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04 November 2009


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Oh no, please continue!!!!

Though lightening never stikes twice, you will not leave us with just that first bolt? Coupe de foudre!

Don't leave us here..please continue your tale.

Corey...continue your story!!!

oh dear Corey ... do tell!

I'd love to hear more....

You can't leave us this way, you must continue your tale!

Even though I've been around long enough to have heard it before - my vote is TELL IT! I love your story! It never ceases to amaze me. The brocante can take a vacation.

Please tell us more!

Oh, you must keep telling!! we want to hear your story!

Please tell us more, love stories like this are rare! With all the pain in the world, how refreshing to read your love story. My boyfriend died, too and I know you know how much that changes you. I've got to believe, they sent us our next love, though.

I've got goose bumps...plese keep telling your story!

we can't hold our breath forever you know....

tell your aching tale Corey...I feel the need to hear it. My dear man left this life 12 years ago and I feel your story kindle that little light of hope and the possibility of loving again.

We are all here for the heart, are we not?

With love and gratitude.


Please, Please, Please tell us more. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting...

Please, Corey, tell more...

More please, more..........


You Corey are the mistress of suspense. Stop teasing & continue immediatement s'il te plait ! Jx

I love this story! I like the brocante stuff, too, but love conquers all!

I love this love story. Please continue! What did Yann think when he saw you dancing there?

More please!!

I think you are probably convinced by now, Corey! We want to hear more of your sweet story!!! :-)

I love it! Please continue with the story!

unbeleivable story corey!! please tell us more i must still read about your poor boyfriend but had to get my comment in fast! that is just astonishing that you decided the boy/man for you would have this name and never thought i guess it would be in a different language!

definitely more! what a cliff hanger

You are a tease!
ps Why was FH at I beam?;)

Absolutely... tell us more! :)

I've "heard" you tell it before & I just love this story...more, more more!

Sit down right now and get back to it sister - we're a waitin' out here!

SO beautiful and touching and fun story Corey!

Yann was truly to be in your lifre and you in his :)

you lucky and wonderful guys!


Anything but more brocante.

You're a very naughty tease.

I can't wait to hear more...

You must tell more, Corey. Please, pretty please......

Hmmm, I'll take the beginning tale with a side of brocante...

As I read the beginning of your sweet love story with Yann I could not help but think how much God loves you that he would send you your "John" and that He sent him dancing by. I can't wait to hear more!

awww Corey.. do continue with this story.. the brocante can stop for awhile.. hehehe

I would love your tale to continue!

Oh Corey, please continue you stopped at the best part...

Do Continue!!!!

Please tell- it's completely enchanting, and Love to your first John.

Oh YES!!!!! Please tell more....

I do wish I were going to the brocante, but that is for another day. I would much rather hear your story of John, the Yann in french.

Corey-the people have spoken! The romance story please.

Did gay girls go there too,or, was it guys only? If so what were you and FH doing there? And, didn't FH think you were gay if you were there? This is such an intriguing story...it was surely meant to be.
p.s. Brother Mathew is funny,,how did he make up for forgetting to pick you up at the airport.

Wow, Corey. Yes, you must continue. Please. And I even wonder (and it probably is too selfish and nosey of me) what Yann's telling of y'all's first meeting would be. It reminds me of Sleepless in Seattle where Tom Hanks character feels that to have had true love the first time, how could he ever have that love again, and the radio shrink tells him that those who have been in love and lost are bound to find love again. (Yes, I just love that movie and this scene in particular) It took me so long to find my love, and even tho' I had no where near the heartbreak you did, my heart ached at being near thirty and not knowing a man who loved me best. The Lord comforted me with these words that seem to apply to many of the heart's issues: Proverbs 13:12 Hope deferred makes the heart sick but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.

Don't stop!!!

Thank you Corey, I never knew about your boyfriend who died, how very sad for you. God was with you all the way on this journey, for sure!!

Funny story, yeah what was FH doing in a GAY Club :-)

No don't stop there!!

keep going! How can you even ask that question????

I love to hear your story! Please do not stop!!! :-)

Good gravy....! Please continue!!!!

Corey: Life always works out in it's own way, on it's own time schedule, not ours.

Keep speaking, keep writing.
I think you are the one you should have been chained to the chair = November is National Novel Writing Month, why aren't you there?!!

A marathon of 50k words in only 30 days!
I dare you...sometime, next time, anytime.

Yes, please do continue..........

Everyone loves a love story. Tell us more.

tell me more, tell me more....now I will have "Grease" songs running thru my head all day!

No continue your tale, the stuff can wait!

Are you kidding? If you ever want me to take another breath, you MUST go on.

More! No question!

Go on, Go on!! Please, I love a good romance!!! and this one's french, what could be better?!

