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23 August 2009


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I love you
I love all you share♥

Okay Corey, I've no clue what it is but I'm dieing to know now! Do tell...

Ok, I'm a wanna be too, your friend that is.

I found your site while researching, of all things ? antique stores/flea markets and food markets of Paris. My favorite (of yours) was the tiny place in Montmarte with all the odd little bits and pieces where I bought a tiny celluloid doll with a sweet face.

Is it the set of dominoes?

Did A. find antique lace that you want?

It must be the dominoes.

My only thought was the dominoes, like Penelope.

I'm not quite awake yet and that's the only thing my brain noticed as a possible clue ... since you showed them but didn't mention them.

An antique French hand shaped door knocker thingie..'the upper hand'??

I also fell in love with that little place in Montmarte! I was so surprised when I went to Porte de Clignancourt a couple days later and found the same little shop there. I asked the guy working there what the background was with the 2 shops and he said the owner had been buying things up for many years and storing the goods in a barn and then decided to open a shop. I bought some great stuff there including old marquee letters and wooden game pieces.
Love this blog...I read your words, Corey, first thing every morning!

Now I don't even have a guess. I don't think it is anything in the pictures. I think you are just teasing us. How fun to share a day at the brocante with a friend. Joy!

some sort of coloring for your hair or hair product from long ago???

O.k., here goes... You want a set of antique prints, food inspired, to frame up and beautify your new kitchen. THERE!

Hmmmm. I wanna play too. Let's see, I'll go out on a limb and guess something NOT French. Antique Mickey Mouse piece, or something else North American that reminds you of home.

I think you like the linens most.

Is it a pair of gloves? or gloves for a special doll?

Hmmmm how are we supposed to guess this one!!

Something to do with a motorcycle. Maybe an antique miniature?

Hmmm...Corey-doll, my guess is a sink! Yes, a bathroom sink! (You have everything else).

A RadioFlyer wagon? A Barbie? A rubber ducky? Oooh the suspense.

a piece of jewelry? I really have no clue....just want to play!

Hum? I am thinking a lovely, old, broken in flan pan....? That way, you could prepare your own Kaiserschmarren (Emperor's Trifle)!

The box to the dominoes!

I think it's something pictured with the cookbooks..it looks lie a tray on the upper right. Or maybe it's the piece to the left of the cookbooks? I'm really jealous, you know.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say it is something that has the word Willow in it.

something old for your new kitchen?

It is...a...hmmm...a willow-embroidered linen tablecloth. Or not.

I'm thinking that it must be the dominoes.Or something to do with cooking,like a special pan. Oh, I don't know. But, I'll be waiting to find out. You're a tease.


I love the vintage French linens, heavy thread count with the red monogram in the corner. I have a lot of them in my house. I went to the flea market in Santa Monica and bought some more this morning.I shall be in Strasbourg next month and I hope to score some more.

I'm thinkin' she bought it just for you & is just teasing you a bit!!

I would guess the fabric under the cookbooks. Is it linen or grain sacks? Or maybe a hat to cover the tell tale hair.
What fun. Feel like we were there.

Oh, it could be so many, many things Corey! dishware, glasses, lace???

either a antique light or an antique bedspread

My first guess was the dominoes, but that seems to easy. I think it is one of the little icons you collect. Too much fun! I'd need a cargo container and a new house to put it all in. Have fun!

have absolutely no idea and I would not even try to guess but for the heck of it, I will say that it has something to do with bike riding or maybe a vintage French hair colouring kit! but no, that would not be it, because I don't think you would covet something like that.. it must be something special.
have a fantastic week Corey.. I have a new grandbaby due any day now!!!! sooo excited.

I want to participate. Maybe it will be my jour de chance? My first thought was the box of dominoes and I am keeping this as my answer. Louise

I think it's a doll! A precious little antique doll that would look perfect in Corey's beautiful home. A. please give your treasure to Corey... the whole world is watching now... be a doll... hand it over to Corey-doll.

Is it a pair of antique shoes, so Corey can dance at the ball with her prince charming?

It is so hard to guess- I don't think it is jewellery because I don't think that you are much into jewellery- it could be linens but you said she gave you the beautiful white antique piece. Perhaps a an antique kitchen item??? An antique box????
I am going to guess it is an antique toy of some sort-
What a fun guessing game- I will look forward to seeing what you are coveting..
Warmest regards.

I'm guessing an angel or religious icon or white pottery bowl for your kitchen. So many possibilities :}

The little box of dominoes under the title of the post?

antique motorcycle gear?

hmmmm. . . . let me see. . . santons?

i am not sure what it is...
but perhaps a silver frame next to the cookbooks?
i love when you tease us Corey!

I really have no idea since you love so many things, but I will guess a red beret or an antique hat to temporarily cover the gray hair.

not sure....but i love to always see your finds!

An antique wood frame? I have no idea but your so excited I cant wait to see!

I would have to guess..... the ice cream that you ate everyday while on your bike trip!!! Or maybe the tray that the dominos are sitting on?
I dream of being your house guest and going to the market with you......

An old LP of "The Sound of Music!" Yes?

What a wonderful time! I am going to guess a painting, an armoire, a tray, a mirror. This is so fun.

I Know I Know I Know I KNOW!!!
Is it is an old needlepoint/tapestry pillow cover??
I am very very jealous that A. is at your house and shopping the Brocante with you~

Corey- You really know how to get us going! Could it be some kind of antique scoop?
and if you want the recipe, I have my mother's Kaiserschmarren recipe!

perhaps embroidery wirh your initials? You having "CA" and she is "A" followed by a "C"?

An antique map, either your homeland, Provence or Eastern Europe ? Exciting new game C x

Oh dear, my guess didn't go through this morning, but I see no one has yet guessed what I put down...a seashell box because that is something that appeals to me.

I would give my left arm for those linens...(I need my right for quilting!) There's nothing I love more than putting fabric tablecloths on my table for a normal days meal. Vinyl? YUK! Antique linens, from France, on.my.table. YUM!

You always find the best things.

A leather motorcycle helmet with goggles and a dashing white silk scarf for French Husband!!!

Corey....would you like to sell those dominoes and how much would they go for?????? I don't think that's what you want or I wouldn't ask to buy them!!!!! Mary

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