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21 August 2009


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It takes a special person to enjoy having constant guests. But it takes a special husband to think about the toilet paper issue. Good for you that you delegated.

Wow! What a comeback line...your sense of humour is so wonderfully refreshing. You are an amazing teacher and an immeasurable inspiration. Thank You!

Hi Corey, you certainly make me laugh, so great. It must be great for you and all your guests to get together.

I am in Paris at the moment, Cat and apartment sitting... til 2nd September :-)

Love and hugs

That just made my day and made me laugh. Men are so wonderful!

very practical! what star sign is he?
and ask him if he wishes us to bring our own toilet paper if we come visit next year :)

I will happily bring my own, you can tell Yann!!! vida x x x

You made me laugh out loud!

Wine, bruschetta ,sweet antiques, ribbons and lace ... should I bring also toilet paper ???

That is hysterical!!! Very practical too. Have fun with all your guests Corey. I'm glad that you took such an amazing trip... thanks again for taking all of us along with you!!!

PS~ Do you have enough Toilet Paper??!!! :)

keep plenty of sphagnum moss handy and he will never have to ask that question again ;)


I love men who are able to think ahead like that! He's a nice mix of fearlessness and practicality.

Have a wonderful day!

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Yann is the best! Most men would leave the roll empty and not say a word about it.

Thank you for the laugh!

Dear Corey,
you should consider to open a bed and breakfast. It will be very beautiful, I'm sure. I'll come and stay in you hotel.

So romantic! Yes! His thoughtfulness is romantic. Love that.

How different things are when you get home than they were on a romantic vacation with the two of you! lol Back to reality!

Oh No, it looks like you need a vacation from guests. I think FH must have enjoyed just having you to himself those three weeks. He is very funny.
in Oregon

Great response.

Now really that was very thoughtful of him, though an affectionate greeting first might have been better. Corey-your reply is perfect.

Ha ha, my husband never thinks of things like that.
I like your friend Le petite cabinet de curiosites, she sounds like amazing help.

LOL I can express how this snippet of your morning made my not so great morning fabulous. Nothing like a good laugh! Merci!!

What an unusual man the French imp is ! Normally it would be " Darling we have run out of loo roll" surely ?! Have a good day, Jx

Corey, I have been waiting to get home from my road trip to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your post about your motorcycle trip. I had an unexpected road trip to So California from Northern Idaho with my Grandfathers urn. He passed away on August 6 and before he passed away he told me to have fun and that life wasn't worth living if you didn't have fun. So that is what I did on my road trip. His urn was with me all the way to his resting place at Riverside National Cemetery. We passed thru Willows and I thought of you. :) Thank you for making me smile while I was on the road. :) Blessings, Kimberly

You are two VERY attentive and gracious hosts!!

Thank you for your open-door!

LOL, he must have been up all night thinking about everything. Hopefully you got a good nights rest. Enjoy your beautiful day!

Hah! Love that exchange! Marriage in a nutshell.

I wish I were more like you Corey, I'm an introvert and all those people would give me the screaming mimi's!

May you find that you are indeed the keepers of sufficient toilet paper to see the day through with continued good cheer!


Practical and humorous! Quite the paires de canards the two of you----


: )

My best friend and her husband built their home with constant entertaining in mind...and constant entertaining, baby showering, family reuniting, holiday hosting..is what they have done. With their fourth child on the way, this past Christmas I knew exactly what I wanted to give them....so I snuck into their room and put it on the middle of their bed. Jenny, busily involved with food preparations, didn't notice for awhile...when she finally did...she teared up a little, breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Did Casey tell you???? Did Casey tell you that we were down to only 2 rolls of toilet paper! We forgot to get it at *Costco." In the middle of their giant bed I had a placed a 36 pack of two-ply papier de toilette. : ) Casey hadn't told me. God is so good!

: )

Julie M.

*Costco Wholesale is a members only large warehouse store which sells everything from groceries in bulk and home decor to motor vehicles.


Amylia, errr...WE need to know...

--------What was the answer?----------

*Did* you guys have enough t.p.? (and was it the lovely pink kind they have in France?)

P.S. As an aside, I buy overpriced toilet paper all the time now just so I can have it be all French-like--Scott makes it in pink (or light green or blue).

Yann's comment was a classic, but the response from you, with eyes barely open, was pure perfection. What a pearl of an exchange!

Funny. I just assumed you used monogrammed antique linens with delicate lace borders in lieu of TP. Well, at least that's what mes fesses will expect when we come to visit.

Everybody - when we all go to visit them, remember to pack toilet paper so Yann wont have to worry. Isnt it funny how we will often take food when we stay with people but forget the basics ( and the necessities!! )
I guess you are enjoying wearing different clothes from the past few weeks, Corey.

Reading this made me chuckle out loud.

Well, he is very thoughtful man and a thoughtful man is truly romantic. Plus, with his looks, he could say anything the first thing in the morning and it would be romantic.


I just can not imagine the trip you took,you amaze me. My husband & I have just sold our house & furniture & are going south. We don't know where we will land, but it is an adventure for us. I followed your whole trip & it was awesome.

Tara's Mom

Have you seen Tara's book, it is beautiful, & her favorite bloggers are just amazing.


You don't know how lucky you are Corey....

My hubby only ever asks about the toilet paper as the last cardboard inner tube magically appears on the holder!

FH and I have much in common. I always take paper goods to homes when there are going to be lots of guests. It's so not chic to run out of "necessary" paper. Bravo, Yann!

That's funny -----

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