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26 October 2009


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Doesn't this make you feel lighter? It's always the feeling I have when I clean out my house!

I did this yesterday in my youngest daughter's room and will keep on going today on other rooms and closets.

I've got to tackle that too. I did a big clear out before moving to England, but I still brought too many things I will probably never wear again like the 12 business suits I have still in a box waiting for my studio space and wardrobe to be finished.

While I may miss my size six body ( American six ), I don't miss the stress of my old life that kept me there. Too busy to eat, too stressed to sleep, there's a peace and comfort in my life now I had only dreamed of which is so much better, even if the price of admission is a bigger backside.

It's a great feeling when you have a good clean out. Your life feels less cluttered and it seems to energize you.

Wow! I am impressed....I dream about cleaning out my closets and getting organized. It will have to wait until I stop working...which is not too far off...2010 may be the year of organization for me! It must feel wonderful...

Wait, I am coming over! ;-)

I love having a good clear out. I give my unwanted pile to a local charity shop that resells them. It makes me feel less wasteful to clear out my space while feeling it is going to a good place.

I'm starting an organizing project this week - the clutter has built up again and is driving me crazy. Maybe it's just the time of year to tidy the nest.

I do this at least once a year (but my closet is so small that when it starts to get crowded) . . .but it does feel good when it is all neat and tidy!

Less stuff
Less space+

there are so many in need.............
Good for you
Love Jeanne♥

Well, if you need to send the "old stuff" from your home off somewhere....I live in Gresham!!!!

Happy cleaning, I need to do the same thing.


Dear Corey, This is a day late, but thank you for taking me to Prague. This weekend I had to do the worst thing in my life. I had to take my mum to a nursing home as we cannot cope with her at home. This breaks me into pieces and crushes my heart. I poured it all out on my own blog and then I visited yours and had a tiny holiday away from life as it is just now. I thank you for that.
Karon x


Hello Karon
I am sorry to hear your news. I am off to your blog.


Well Corey, they say that French women don't get fat, must be true for American women living in France also..how many 51 year olds are the same petite size as their 18 year old daughters? AND, how many daughters would want to wear their mother's clothes as well,,you must be tres chic & tres slim. p.s. thank you for the beautiful photos of Prague.

Hi Linda

Most of my clothes didn't fit anymore, I keeping bouncing one pound more, and it is scary.
Hence my size a few years back fit Chelsea perfectly. Classic look fits everyone and never goes out of style.
Lucky for both of us.


I love that feeling of clearing out and organising - sure there is some deep rooted issue there. One of the best things is finding something you had forgotton or seeing new ways to wear things you had ignored. It also has the benefit of showing you what you actually need to buy, thus facilitating a guilt free shopping trip.
The simple elegance of the lbd & ballerinas is so chic and you wear it so well. Liberating indeed.
The rest of the house may present a bigger wrench for you I think. After all you have such a love of items with a history and your cupboards must be stuffed full of special items picked up at a million brocante's and treasured down the years. Looking forward to hearing what you unearth there. With much love, Jx

Never get rid of "one black dress". You looked great in it.

Cleaning out your closets (and you house) always make you feel lighter and less frazzled after. It's like a renewal for your soul.

But Corey, Seriously, If you are looking for a home for any french linen tablecloth...I'm your lady. I promise to treat it well and use it often!!! :)

Hi Nancy

I'll let you know when I am having my garage sale online!


I love doing this Corey. It is my husband who is an absolute hoarder..he must have things from 20 years ago...Everytime he is away with work, I have a little sort out, I would love to empty his wardrobes and his office..strip it, and give him a new one. Empty the sideboard drawers full of the tiny little items he says "yeh might need it one day." and we have had 5 house moves since getting together..!!

Hi Anne,

I have his twin here at home with me.


I can really relate. Clearing the decks can really lift the spirits and make you feel like you can breathe deeply again. A good thing for both you and Chelsea.

Interesting, i am doing exactly the same thing...
and it feel so good !

I started this project early this summer....now I have a huge pile of clothes (mine and the children) rising like a mountian on the spare bed. Which needs to be cleared off before the holidays...if not I will close and lock the door so no one will dare enter! LOL
Have a great week!

