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29 November 2009


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Happy Blog Anniversary! :-)))

If thats it. Congrats and Happy Blog Birthday Corey! Four is a good number (represents family & balance I reckon). Thanks for the re-cap, I don't know where to start as a Newbie. Congrats again! What a great journey it seems to be...

(My daughter is 17 today too !!!)

Thinking of you !!!
XOXO (bises)

Happy Birthday to your wonderful BLOG!!
I made lemon poppy seed muffins this morning.
I wish I could send you one.

Happy Blogiversary
It is also the magical number of your family
Love Jeanne
Blondes DO have more fun ask me I know
Love you

4 years young and going strong....I have only been tuning in for a shortish amount of time but I feel like I have been a part of the team all the way. Go Blondness! Cheers Jennifer, Nelson, New Zealand

Happy blogiversary, Corey!

Wishing you a very happy blogaversary and looking forward to many more.....Hugs Cookie

Happy Blog-iversary and heres to many more!

Joyeux Bloganniversaire !!! J 'ai beau vous lire tous les jours, je ne fais pas vraiment de progrès en anglais!Aussi ,je vous le répète en français: bon blog-anniversaire, Corey !

Delurking to say congratulations! I've been reading you for all four, and you are just incredible!

Thanks for providing a great way to help start my day!

Happy Blog Anniversary!!! Your hair has been as many colors as mine!!!! Thanks for writing such a wonderful blog and putting smiles on our faces!!!

Oh Corey, Happy 4th blog Anniversary! Wow, that is a lot of blogging! Congratulations and thank you! May you have many more good years of blogging and lots of great hair days!
Margaret B

Congratulations! 4 years of writing & taking photos for this blog every day....shouldn't you be in the Guinness Book of Records?
It's a wonderful blog Corey, thank you so much.

I just got here...so I guess for me it means yo have a full life ? heheheheh

Thanks for enriching my life with your wonderful stories.

Happy blog anniversary to you. Such a joy you are to us all. xo Joan

happy blogiversary
2 U and your hair!


{{ your hair can go green or blue,
you will still smile and still B U! }}

your blog was one of three
that inspired me to start my own
over 3 years ago...


Parabéns, Corey! Where are you flying? Do you mean that literally or as a metaphor? Do tell...

Best bloggy wishes to you on your fourth year of sharing your world and captivating your readers. How ever did I get through a day without reading your blog? Thanks for making the last four years a treat.

Happy blogging anniversary! (and btw, I prefer you blonde)

Thank you for sharing your life and your stories! Happy Blog Anniversary.....and too many more!

Happy 4th Blog Anniversary Corey!
You embrace change well and
are becoming a daring person!
So happy for you and to know you.


congratulations! four years - and loved more than ever~

Yea! 4 years of blogging. Congrats. I love it, and I love you.

Blessings Always XOXOXO Shea

Thank you for the time you give us all.

at least 4 more years I hope!!! I love coming to your blog first thing in the morning and reading abt. your adventures big and small. I can't wait to hear why you are flying this week and I love you hair whichever way you choose to wear it!

Happy 4 Blog Anniversary. I remember when I was told by a friend, YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BLOG...I stayed up all night catching up on your stories...Thank you for sharing with all of us. Your blog has inspired me to take better photos, enjoy what I have, and to never stop dreaming. You are an inspiration unique.

Happy Blogaversary to you ..Love your stories, keep them coming :-)

Isn't it amazing how time does fly? Happy Blog 4 year Anniversary! And you haven't missed a day, that is amazing too. Congratulations!

What a great 4 years! Happy Blogiversary. I know your online shop is gonna "fly".

HAPPY BLOG~AVERSARY COREY!!!! Many more to come I hope. Love your blog, love your style, love your humor, love your heart, love your spirit, love your sparkle, thanks for being such an inspiration.

Congratulations Corey. Your blog is so captivating! As soon as we got back into town last night I had to tune in and see what was happening with you. You are the first person I check in with in the morning (unless my husband is awake). Thank you for all the joys, sorrows, adventures, secrets, and good times you have shared.

