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01 October 2009


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I agree -- Amazing journey you are on, blogging & antiquing maybe the outer connection, but there is so much more to the 'flow' of life stream you are traveling through, your connection with Linda brought tears to my eyes and I know not why?
wish I were there.feeling permeates my thoughts.. maybe its the rain here in Portland, I woke up thinking - it is raining and I wish it wasn't today


It all sounds wonderful! I'm looking forward to catching up on your great American adventure. My dear auntie is visiting from MN...so, I'm a week behind in hearing about your travels.

Have a beautiful time in Texas!

Julie M.

Oh wow Miss Coco ! We arrived back home last evening from beautiful Bonnieux and I have just dispelled the post holiday blues by catching up with your wonderful trip. Absolutely mind blowing Corey - South Carolina, New Orleans & Texas... I had no idea how beautiful and that Spanish Moss is just hauntingly beautiful.
I must tell you that whilst you have been enjoying all these wondeful new friends, Keith and I enjoyed an enchanting lunch last Saturday in Aix with a charming & handsome Frenchman...
Looking forward to the next chapter, God Bless Corey, Jx

how go the sales?

Beautiful my lovely friend
Love you ♥

sounds like a central valley kind of place there in hill country with the old oaks and such.

yes, there is an intertwining to us all in the world, we've just to connect up close and personal to really feel it. and, you are so very fortunate to be connecting to so many up close and personal.

enjoy your journey and of course your final destination in willows. i have had a hankering to return to chico and feel it again but, that won't be happening soon. til later. many hugs and good thoughts always.

YES and YES and YES!

Merci, Corey, for reminding us how beautiful our country and people are. Longing to live in France sometimes makes me forget about the beauty right here.

Loving your posts and journey.

I'm glad that you are experiencing the Hill Country. It is quite lovely. Definitely the best place to live in Texas.

You make me dream! Blessings, Kimberly

"the dance of the spiritual world"--l o v e l y.

We hope to find you Friday at Marburger. Will you still be there???? Hope so. We don't want to miss out on meeting you! Stephanie

Through your eyes the beauty comes alive. You are remarkable, Corey.


There is nothing to compare to Texas hospitality. Having been the recipient of same, I know. What a joy for you.

Hi Corey!

This post makes my heart throb!! I feel the same as your words are written... The beauty of being 50 is seeing the beauty in people before us...layers and layers, like a rose opening... one after the other, one big beautiful rose. I believe it is because some of us are all made of the same fabric, like a tapestry, or from the same rose that is opening and we are embracing our beautiful world together. Thank you for all the images you are sharing and for taking us with you every step of your remarkable journey. I wish I was there to meet you:(

On another note...
I want that blue religious piece with the crab and cross on it!! AND those blue and white pillows!! Will you share what you bought with us...pretty please with sugar on top~


See how many lives you touch? You are special, so special things come your way!

Enjoying your tales of travel & brocanting!

What a great journey you are having. So many like minded people. It must feel wonderful to have an instant connection. Enjoy every moment...

Her home sounds enchanting! Its amazing how friendships start!

I just wanted to let you know that I am reading your posts each day and enjoying them tremendously.

What I am realizing is that you don't have to be somewhere like France to find and appreciate beauty. Corey, you are magic.


We were so excited to have had Linda and Ludmil come back to visit their old friends here in the Pacific Northwest this summer, we miss them around here!!! Lucky Texas, to have them now...

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