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27 August 2009


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Whish I could.....
So it seems everything is going on smoothly around there, I'm glad to know.
Take care.

Nice informative catch up post Corey. We are coming back to Bonnieux in a few weeks, Keith's broken leg permitting so hope to see you before you go. Bon voyage to Sascha and Nice uni for Chelsea - wow ! Jx

Wow, Marburger! I live in Houston, one hour from Round Top, Texas (where Marburger is.) Tall Husband & I attended the Marburger Farm Antiques Show and "shot" the show for my blog earlier this year. You will have fun. We Texans love all things French...after all, in 1685 France planted its flag in East Texas near our Gulf Coast (that lasted from 1685 to 1690.)

Hope to see you there.

It's good to catch up with you. "That photo" was fun, and I love all the ones you showed in this post, too.
Wishing you the loveliest of days.

I have let my hair go au naturel. Several years ago, my eldest daughter and I were in a Soho (NY) shoe store and the young man working there said to me, "I think your grand-daughter has found a pair of shoes she likes"... We did not buy them.

AAAAAAHHHHHHH! Are you kidding me, you will be in Savannah? I am 2 1/2 hrs away from there...don't be surprised if a dumpy girl pops out of the bushes with a wild look and a camera in her hand like the papparazi, taking pics of you!! hahahaha. I would love to meet you while you are here, maybe hitch a ride to TX!!

I've never posted before even though I've been reading your blog for a long while.

But I couldn't resist. I'm in Atlanta and our truck leaves for Texas on September 24th - we don't set up at Marburger, we set up at La Bahia, down the road. And we sell European Linens which I know you don't need but it would be fun if you came to visit!

I will be at Marburger. If I can find you, I will stop to say hello. I would love to meet you.


You really need to read the Savannah books by Mary Kay Andrews. Like "Hissy Fit" and "Savannah Blues"--all about antiquing in the South. I absolutely love her take on southern humor!

You will have a marvelous time! Savannah is a wonderful town! Hot, but wonderful!

It would be funny to see your eyes on amrican antiques and to read your post about it ! Can't wait!

Oh! Marburger is as close to a brocante as I may ever get - and I get to go twice a year. I would LOVE to meet you. I read every single post you write and feel like I know you!
I'll be there in October...!!

Savannah is one of my Mom's favorite places! I think you will love it.

Amy~ Where in Oregon are you opening your shop? I am in Gresham and would love to visit it.


I am in Portland, where will you open your shop?


Ah Corey, we have so much in common! My son's fave dish? Pasta with butter and cheese :) My daughter? Starting college next week. My hair? A striking shade of henna red :) Eventually I'll let it be white, but not yet. My neighbors? Teaching me patience, but in English, I think it would sound so much better in French, or possibly Italian :)
Stop by for tea in California.

For Amy, I also would love to know where your shop will be, as I am in Portland.

For Corey,
Oh no, are we going to miss seeing you when we are at La Madone? Excited for your travels to the Red Top, but would be sad to miss meeting you.

So happy to hear Annie is doing better.

in Oregon

I have heard so much about Round Top - one of these days I will make it there. If you happen up to the pacific northwest, please please please let me know!

I can't get over that people mistake you for Yann's mother. I think he should say, "why yes she is" then proceed to lay a big old sexy smooch on you. That would shut them up.

I love your blonde hair! And I think you are a sexy mama...thinking about the photos of you in that fab white dress you wore to a gala party! Grand-ma? I don't think so!

Glad Sasha is home, I know you missed your man-child.

Hi Corey! Your blog just keeps getting better and better and know that you bring you so many of us Joy!
While at Marburger check out the Magnolia Pearl booth. For a sneek peek check out magnoliapearl.com
You will love meeting John & Robin, tell them Pam at La Belle Epoque in Salinas, California sent you by to say hi. As you can tell from my store name I love all things old and french. Your site is my morning inspiration before work and your life is my inspiration to get out in the world and LIVE! THANK YOU!

oooh I so desperately wish my town was on your itinerary....

Well Corey ... I chickened out on asking my stylist about, slowly, ever so slowly, making the transition to gray. I couldn't even bring up the topic, so I guess I'm not ready yet.

I'm with you - I'm sure I will look like Barbara Bush. Which is of course fine for Barbara, but I'm not Barbara's age!!



Ever been to Savannah? You will love it.

My first impression was that if Williamsburg ( for history) and New Orleans (for southern charm) had a baby, it would be Savannah. I am smitten by this city!

You need to give us dates and times, because some of us Texas ladies just may converge on Round Top in order to meet you...and to shop, of course! :-)

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Hi Corey,
Wow Texas......if I lived within driving distance I would make the trip just to meet you & give you a hug....why?.....cause you add joy to my days (notice I wrote 'add' - I don't hold you responsible for my joy...lol) anyways, as a long lost friend I would hug you even though I am not 'really' the huggy type, I reserve hugs for special people in my life. Have a wonderful time & one more thing, I just want you to know that I really appreciate the time & effort that you put into this blog, you should seriously think about making it into a book & you know that all your readers would buy it - I certainly would, so, in your 'down time' (lol) you should investigate for a self-publishing company even one like blurb.com - & no I am no affiliated w them but I have often thought of making a art book of my hubs paintings....
I better cut this short & get to work.....
Have a great day & hope to 'hug' you one of these days! xox Ruth T.

Hey! Good timing! I'm moving to Texas and now I can see you at the fair before meeting you in France! Woo-hoo!

