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11 August 2009


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Every morning have my breakfast and then read your updates, it takes all my willpower not to run and read it straight away, but i like to savour your words. I can feel the romance in the air with each word. I know the feeling of riding without the gear and it is lovely. I can also see the advantage of not stopping at th antiques market, the temptaion would have been too great and your box too small!!!!
Keep on loving both the journey and the experience, I will keep on reading.
Love Ana

Isn't it beautiful just to drive no matter where? We live in such a beautiful world, each miles can hold a surprise for us.....

We are hoping to go to Croatia sometime - everyone we know who has been raves about it! Looking forward to your next entry.

Your journey has been unbelievable! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing adventure with your readers! The photos, the spectacular scenery, the charming prose, sheer delight. In today's post, I particularly enjoyed the photographs captured in Willow's rearview mirrors. Such fun! Such romance! Such excitement! You never cease to amaze.

Amazing Corey, I can feel the romance, you are a story teller of our times extrordinaire ! Walking away from antiques markets....feelings of lightness.... you must be having a seriously good time !

We stayed in a little town called Tihany on Lake Balaton - it was a beautiful area - and then we took the VW bus onto a ferry across the lake.

Many people in Croatia speak english perhaps with a toungue in cheek tough ; )
If you are going to the coast you will experience that many knows italian and even understand german and french.There is a saying that the french gave the croats their name..but that is another story.

I will give you some useful words
Da = yes
Ne = no
Soba = room (sobe = rooms)
Dobro jutro = goodmorning
Dobar dan = bonjour
Dobra vece = good evening (the c is prononunced like ch in chill)
Wc = wc( wécé I think you say that in french too?)

Kupatilo = bathroom (it can be that it is a bathroom without a toilet so you have to ask for wc (wécé) if that is what you need ; )

Kuhinja = kitchen
Kruh = bread
Sladoled = ice cream
jaje = egg
riba = fish
meso = meat
salata = salad
sol (soli) = salt
papar = pepper
Crno vino = red wine
Bijelo vino = white wine

Garaza = garage (there is supposed to be a little v above the z in garaza, it is pron. like the french je (je suis) ( gara(je)a).

Sign language is very helpfull to use also and here is a sentence you will hear often :
Nema problema = no problems

Next time go by boat along the croatian coast it is really a beautiful experience.
I think it is very similar to how it looks like at the french riviera..

Enjoy your trip and say hello to the mountains and the sea from me( my heart & soul is longing to be there.. but not when there is so many tourists)
back to lurching
yours N

By the way I forgot to tell you the word for Thank you is Hvala (the h sounds like h in the word have)

So good to hear that you are enjoying yourself to the fullest!

Believe it or not, Sunday morning I had something like un apparition: Suddenly you and FH were passing on Willow, you taking pictures all the while! See Sunday's post for proof. ;-)

Bon voyage!

17 days and 1800 miles! What a fabulous adventure , Corey--how much further do you plan to go? You are so blessed to have this time with your husband. Your father's spirit is alive and well in you!!

Bless you and Yann, Corey. Isn't great that your readers here could supply you with what you wanted!? Ask for more!

Wow... memories of my homeland... Vida x

Check out this blog from a local Iowa woman spending a year in Croatia with her family:

Hi Corey! Have loved following your travels. We have a friend with a house on the coast of Croatia in Novi Vinodolski. I´m sure he´d put you up if he has room! (and he speaks english!)
Here´s the site: http://www.croatia-lofts.hr/


I have been checking all day to see how you are going.. there is so much I want to ask you..
I know what you mean about about the divine sense of romance.. there is something about being on the back with your guy riding.. your life in his hands. such trust. I love it.. cannot wait to get on the back again!
and the sense of adventure, the wind on the face, the smells... love, love it all!!
safe travels to you for the next stage! xo

ps - I love it when I am a dare devil and ride without protective clothing.. makes me a little bit more of a rebel.

My husband rides sport bikes that my butt won't fit on. I will show him this post and beg for a cruising bike. We are in our 50s and he still can't go slow when on his bike. This is just to fun. Maybe he will slow down soon.
Be safe.

Am SO enjoying your wonderful trip, thank you for taking me along in the sidecar!

Your pictures are, as usual, fantastic...my question...did you entice FH to go back up the bumpiest road and ride down again so you could capture that photo op?! He looks very happy to be doing so!! 8-)


You may have not purchased anything, but OH...the memories! :-) You are compiling such a wonderful travel journal and sharing it with us.


