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16 August 2009


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It has been fabulous for us all to go on your European adventure.
Thanks for the memories and you
I love you

safe travels to you both!!

OH WOW just loved it. Thanks for the ride. Take care.

Be safe and both arrive home happy, please. Thank you.

Bon voyage home,
safe travels!
You left us with so many treasured moments of your whirlwind tour of Europe, thank you a thousand times for that.
Godspeed, Corey and FH!

Dear Corey,
My prayers for you to continue to have traveling mercy..nice to have you home!
Maria in NY

Your blog did not have the comment box for the end of your voyage until today! Thanks for letting us follow you.

I can't wait for the next adventure to begin! Spain, perhaps??

Thanks for bringing us along! Have a safe trip home!! - Kathy in Chicago

Looking forward to the next post saying you are safely home. What a fantastic trip Corey and Yann.....thanks for sharing so much of it with us.

Hey! Have a great, safe trip home and lots of nice memories for rainy days of blogging in the future.

So that I can sleep tonight, I am going to assume that there was no two-way traffic on this portion of the road!
Thank you for this adventure: can't wait to hear about the family and home, can't wait until you, Yann and Willow tour the US!

Thanks for the ride. It's been so so interesting reading about and "seeing" all your adventures. What a dream trip!

Thank you Corey and French husband for taking us on this fabulous journey, have enjoyed it immensly....Can't forget Willow can we, ♥

You have enlightened each day, I have seen places that I have thought about, and so now my list is even longer...

Safe Journey home, take care, and will check in to make sure you arrived home safe and sound ♥ take care Anne

thanks Corey for sharing your amazing journey....have inspired us to think of our own roadtrip ...bon voyage

Thanks for the wonderful video Corey! I know it wasn't easy to make.

I see what you mean about leaning into the curves now.

Glorious adventure!
Thankyou so very much for taking the time and making the effort to post all this. Just stunning.

I could feel the wind hear the roar of the engine and I watched with awe at your expertise holding a camera and staying on the bike! I was a little worried at first before I realised that it must have been a TWO lane road, I thought ,' surely not dicing with death on the way home?' and of course silly me it was two lanes. You are both in my prayers, safe journey home. After tomorrow I will not have internet connection as I will be in Turkey with my family for 10 days. I will so miss your words and pictures. So take care to you both. Love Ana

Ah, I believe we're all slightly envious..
except, perhaps, for the long hours on Willow.

But we are always in awe of your talent, and ever grateful for your sharings...wherever you take us!

Sending love and bon voyage wishes as you journey home...Judy

Why was he driving faster than everyone else?
This trip has inspired us to plan a trip to
Austria and Croatia.

You have obviously enjoyed a wonderful trip, Corey. Your enthusiasm is infectious.Thanks for allowing us to share it all.
Here's to the next one!

Oh no! You're going home???? Corey, this trip is ending?????? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
I'm heart broken : )

My heart was in my throat as he was passing all the traffic on those curves. I found myself leaning in the curves. What a wonderful trip you have taken us all on. I know you will be happy to be back in your own bed. Happy travels home.
in Oregon

Oh, what a wonderful ride, I found myself leaning with you as you drove into the turns! Soooo many turns in such beautiful country! Jonn is a great driver and you, a wonderful passenger. Great shot at the end of him turning to the camera and of you..I think you were smiling :o) Thank you for bringing us along on this vacation as armchair virtual travelers.

Safe journey.

Elizabeth Ann of Mississippi

What fun to ride with you! I wish I could put those beautiful red tiles on my cottage roof! Hope your return journey was a safe one. Welcome home!

I found myself gasping as you passed all that traffic until I realized it surely MUST be two lanes of traffic going in the same direction. Wonderful pictures - and you there, in the rear view mirror with only one hand to hold on with!

As Dorothy says in the "Wizard of Oz," there's no place like home! Just think, you'll get to see Annie again and tell her all about your trip (or has she been following your blog?). And doubtless some fresh fruit or vegetable has just started to ripen and be ready to eat, and some new merchandise will be for sale at the brocantes... Corey, you have the best of multiple worlds!

You've given us a wonderful gift. Thank so much for diligently sharing all your travels. Be safe and get into the tub with epsom salts when you get home!

I too found myself leaning with each turn and as you came out of the tunnel into the sunlight, I think I held my breath...what an experience. I watched the video with my music blog playing and I have to say that the song Let Go ( Frou Frou CD) was absolutely perfect for your video. I think I'll put your video on my blog later. Have to go open the store now...I'll be thinking about you today as you are on your way home. Blessings to you both.


Thanks for the ride you two. I'm not the one to ride motor bikes, but I enjoyed watching your video and leaning into the turns as you did. Safe journey home.

