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15 August 2009


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oh my
not much more I can say xoxo

What an amazing night! Magical! You're right. This is life. This is community. This is freedom. In Croatia! I bet you were both so surprised and totally delighted. I love the way you think.

!!!! love their home...;)0

What an amazing opportunity of crossing cultures in the midst of nature's forces.

Such beautiful pictures and word pictures, Corey!

May your travels continue to be spectacular and blessed.

Corey, your journey has been so amazing. I doubt I will ever see these places, so it is nice to go along with you. Such generosity and trusting from strangers. Enjoy your trip. Can't wait to hear more.


This post has made me feel very happy, thank you!

ahhh.you have made me cry...

Corey, I will never be able to convey my thanks for sharing your travels and I feel like I have learned so much culturally from your trip . . .but, do you miss being home yet?? When we do travel . . .I always miss my home, and I get mad at myself for that. Maybe, you are just wiser than I and can relax and enjoy.
Looking forward to tomorrows post!

Your humble prayer on Willow was answered! What a wonderful rendition of this leg of your journey and what a heart warming tale of hospitality across borders. Thank you.

Oh Corey! What a wonderful, fulfilling adventure! Onward...

yes, yes, yes!! This is the way life should be. You've captured a very special moment and a very special feeling. Don't you wish you could just bottle it up and save it forever?

How exhilarating!!!! They sure know how to celebrate life. We should all learn from this post. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for taking me all across Europe with you
I love you
Magic is right
You are marvelous darling♥

Strangers now friends. The essence of travelling.

Your shared adventures make me so restless to just go! Thank you, Corey.

Do you read SARK, Corey? Her newsletter this morning was about "Detectives of Goodness" and her words made me think of you.

Hah! What kind of cake did you bake in your pants?! You're too cute.

What a magical time you had in Motovun and what a bonus to make new friends and have them welcome you into their home. (Somehow I believe your life is filled with those moments Corey, whether at home or out in the world. It's all about choices and attitude, huh?!)

Looking forward to seeing where the road leads you and Yann and what adventures tomorrow has in store ...

Two thumbs up to living in the moment and making friends of strangers.


You live a charmed life most of us can only dream about. As the above poster stated, your life is filled with moments - such beautiful moments. How lucky you are!

This one brought tears to my eyes. You painted the picture of your new friends beautifully in both words and photo. I am so caught up in reading every day, like chapters in a good book that's hard to put down, but I must, waiting for the next post.

It truly is amazing all that God will provide us when we ask Him. He cares for our every need, and has given you the desires of your heart. My prayers are with you on your fantastic journey. I have been with you the whole way.
Blessings, Debra

thank you sharing the ineffable....how amazing.....

Dear Corey,
Thank you for speaking to me..."to face whatever comes your way with open arms..." yes, everyday I wake up and open my arms upward and try to make sense of why Rob, my husband who was once healthy and strong has to suffer with terminal cancer...but I will trust and believe in that "big ball of energy-LOVE" will carry us thru...thank you for your inspiring words of faith.

What a beautiful post.

Corey, you did it again. Your words about life and experiences took my breath away. Thank you! Continued safe journey with FH and Willow.

Well, your story had me in tears by the end. Just beautiful! And I loved your statement about 'facing whatever comes your way with open arms'. I will remember that one. Thank you!

Just beautiful! The celebration of life touched my heart.
in Oregon

Another wonderful story, how absolutely beautiful..you were meant to be there, you were meant to steer away from the sea, you were meant to knock on the door...look where it led you too!! It led you to Olja and Milan, a truly lovely couple, how great that they invited you into their home, and that you had lots of stories to share!!

This is just too much. How you can express your thoughts, feelings, experiences is truly a gift. Each stop/post just keeps getting better.

Croatia as a holiday destination? I never in a million years would have thought of it, and now I want to go...

Corey, thank you thank you thank you. What an opost...it made me remember that when I let go and trust, I'm taken care of in ways that are beyond my imagination. I am thankful for your writing.