This is great Corey! I have been wanting to do that for months now....without been able to...I thought that the only way I could was if I had to move....and the...we found a new place! :) So....It is a start! :)


Do people have yard sales in France??


Hi Shannon

No they do not.
But twice a year most French towns have a vide de grenier or a brocante, ours was two weeks ago.


I did the same thing yesterday! Have lost weight so large clothes, grubby shirts etc. are leaving the building. It sure felt good.
Oh can you imagine the number of commenters who wish they could go to your yard/garage sale if you had one? I'd be the pushy lady at the front of the crowd.

Wait!! Before you start on the house, let me hop on a plane to help. You know two sets of eyes are better than one. If only I could, but I have my own mess here in Kansas. We are moving, after 30 years and 5 kids in one house. I guess you call it down sizing. Everyone's gone, husband is changing jobs. So it's off on a new adventure at 51. Is that to old? I hope not. Good luck.

Great achievement no matter how it was accomplished. I'm thinking that overall your closet must be very classy. MY daughter would NEVER take 3/4 of my disgards. LOL

Sometimes I wish I had some of the clothes I've purged, but a simpler style is definitely my way of thinking, as well, these days.

Good luck with the purging! It feels good, but so hard to do. I need to do it too.

Oh Corey, if you really must part with the old dusty bust of that ho hum Greek God to free up space on that lovely column well then feel free to let me know and I'll gladly take it off your hands. I imagine I could find a spot for it when my barn remodel is done, I mean really, anything to help a friend declutter.


I have been going through my house downsizing all summer. What a great feeling! I still have tons of stuff though because I hang on to too much stuff. I am a crafter and I hate to get rid of anything. You never know when you might need it. LOL.

Spring cleaning in the Fall. What a new concept. I like it. Have fun and make sure you don't want something before giving it away.

Hi Corey,
Its so nice to reorganize things! Thanks for motivating me to do the same. I feel like its a constant circle of things to do in my house, I can never quite get caught up! And, if you do have an online garage sell let me know, I bet it will be lovely!
Have a great day!

Why did you wait until I returned to America to do this? I would have been soooooo much help to you. Want to wait til the spring?

i did this same thing but for a great reason. we took three little girls on a regular basis to keep for a little over 2 years now. i had no closet space and i had to downsize for their sake. they have one large closet all to themselves. i have two now not three. i have not missed whatever i had in the third one. they come at least every other weekend and often times during the week. their dad is God knows where and mom is in rehab. they are no kin but we sure love them. they have forced me to be far more orginized and way lighter in a lot of areas! whatever it takes for the motivation, it works. glad you were successful and able to pass your clothing along to a good cause. i have been taking things from my home to the women's shelter that took all of them in a couple of years ago when they were homeless. it is a good feeling to drop off bags of things i know will be used.
thanks for the pictures of Prague. i have been in construction my whole life and i love the architecture. blessings to you for sharing all your travels and delights!

What ever is in the air over there must have drifted my way. Our youngest just left the nest and I have been in purification mode. Everything is getting the once over and I am ashamed of how much I have accumulated that I don't need or use.

For whatever reason many of us, including myself, are in this process of making our life simpler! I think perhaps we are at an age that we realize things aren't what make us happy. In fact, the more I get rid of, the better I feel!!

Does it fit?
Does it flatter?
Will I ever where it again?

That's what I tell my clients to help them decide what to get rid of.

Sue T.
Closet designer in Chicago.

Oh this sounds like me, I'm really getting on to my house stuff very soon!

Your photo's from Prague are just fantastic, the buildings are amazing.

My friend at Beautiful Things to Share put me onto your blog, it really is gorgeous.

You inspire me!

Wish I could be there to snatch up your hand-me-downs! I hate to shop for clothes, and you do have such style!!
It is such a free, light feeling to clear out the unused.
Good luck!

I shall be there to pick up all of your "throw outs"! :-)

there must be something in the air because i'm doing the same thing. my bathroom drawer is amazing now! no empty containers of hair goop (was i holding onto them to remind myself i needed more?). my clothing is now narrowed down to what i actually wear and what looks best on me. my kitchen needs doing next. i have a few too many coffee mugs.

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