And many more we can only hope! Have only been following you for 1 year but am cathching up with the archives. What a joy you are and what an interesting life you have led. Thank you for being in our lives.

Happy Blog-versary! Four Years! How wonderful, Thank you so much for giving us a little bit of something beautiful each day! Heres to many more to come.

Four years of blogging and I'd say it has been a successful venture thus far.

Love all the hair styles.

4 Fabulous years of blogging!!
4 years of gorgeous photos and text for readers to peruse.
4 years of sharing yourself with us lucky readers.
Thank you, WE are the fortunate ones!

4th year anniversary for your blog! Wow.

I'm such a dope. I was thinking 4 years cancer-free (I've been thinking about my mom today and,therefore, cancer. Blech) but I hope it's more than that!

Four years blogging! Mazel tov!

Happy Blogiversary to you, dear Corey!!! Thank you for all you do that touches so many people each day! I have only been reading your blog for about a year, but I don't know what I'd do each morning now without your lovely photos and writing as part of the start to my day!

Happy Bloggity Blog Blog too you! It seems funny to think we have "visited" for four whole years but thank you dear one for sharing all of your delightful thoughts and experiences.

Flying again, hmmm... a visit, a mystery, a blog journal?!!!

As for the hair...please tell me a blue mohawk is not looming in your future?!!! (I should have never let a man with hair like THAT cut MY hair!!!! That is all I will divulge!)
Peace and blessings to you Corey, Yann and family.

Whatever the last four is, and the blogosphere consensus seems to say four years of blogging, congratulations. That is a long span of daily writing and you are to be both commended and thanks.

Congratulations and I love the blonde!

It's all been said better than I could so a simple Thank You will have to do.

I think it is your blog anniversary, new business venture and new hair color to go with it all!

Oh gosh! Is it really four years since you began your blog?! Good gravy they've speeded the clocks up on me. I can't recall if I found you shortly before or after year one??? It's been one heck of a fun ride Corey, whatever the length.

Happy happy Blogiversary to you!

Happy Anniversary ~ it's been a pleasure to spend this time with you!

Congratulations Corey! Thank you for brightening my day every day for the last 3 1/2 years (missed the first six months).

Thick as 2 planks as they say in merry old England
I didn't get it.
Happy 4th!

I too think it's your fourth Blogiversary, Corey, which will be marked by the beginning of your new online adventure of selling French Brocante.

Congratulations on your success, and a huge Thank You for your faithfullness in posting every day!!!!

You're such a blessing, dear Corey!

Happy blog anniversary, Corey. I've been following for 2 years and can't get enough.
Yann has talked you into going up in the plane with him, hasn't he? Have fun. You always do.


Your posts are like curling up to a cozy fire while sipping Swiss White Chocolate....

Thank you so very much for your dedication to feeding we blog hungry folks. We sip our Swiss to yours first!

Here's to the first four, and who can imagine what will happen in the next four? Keep the blonde hair AND little black dress ~ you make them look good!

Happy blogiversary an dcongratulations for writnig every day for 1460 days - that is amazing and never a dull post. Really something to be celebrated!

Wow! Four years of writing! That's wonderful!

I'm always amazed that you can write and post every single day!

Dear Corey
I am a South African currently living in England who has read (and loved) your blog daily, though it's my first time to comment. I wanted to thank you for being a daily inspiration and delight, with your thoughtful words, humour, and beautiful images. A couple of nights ago I actually dreamed all night about you and your new online venture!! I look forward so much to the next 4 years ...

Congratulations on 4 years...can I get back to the beginning so I can catch up on it all?

Ooh 4 years! What an accomplishment. And look at all that has happened! What a journey it's been.

Dear Corey,
Congratulations on 4 years of blogging!
I've followed your blog for the past 4 years and look forward to the next years of reading your wonderful blog! It's amazing how time flies! I love to read the comments that your readers post too!
I look forward to all the photos you post...you really write from your heart!
Thanks for sharing your life! It's a grand life!

Congratulations on (and thank you for) four wonderful years here!