<3 Alina

Really Corey you are living.Really living.Soak it all up.

Oh to step outside in another land and live as if to breathe for the first time, you have a life that is beyond breath taking in a natural sense. I love seeing in my minds eye your description of the rain and the merriment that began with a thunderstorm. How wonderful!


Croatia is beautiful, as well, your description of your visit there. I love it...Now I want to visit Prague and Croatia..who knew how beautiful they both are.

All I've known of Croatia is that it was 'war torn' and I have the images from the TV screen stored in my head too...and that is my only association. Now I have this new more pleasing one.

I can't wait to read more about your trip.

I am not sunburned or roasting in the heat but I do feel as if you've taken us with you each turn and twist of the way. You are so good at sharing stories and photos. Thank you.

What a way to LIVE! Fantastic, Corey.

I poured a glass of wine while reading your beautiful words. I felt as though I was there. Thank you for sharing. What lovely people they must be and how lucky to live in such a beautiful place....I raise my glass to you and your husband. Enjoy your trip, where ever it may take you next..julie

WOW! What a phenominal answer to your prayer! God is good, all the time!

Talk about TIME OF YOUR LIVES...what an example and memory. I am so thrilled that you have shared this journey with me...yes me! I know that the ret of the world is reading also, but you have a way of writing that makes the reader (me) feel like you're writing just to them.
I'm so thrilled that your journey has been so much fun, adventurous, romantic, and idyllic. I am not sure if you are home yet, but this has indeed been fun.
Thank You

An exquisite post, Corey. I am sitting at home in Kansas City, Missouri, listening to the rain and cracking thunder outside as I read your account. Do you ever notice that small bird on your shoulder as you travel and play through all these magnificent places? That's me, along for the ride. I have learned so much from you. A thousand times "thank you" for sharing your trip and life with us.

It's amazing the things that come to you when you trust and open your heart. This will be the one memory you share with your husband for, I hope, many years to come.

From Midwest USA:
Fantastic photos. Feels like I am there. Wish I were. :) But love it here.


Oh Corey, I am in tears of happiness! What an experience, and what lessons you teach us all to have those moments and live in those moments, when you share such stories.
Big hug of gratitude to you!

Corey -- I don't know how to say it again and again. I am completely flabbergasted by your ability to be open to - and thus enjoy -- amazing experiences and then, on top of it, to be able to write and depict them so beautifully.

Once again: I think this is about the millionth request, so surely you're considering it now:



Loved your prayer-- will use it if I may---

What a wonderful series of ZEN moments!


PS -- Blogees keep asking for you to write a book -- I believe it is already written -- gather up all the collection of stories since you started writing your blog and some of the comments and bundle it up and there you have a wonderful book of living life....Joan

The years were not always kind to beautiful former Yugoslavia, but everyone I knew who visited before thought it a wonderful place. Your words and images have proven that is so. How lovely that your new friends invited you in and you could share their life for a few hours. Traveling to me is often about making new friends along the way.....just like when you and I met, and meeting your mom, Sacha and the grandchildren recently, such fun!

Love and hugs - safe journey.

this is what traveling should be...experiencing the land, the towns, the people and moments of life. nothing better, not a thing.
safe travel home.
thank you for sharing your adventure(s) with us.
many hugs to you and yann.

You know what ? This post inspires me so much . Not only do you write beautifully but the spirit of all the things and moments you describe touches me in an incredible way . I loved your prayer , I must stop to be scared all the time and be more confident and open...Thank you for you words , your wisdom , your savoir vivre , your joy of life .

Beautiful pictures! So inspiring...I'm putting money in my piggy bank now to make the trip! Isn't life deliciously beautiful! Thanks for sharing this beauty! First time visiting...I'm a fan! :)

Elizabeth at www.mixedgreensvillage.blogspot.com. come visit me! I'd love your thoughts!

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