And thanks for the Annie update. I've missed her!

Sounds like a great time! Have fun. Blessings, Kimberly

OH COREY!!!!!!!!!!!! Just yesterday, I posted that if I ever saw you at a brocante I would have to meet you, well I live in Texas and was just planning to go the the Marburger Antique Fair near Round Top this fall. Is that when you are coming? This past Spring I finally got a chance to go, wrangled my hubby to haul me, mom, and baby girl there and then...sadness... I was a day late and it was closed. Yes the 3 hour drive for no great finds, instead a sweet drive with my husband and mom. He promised me we would go this fall and now I know why it happened. Would you let your blog buddies know where you might be (Marburger is acres and acres of sprawling gorgeous stands I hear) so we can have our own "celebrity" moment and check out your friend's stand?
....Also side note. I am only 37 and twice...TWICE...have been asked if I was my sister's mom! ARGH. She is 32, yes, and beautiful, and thin. In your blog you have handled the egregious mistake with grace, whereas I think I rolled my eyes emphatically in my instances. In NO WAY should you be mistaken for FH's MOTHER. I am a mommy later in life and am preparing myself for the fact that I just may be asked later if I am my now toddler's grandmother, But SISTER'S mother---not again, please, Lord.

If you guys stop in Atlanta, I will treat you to the best biscuits in the city and show you around.

No Corey..I shan't be there. :(
Sounds like great fun! Enjoy your time in the states...and should you ever want to venture out to New Jersey, please be my guest at Harmonie House.
All the best! xo

Corey...California misses you! Will you be here in time for an "Antiques by the Bay" (Alameda Flea Mkt) visit?! I'd love to meet you! (There's also a great King Tut exhibit at the De Young, the Bowles collection of 18th century British and French porcelain at the Legion of Honor, the Ferry building Marketplace in SF). Round Top sounds like fun.

Hope you have a lovely homecoming meal w/ Sacha. No doubt you will have a wonderful time in Savannah and at Roundtop.

Won't it be nice to have Chelsea closer for a while?

Amy, please let me know where your store will be. I'm in southern OR but we do get to Portland occasionally.

Very interesting and informative post! You have a wonderful life, and yet, as normal as mine or anyone else's too. Just so happens to be in FRANCE!!!! OH LA LA!!!!
: )

Whoa! I live in Texas and I've never been to the Marburger. I've heard it's fantastic, but I rarely find myself near Houston (last time was 1970, I think.) Can't wait to hear how that goes.

Not that it matters much to anybody else, but I just misspelled my own name before. Such has been my morning. Have fun at the Marburger!

Oh, I was hoping Amy was going to be selling some of those French treasures! I live in Hillsboro, but will travel anywhere in Oregon to have the chance to buy a bit of France to take home, and to meet someone who has spent time with Corey! Let me know the whens and wheres!

Savannah - looks like there are lots of Georgia reader here who would love to meet you. It would be fun to have a blog party in town while you are in the deep south.

Excited you will take us through another kind of adventure. We will "be" there through you words.

Say HI to Annie! I'm waiting for more posts about her.

Amy, I have a daughter in Portland, so I look forward to hearing where your shop will be.

Corey, I'm in Dallas and will try to get to Marburger. I hope you'll tell us how to find you.


As someone who doesn't want to look like a grandma even though she is (I'm afraid to even think what my hair would look like if I stopped coloring), I say continue coloring your hair as long as you like. My mom colored her hair until recently and she's 70. So do what makes you feel the best!

I'm constantly reading your blog, but I rarely leave any comments. I'd like to and sometimes I start to write, but then I notice other people’s comments and note how similar theirs are to what I want to say and decide not. I even feel silly writing this, but today I don't care. I just want to tell you how incredibly fabulous you are and what you say and where you come from just tickles me pink with happiness. I absolutely loved the video you took on the bike coming home from your trip. It was so cool to see what the landscape looks like over there. I look forward to you in the years to come. Thank you.

OH!!! I will also be at Marburger--as a shopper!!! My shopping buddies and I go 2x a year--I aboslutely love it! Do you know what tent you will be in??? Can't wait to see you!!!!!!!

Amy - Please tell us where you are in Oregon. I am in southern Oregon and would to come to your shop. Maybe there could be a Corey Day and we could all meet. It is amazing that there are so many of us on Corey's blog list.
This is my first comment. I read your blog, Corey, with delight.
Rogue River

Why is it that men can go gray and still look young. I tell ya, it's not fair.

You are going to love Roundtop and will most likely meet lots of bloggers.


Hi Amy,

I too will be in Portland mid-September for my birthday. I would love to come by you shop, please post your address.


Glad to hear your son arrived home safely. Have a great weekend!


Oohhh! A french flea market shop in Oregon (home)! Can't wait till Amy opens her shop! I imagine it will be like a wonderfull day shopping with you Corey!

Corey, My friends Stephanie, David and I will be at Round Top. Are you going to be at a booth there? We would track you down if we knew where. Hope to meet you. Sue

Corey, I think you will be here in America while I am in France. Hope you have a great time in Houston and at Willows!

Oh, my goodness! You will only be four hours away from me while you are in Savannah!! Ack. So close........If you need to stop for breakfast or lunch on your way to Texas, you just let me know. I'll fix you a feast. :)

I am can't seem to find Amy-Doll's link to her blog or shop...would love to know where in Oregon the shop is?

Amy: I live in Portland and am crossing my fingers that your shop will be somewhere close by... Please let me know where to find you.



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