi Spa Bath. It was in the mid 20's on Easter Monday. Just Beautiful. As for dreams come true, my father-in-law used to say, "If you don't have dreams, you might as well die." Many of mine have come true, but of course, I have many more, enough for several lifetimes. At one time my life seemed to be just a long grey tunnel to infinity, but as I've gotten older, it has totally opened up.

Teachers will do this to you. Thank one today.

Love this post! My dream........can you believe I can't think of one! Blessings, Kimberly

Corey, when you decide to come to Peru, let me know. I will be more than happy to be your guide!

Many years ago I went to Turkish baths in Istanbul. I wasn't that well at the time but it is still a powerful memory of a unique experience. My dream is to live in France, live in love, & lose the worry factor or at least find some emotional & mental harmony, Jx

I know just what you mean about dreams becoming real. When I saw the Sistine Chapel ceiling I just sat and cried because it had been a dream for such a long time. Being from Canada, we don't have anywhere near the amount of history that Europe does so just being near that was a dream come true.

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful journeys through out this trip. I can't wait to read more!

I am touched by your post today Corey, beautiful! My dream was walking the fields of The Lake District in the UK in 1979 - the grass was so bright green and the experience of actually being there was so intense, yes my cheeks were wet with tears. I was a long way from home in NZ. What a holiday.

"Music echoes, lovers hide, tourists gawk, birds fly and all under one heaven." Ah, TICA, what a summation!

I'd like to become a professional dancer :)

Thanks for this lovely topic Corey. I've enjoyed reading everyone else's dreams!

my dream...one among many, MANY...to go back to budapest (& the gellert baths). i see you love this city as i do!

I am echoing what several others have said their dream is and that is to live in France. I would like to meet you and be able to have a long conversation with you about , well just about everything! Yes my dream to live and just be me.
I am glad that you had your dream come true in such an emotional feeling way.

I totally get what you are describing, for me it was going to France, the photos in my 8th grade french book, the language, the art, the food, ooo lala. I scrimped and saved (lived at home my last year of college, now that was really sacrificing!), and after I graduated from college I went to europe for 10 months. It was an amazing adventure!
My husband goes to Italy for work, 5 times so far(alas, without me every time), in Venice tears were streaming down his face as he rode along the canals. My dream now is to share it with him and our kids, hopefully next summer we will make it happen!Prague is now at the top of my list...thanks for sharing your adventure!

My dream? Too many to list. If I were to write it all out, it would turn into a book.

Maybe that should be my dream?

Corey, I'm so glad that you are enjoying your holiday and sharing it with us! When I lived in Sofia, Bulgaria for 2 months in 1992, I noticed that some women would dye their hair to match their best dress....bright copper red, blue, yes, even blue...and whilst visiting Blagoevrad...I saw a lady in a lovely 1950's style dress...with equally minty green hair to match.

: )

Julie M.

1. I got to live in Europe for a year (for me it was Germany).
2. I got to ride an elephant. (Not in Germany - in Texas.)

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