Please, Please, Please...s'il vous plait.. continue the story. 10 years ago, I moved to France to go to school and escape my life in the US. I find your story so wonderful. I remember all of the cultural differences and the language barrier. I moved to Marseille where no one spoke english so I learned the language very quickly. After a year, I moved to Paris for work and fell in love. I stayed for 2 more years and then returned to the States (and married a German ;). I love your story. It makes me miss France so much. Thank you for sharing it with us.

waiting on bated breath......

You describe well the complicated pangs of loss I feel about my own John's death, two years ago last week. I, too, have friends trying to "match me up" but my heart isn't ready. Please go on with your story...I believe in signs.

I've read this twice now and each now it just gives me the chills and my eyes well up! God is SOOOOOOOOOOO good!

Sad...and beautiful. Please do continue the story. This does my heart good, for over a year and a half ago at the age of 37, I became a widow. Stories like this...give hope that happiness does not die.
Thank you for sharing this.

More, more, more please? The brocante is always there and getting older and lovelier by the moment. Ah but a good love story, now that's something to stop and take notice of!

Yours is a wonderful love story, Corey. I know you have collected many readers since the first telling who will want to know more. I say - WRITE ON.

If you were standing next to me at this moment I would take you by the shoulders and shake you! By all means, CONTINUE!!!!!

Wow..now that's a "made for the movies" story! Beautiful...I too lost a loved one-my first husband, when I was 19 and 7 months pregnant with our child. I felt much of the feelings you mention, especially the anger & fear. I'm so glad that God never gave up on me! He gave me another wonderful man and 3 more children to fill my life with love. May many more blessings pour out on your life! Thanks for sharing your story! :o)

Fate brought me to your site and fate will cause me to remain.

I sat at the computer this morning and wept tears of thanks that the "thump" I experienced last year did recover. I then wept tears of sadness for you, that yours did not.

Please continue.

Your new and devoted fan,


Your teasing us........of course we want to know more of your story!

Your life is full of the things that make great books and movies. Love ... how lucky you are !!

Wow. I follow another blogger who lost her husband this year. I'm sure she would love to read your post...

Please give her a visit, and read her story.


When I returned home, and told HB and Spencer this, Spencer sat back in his chair, speechless (this NEVER happens). After a minute, he sat back up, and said "Well, that was definitely God and John working together."



Come on, girl, spill it. You know we are dying to hear the whole thing now. What happened next?

This is my absolute favorite story you tell...it makes my heart melt! Keep going!

Its unanimous! And the rest of the story.... ?

go on! please! i started reading your blog when you met brad and angelina at the brocante and now i've become a faithful reader every day. (who knew what a brocante even was?!?) i think you're wonderful ... and so brave to move to france! you're an inspiration to women everywhere!

Corey!!!! Girl, you had better keep going!!! Brocantes just do not compare.

You make me cry with your unbelievable stories, Corey ! I have no words.

More, please. :)

What a sad yet beautiful story. I want to hear more...

Change the channel just when the movie has sucked me in? Don't you dare! LOL! Please tell us more!

Oh Corey, I have goosebumps and in desperate need to turn the page and read more.....

Waiting for more......!

We had a club in Denver called the I-Beam too. Not sure if it was a gay club or not, now I'll need to research.

Please continue your love story. I have tears rolling down my face.

Oh I'm hooked! Please do continue!


I have been following your posts for quite some time now-- and remember this sad-sweet beautiful story -- reading it still melts my exterior walls down to a puddle on the ground. My key board is flooded, my heart is bursting -so glad you have Yann-

The Dowser's Daughter

Oh my gosh, we need to read more!

You could talk about the weather and still hold a captive audience such is your writing style... but of course we would much rather hear about love then the weather... please continue... V x

Corey, I cannot believe you posted this. Just yesterday I was relating the story of how you met Yann to my husband and I couldn't remember part of the story. I realized I would have to go back through your blog to find it. Such a romantic story deserve retelling and I wanted to get it correct. Thank you for reading my mind. (I'm still a little stunned to see your post ~ just when I wanted the story. WOW!)
Anne ~ gsolfot


just read about your boyfriend s story and it is so tragic, i have a beautiful only son called john who will be 24 in january and suffers from asthma so it caught my attention straight away, though i think his asthma may not be as bad cos he does not have to take inhalers as much as he used to but what a tragedy but still so good that he had someone like you to be there for him in his last minutes you deserve your current happiness and life,

Well now, let's see. Brocante - love story. Brocante, love story... (weighing these against each other). TICA, TICA get your tongue out of your cheek and tell the rest of that story! (I've always wondered, too - what was FH doing in a gay bar in California?)

Corey...MORE...What a love story!
I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours!

Please keep going!
I'm amazed that no one has offered you a book contract a la "Wife in the North" etc...
They should. (And if anyone reading the comments happens to know a book publisher then...)

More please!!!

Yes, I too look forward to tomorrow's post; I so enjoy your writing, photography and honest sharing of your life experiences.

I love your love story! And, I am so glad I got to hear it in person in Chico. I don't think I can ever get tired of it.

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