Congrats on four great years of blogging!

Congratulations! Thank you for faithfully blogging every day though good times and bad. You are a constant source of inspiration. Does "will fly this week" means that you'll be traveling somewhere for another exciting adventure?

Woops - that should have been "mean" not "means".

Happy Blog Day!

It means you are having a four year blog anniversary but more importantly it means that you embrace change and are finding blogging a growing experience. Thank you for sharing your ideas, thoughts and experiences in your blog. I always come away thinking I have visited with a friend. Your pieces have made me laugh, cry and left me pondering and grappling with the challenges and joys one experiences in daily life. Thanks for sharing your gift.
With best wishes for many more blogging posts.
Warmest regards,

Happy anniversary and a big THANK YOU for all the fun and you are an inspiration.

Happy anniversary! I have been reading you for about two and a half years and look forward to it every morning!

does'n mater hair color, I love you and you blog! I read it everyday for about two years and have read it all from the beginning. all the best to you and your family.

Did I miss something? When, dear Corey, is your online shop opening???? Remember, I'm the one who might have a chance for some "shrink wrapping" once your doors open and before I start clicking PayPal orders! I just need some 'heads up' to alert the Ph.D that I'm in need....in a bad way........

Dear Corey,

Happy blogiversary!

Our lives are progressions, n'est-ce pas?


Is it your blogoversary, Corey? If so, congratulations!

Btw, I think you look great as a blonde!

4 equals ... Taaa Daaaaaaaaaaa 4 years of blogging! The joy, the pleasure, the generosity you've given ... I'm lost for words to describe how much you mean to me and so many ... four trillion, zillion, squillion Thank YOUs Corey. xo.

Your blog is exactly one week younger than mine. It's been a good four years, hasn't it? In my four, I lost my mother, but gained two adorable grands. Life is good. Gray hairs and all!
Always love your place, my friend.
Happy four!

Dear Corey~
I think this means you are going to be go gothic on us for year 5!?!? That's ok I love you anyway you are! Thank you for sharing so much of YOU with us for 4 wonderful years! I keep looking for that store to open. I must be here or I may turn have to turn gothic too!

I'm gray and changing! LOVE gray hair. I think it's the most beautiful of all possible hair colors. It has to be righteously earned!

p.s. I really pondered on the "fly" remark. Now I get it. Yann is taking you up in the plane, c'est vrai?

Brave girl Corey!

Baby steps into a truer conscienceness mixed with a wonderfully positive outlook at your world. Like my 4 year old son, your blog surprises & intrigues me every day with love.

Four years of blogging. Bravo Corey!


Happy anniversary, Corey! You are an inspiration to all of us!! Your open heart, beautiful words and pictures always make me want to be a better person. How I admire your spirit! May God bless you always! Evelyn

Happy Blogversary! Dear Corey, you are an inspiration.

Congratulations on 4-years of blogging and charming all of us!

4 year of blogging !! oulala you are an " antiquité " in blogging ! Happy anniversary of my gobblogger

are we in for another hair color change perhaps?

happy blog birthday!! ;)))

Congratulations, Corey, for revealing yourself in your blog for the last four years. I couldn't make it through the day without it!

4...how FOURtunate we are to be able to experience your life in France these past 4 years! Thank you for sharing :-)...we all look FOURward to many more postings.

Dear Corey,
that means 4 years of your life you shared with us in your blog, lucky days and sad days, good things and things that went bad, everyday-life and extraordinary and remarkable adventures as your trip on motor cycle, changes you made for yourself and for your house! Thank you so much for that! I hope you will never loose fun in blogging so we can enjoy your blog for many more years!

Happy blogday, dear Corey.


Happy blog-day, Corey. Thanks for brightening up my workdays with your stories of brocantes, family, ups, downs, silliness, your love of your husband, your bemusement and appreciation of live in France, and your genuineness.

I stumbled on your blog, googling photos of France+antiques before our trip to Provence three summers ago, and I've been following you ever since.

I'm glad you do this.

(I like the new look, by the way. Comments are easier to read now)

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