Marilyn (in Dallas)

Love you my fabulous friend
Safe Travels♥


Since you've left Budapest, your trip has been a wonderful geography lesson for me!

I love the first picture today - I can see your reflection in the mirror, with your camera.

Are you going to Dubrovnik? I've heard its beautiful...And when you hit those antique fairs and have no space, you can always buy a painting without the frame and take it off the stretchers. Canvases are easy to roll up. :-)

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!!! This is sooo fantastic Corey and French husband..I can sense the romance between you, so great!

Forget the antiques stall/fair when you have had this fantastic experience ..it couldn't get better!!

OH!!! i am so happy that you are in croatia...:))) are you staying in istria or will you go to dalmatia??? (the latter are my people..;))

please do have a wonderful time...

This has been a wonderful trip...thanks for taking us along. I am grateful however, that I am not the one on the back of that bike...even though if I were I would have my arms around French Husband ;ooooo!!!!
I would much rather do this trip in a convertible...my little VW Cabriolet :)
I admire you Corey...not only do you ride on the back of a bike all day...you also blog about it...WOW!!!! what a woman.

Thank you for taking us with you!

Thank you for all the pictures and stories! I get to travel the world from the comfort of my computer chair, though now the travel bug has bitten and I wish I was on a motorcycle too, traveling with you.

I've never been out of the U.S. but thanks to you I'm traveling the roads and having a marvelous time.


Croatia is on my list for places to go in this lifetime. I cannot wait to see it through your lens.
This has been such a thrill for me to be vicariously on your trip with you - the freedom, the simply joy, the beauty - the company of your loved one - it's just lovely beyond words. Life - it's meant to be lived, and you two are certainly doing that in such a beautiful way!
Much love
xo Isa

Oh Corey, I hope you make it to Dubrovnik. I was there before it was bombed in the last war, when Croatia was still called Yugoslavia. The Adriatic is so beautiful and the Old Town section of Dubrovnik was so charming. Meals in Old Town were so reasonable and the currency exchange so strong to the dollar, that we paid to eat in Old Town restaurants rather than have the free meals served at our hotel.

Looks beautiful!! My friend just moved to Ljubljana, as her husband was assigned to the American Embassy there... I am loving "traveling" with you!

Way to go Corey...............unencumbered by clothes and antiques!!

I have a folder full of pics to e-mail you - your Mom, Sacha and the grandchildren, the shop, Judy & Cris etc. but will wait until you return home as I doubt you have time to stay online long on the road. I still have to post on Across the Pond about my visit to Willows/Chico - we took so many pics it's hard to choose which ones to share!

Thanks for taking us along on this amazing road trip. Enjoy the remaining days and stay safe.
Hugs - Mary.

Such a romantic couple ... beautiful to see such love.

Hi Corey. Awesome trip you are having. I have been a terrible blogger lately, but I posted a couple pics of your god-baby today!

Love, Tom K.

awesome. it's been such a joy following you and FH. BTW, the German word for pretzel is "Bretzel" which is close, but no cigar!

I wish I had Willow!

I cant believe you passed up the shopping! I even miss the pictures you would have taken. But way to go! Your story made me think of when we went to Paris not knowing anything. We met a great couple at the airport and they gave us a few key phrases! What lifesavers! I wish I could pass on some for you, but like you Ive never heard of that town.

I am enjoying going along for the ride because I know I will never experience anything like this. You are one lucky girl, Corey.


What a treat you have shared with your readers. I look forward to each of your new posts on this amazing journey. It has poured fuel on my desires to have some new stamps made in my passport! My husband may be writing you soon begging you to stop posting as I have become a real pest in asking, when can we travel? when? when? when?

Good gosh, I can't believe it's been 17 days already. I seem to remember you saying you were going for three weeks??? Please say your (ahem, "ours" - she says chuckling) adventure won't be over soon, please please please.

We will all sorely miss our daily Corey & FH road trip travelogue!

We were in Ljubljana in 2006 - it's a lovely, small city, lots of young people - you can see the best of it in a day. If you go, seek out a small restaurant called Compa - very good, and the owners are great. They serve a beer there called Thurnigger that is wonderful - I think he said it was made in small batches for the restaurant. Have fun!

Although I don't post everyday, I enjoy reading about your adventures.

Don't be shy. Let's see more pic of YOU enjoying yourself.


i lived in ljubljana as a young girl!

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