Oh. . . I am sorry our adventure with you is ending. It has been truly amazing!

Blessings for a safe journey home.

Thank you for sharing your trip with us and for giving such wonderful photos and descriptions of all you saw. Like a few others, I held my breath until I realised both lanes of the road were going the same way ... well, I hope they were! You are a marvel filming through it all! Welcome home.

This has been my summer vacation too, does it have to end so soon? My heart skipped a few beats until I realized that was a white center line and not yellow.

Good piece of riding Yann. Corey did a wonderful job of catching the speedo, the tach and the throttle hand. Almost felt like I was there. Dad would have enjoyed. We just got back from our ride so it is just fitting that we all go home together. Have or hope you had a good ride home. Motorcycles at least make the end of the trip fun.

Brother Mat

p.s. Was that section flat, uphill or down?

Looked at it again. Downhill. Very nice Yann.

I just returned from a New York/Canada vacation and am catching up on the blogs I read regularly. Thank you for the ride in Italy!

Thanks for letting me ride on the bike with your French Husband. It felt as if I was there riding with you.

brilliant video corey!you have such a steady hand!felt like i was on the bike too those turns and twists you are obviously in a safe pair of hands!safe home!

What a marvelous video! Like everyone else, I was leaning into the curves, too and what a beautiful stretch of highway you chose to film.

I'm sad to see your ( and our!) adventure come to an end. Thank you so much for taking us along.

I have just one question.......where are "we" going next??? :-)

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Merci beaucoup! Thanks so much for letting us come along with you. What a treat! Gorgeous and I felt like I was right there with you both. :) Amylia in Wisconsin

Corey, yours was the first blog I've checked every day to see your latest adventure - you are an inspiration to the rest of us!!

I finally got to watch the video.. I realized I was leaning with you! and I see you don't wear a glove while videoing.. was wondering how you did that.

What a wonderful journey! I feel so privledged that you shared it with us. And, I really want one of those chocolate coconut bars!

Can't wait to see you. Have a safe trip back home. I want to know everything, I'm sure you have little secrets .Croatia seems fantastic

This was definitely a trip of a lifetime! I so thankful that you shared it! Safe travels home...

Thanks for the ride.

Glad I'm not the only one who was leaning while watching the video. Thank you again for sharing your vacation with us. I really enjoyed it. Bet that bath felt pretty good when you got home!

Wishing you safe travels homeward. May your heads nestle softly upon your own pillow soon. Home is such a wonderful word.

Looking forward to your next adventure Corey.

OHhhhh lalalalalala I've enjoyed seeing and reading about your excellent adventure but that motor cycle riding, Mon Dieu, I would need another vacation where medication was involved especially if darling french husband only drove in the FAST LANE the whole time.

Safe Passage, Lovers of Life! I turned off the sound and swayed with the bike while listening to my local Sunday evening "Night Tides" in KCMO, "contemplative instrumental & electronic music and soothing melodies that whisper (softly) to the soul." It was my eyes racing through the countryside while sitting in a hushed cathedral. Rex liked "Let Go" by Frou Frou, and I enjoyed my sacred music to this video. See how there is something for everyone in your blog, Corey? You and Yann will never be the same...none of us are after we travel! Be well, Maureen

My husband LOVES driving in Italy, especially the autostrada where you only drive in the fast lane if you are passing everything else on the road. Yann's a professional and Dan would say "BRAVO" Oh and I so loved and yearned to see those tiled roofs popping up through the beautiful Italian countryside. Che bella paese!

Such a wonderful journey! I had a great time!

Thanks for sharing your vacation. I really enjoyed all of it, but the motorcycle ride through Italy was the topper.

Good morning,
I found myself thinking of you before I fell asleep last night, of you sitting for twelve hours straight on the motorbike and your husband driving, and now, this morning, wondering whether you slept safely tucked into your beds.

This has been a fabulous trip. Thanks for taking us along

I watched this yesterday, but couldn't comment at the time. I got a little 'motion sick' just watching it, lol, but I made myself sit through it anyway - I told myself to not wimp out, since I was safe & sound at the computer - and you were doing it in real life at -- how many miles per hour??! With the camera in one hand!
Wow! What an adventure - and I gotta say again - you're amazing!

I turned up the sound ... felt the wind whistling, my back aching all the while yearning to be right there!
Thank YOU Corey so very much for sharing your marvellous time so graciously, so generously ... you're superb. xo

This looks fab and I had to turn the sound on! I am looking forward to sending my chick off to college (2 years) and traveling through Europe (or at least Italy and France) in a convertable. It's what we've talked about when we first visited Italy together so many years ago. I think I'll pack more than you did though.

Thank you so much. That was awesome.

thank you for my first motorcycle ride in Italy!!! it was a blast. You rock!!!

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