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26 August 2009


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I'm sure you are a happy mama now!

You must be on top of the world! What will the homecoming dinner consist of?

A safe journey home for your sweet baby boy!

Did you give him those tight mama hugs where he says you are squeezing him too much? Welcome home Sacha!

Seems so odd that he was there without you, but you really rocked the socks off Europe on the bike while he was gone (and got in some important "us" time with FH).

Safe travels, Sacha.

Did he get a chance to go with his cousins to Ferndale ?

Hooray! Your butterball baby's coming home! ;)

Corey I think this is just what you need right now. :) I know he will bring a huge smile to your face and warm your heart. My oldest son just left for college on Sunday. I think I am still in denial. I miss him. Blessings, Kimberly

:-) How wonderful for you all.

I hope he took pictures and has some tales to tell.

Are you planning to make it to Willows, this year? I know you must miss your momma and the rest of the family.


Just hugged the lad twenty minutes ago giving him an send off in typical American style. We ate BBQ hot dogs (Sacha the vegetarian ate one too) macaroni salad, honey dew melons and ice cream. He's a fine young man but his Uncle Zane can still take him. Maybe next year. Bon Voyage Sauch, Kern, Inga, Col. DeGrande, Col. DeGaulle it was a great summer. Uncle Mathew

You both have a lot of catching up to do!


I can imagine how happy you and FH will be to have him back and to hear tales of his summer with your family.

I picture you all around your lovely table with smiles from ear to ear :D


Ode to Joy! the family together again-- what adventures you all will have to share from the last two months --- our time to be with our children is oh so very brief, I was missing my own mother the other day -- and wishing for a brief moment in time from any summer day to relive in my own childhood.
Thanks for sharing your family stories,

Did you planned a special meal fo the family reunion? Will Chelsea be there too?
I'm sure you will have lots of talk......

Prayers lifted up for a safe trip home and a wonderful family gathering.

I bet you are excited! The best family meals are to celebrate being together as a family after some time apart. I hope you enjoy every minute...

Corey, I can feel your joy, and your picture says it all a thousand times over!

I joined the MacBook gang ;-)

How wonderful for you all to be together again. I can imagine the stories that you all will have to tell each other.


What a wonderful time you will have.
Love you

How exciting. I'm sure you all will have alot of talking to catch up on.


How wonderful to have him home again... V x

Bienvenue en France Sascha - what catching up you will have. Fill up the cupboards and get the pasta bubbling... Big hug, Jx

We enjoyed meeting your Sacha this Summer, such a charmer. Hope his travel home goes smoothly - know his welcome will be awesome.

Corey, would you like me to send prints of the pics I took of Sacha, the cousins and your mom? If so, e-mail me your address please.

Hugs - Mary.

you must miss him so much!

J'hallucine en plein du peu que j'ai reussi à traduire, mais je ne rêve pas !

Aie,Aie Aie, quel choc il y a de quoi avoir
un malaise !
Je vous embrasse tous les deux, et j'espère
qu'on va bientot se voir !
Au fait, Brat et Angie à la brocante c'est une bonne pub pour notre pauvre métier en
crise, çà fait du bien !


Ah, wonderful news! How lucky he is to be able to not only spend time with his American relatives, but also to experience life in another country. Travel is an education in itself.

Welcome back, Sacha!!

Marilyn (in Dallas)

His cousin will miss him! I am sure he will be glad to see you and FH and even his sister! Blessing for a safe journey home. Will miss see the tall guy up in front at church. LOL I think he is the tallest of everyone that sits around your Mom.

Oh such sweet hugs and kisses to come!

How exciting for you! What a wonderful experience he has had. I use to go to my relatives in Sebastopol when I was Sasha's age. Oh what wonderful memories.

I enjoyed seeing pictures of Sasha and your mom this summer on Mary's blog.

in Oregon


Baby boy back, and tales from home - the family all together again ; it doesn't get any better than this!

Corey, good for you about the Angelina and Brad thing. Sorry it got messy, people deserve their own space.

Enjoy the boy! (young man that is)

I see you do the happy dance. Yeah!!

How happy you must be. Have a great day!

Oh this has to be a million times more exciting than seeing a few movie stars having lunch and shopping. Enjoy your family being all together!!

How wonderful that your son is coming home to you. I bet he has lots of stories to share. You as well. Pasta sound like a fantastic welcome home dish! : )

No more need be said! I relate~ Vicki

Is there a bed for the boy? Your house has been so busy!

I'm glad your son is home!

Hey Corey ,
Catching up ! I've been away in the calanques staying at the cabanon (only dropping by today for an appointment)and so much has happened in your blog ! Simply amazing to spot the Pitt-Jolie family . I am sure you are veeeerrry impatient to welcome Sacha back . Well , whenever you meet Brad and Angelina , do tell them there are gorgeous little spots just outside Marseille , very private ,they'd love it !Enjoy squeezing your son in your arms the second he arrives !

I can't imagine how you must have missed him! But, I am sure he had a great summer! I like this post better than the Angelina and Brad Pitt posts. I haven't been on your site in a few days and just read the last two post. It is amazing how people act over movie stars - they are people just like you and I. I am glad you decided not to post more photos/stories of them. You and your family are much more interesting to me!

Welcome Home dear Cousin Sacha-Such

After two weeks in Willows, he must look and sound like a California guy by now. He does have the most perfect English/American I have ever heard!

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