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17 November 2009


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What a first date. Definately something for the memory box. The mere sight and touch of sand must send you spinning back to such a fabulous and funny first date.
Karon x

oh Corey, thank you for sharing! That story really picked me up and made me laugh.

When I saw the picture, I straight away thought the words to it would be SPECIAL !!!

Maybe that's the key to long lasting love...really baring it all in the beginning. No secrets, lay it all out on the table (or beach :)

Gadzooks! There is that rule: "Don't kiss on the first date" and you two go and get naked (in public no less), LMAO. I'm dying here.

You have THE best stories ever!

Wow !!!

Your stories just get better and better!

Keep writing Corey. I'm hooked!

Wow, not sure if I can take the heat for the second date!!!! ha ha just kidding, I love your stories, keep writing, I am hooked too!!!
Maybe you could write a blog book!!!!
Margaret B

Is this a fairy tale? Keep writing.

Wow what a first date! My first official first date with my husband was to Planet Hollywood kind of boring now compared to your story.

At first I thought OK, I can deal with this kind of feet off the ground in love stuff...
So much more managable then Dirt Trail Riding no?
Then I see first date is at a nude beach.
I find myself madly going through Musee D'Orsay's paintings looking desperately for Nude on a beach painting..
I can not find it!
All I can say is you are ONE VERY BRAVE WOMAN, whether in the dirt or on the beach!

Gasp!!!! Corey!!!! Wow!!!!! On the first date??? How on earth did you strip down? We have to talk about this!!!

Corey and Yann
are at it again.
Such love is divine
'specially when supine.xxxx

Wooooohooo! You are a braver girl than I!
What a great story, and when you are falling in love you don't need to be on a beach to be swept away with the tidal pull of emotions that flood and wash over you, but in this case...I guess it helped! Keep writing, we love it!

I've heard of finessing a girl's pants off, but this takes the cake. It is more wonderful for you to share what was running through your mind as you walked down the embankment! Thanks for my first laugh of the day. And the other side of the coin - for reminding me of that spellbinding time of first love.

WOW!!.......I thought you looked familiar...LOL

Oh my!!!

I had to wait till I was alone in the office so no one would hear my laughing and oh my!!! You are always keeping us on our toes, we just never know what the two of you are up to or have done. What a great date... that makes me remember a rain storm in the park with my husband when we had just started dating. I couldn't wear shorts for a couple of weeks. Hehee

Oh Dear...
I opened your blog and left it on the desktop as usual for Mom to read.

Can't wait to hear her comments!



I just watched an interview with Cookie and Steve Roberts about their interfaith marriage and could not help but think of you and Yann and the huge obstacles you had both to overcome, even though yours were cultural not religious


Gypsy is totally impressed...

Dear Corey,
You never cease to amaze me. Thanks for sharing (baring) it all. Wonderful story of love. Also, I noticed another person asking you if you had thought about writing a book...geezz....I wonder if we are up to a million yet.

Oh what a fun and adventuresome couple you are !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ed in Willows comment wins!

"Oh no, I am comparing Jesus to a nudist beach!"

This item made me laugh ALOUD!!!!! OMG.

Tooo funny! I wonder if Yann knew it was nude beach when he took you there? But, maybe it doesn't matter when you are in love. I think not.

No clue on the picture, though I am sure I have seen it there.

Ooh la la..........such a steamy read with my breakfast! I can't to read what happens next!

My husband took me out for coffee the first time we went out.At a nude coffee shop ;o) just kidding.....
Write more Corey---your stories start my day.


Hi Carolyn
When I read you were nude in a Coffee Shop- I thought gee that is dangerously hot isn't it!

A first date like no other!

What a hot date! It made me remember my husband and I's first date, not as steamy.
I loved falling "in-love" with my husband and we always talk about it. I think it helps keep the love alive...May your love for one another keep blossoming!!!

"Beauty is only skin deep"-movie theme and of the date.
My sick son was watching "Shrek" while I read about your date. Testing you by actions while your verbal communication was yet to be confirmed. Revealing another layer of your beauty was achieved.

Wow, Corey! You ought to write a movie screenplay. Keep the stories coming, it is so much fun and so generous that you are sharing!

When I first read your post today I wanted to laugh espresso through my nose , cry, hug you, giggle, remember, cry. Isn't that the most wonderful time in life and when it can carry over and remain, ready when beckoned. I can only imagine that thought on the beach.


Hi Elaine,

Promise me the next time you are in France you will come give me that hug!

x Corey

Oh my, no wonder you don't remember what was for lunch.

Naive me, totally unexpectant of what was to come, when I FIRST saw nude beach I thought does she mean it was the middle of winter and no one else was there LOL :)

Jesus remark: "priceless".

Such fun! I think you just ordered up smiles all around for your readers today.


Hi Carol,

We were on Baker Beach in May I believe.... it wasn't exactly warm. But SF never really is.


Corey! Oh my gosh! You were then and are now so free and refreshing.

I couldn't have done it. You are so brave, Corey!

Well, you never cease to amaze me. Not so much for the life you've lived but for telling EVERYONE you know so many intimate details! I was right with you until #6 How does one go about undressing at a nude beach. This question has never occured to me. I guess I am a prude, but I'm okay with that)

It's really diffcult to imagine you a Nun!

Yann..you little devil you! heehe...

WOW is all I have to say oh and...........how wonderful that your still happily married,not all stories can end that way! ?????Maybe we should all marry french men!

Your Mom says nothing surprises her anymore!
She also added that she and your dad ended up on a nude beach in France and they.....
Hot Tailed it out of there!
I can only imagine what was going through her mind as they scurried away in the sand.


Hi Mom and Holly,

Hey Mom I wondered what you would think when you read this....
Do you remember in Germany in the public park when you, Dad, Linda and I stumbled into the nudist section?


Good for you for going for it. I couldn't, no way! Only if it was entirely guaranteed empty and secluded! NO, even then, no way!

That thought you had with hunky Yann on you, yeah, that would be perfectly natural--have you seen him?!

So happy for you both!

Corey, this was a great post. You painted the scene perfectly and could envision it all!


Hi Teresa,

How's the antiquing going in your neck of the woods?
(I met Teresa in Marburger.)


Corey... Steamy....!!! Thank you for bringing us the naked truth, lol!!! I spent many days topless in the beaches of Portugal when I was in my early twenties, so I know it takes guts!!! Can't wait to hear more!

Another reader commented about another reader saying you should write a book ... well, the other day when I was reading a post of yours Corey, I had the strongest (and strangest, since I don't know you) feeling, that you "are" writing a book. Like AHA, light bulb on, Corey is writing a book, a memoir. So let me know if I have ESP or I'm delusional, okay?! ;)

Looking forward to reading the next chapter of your courtship!

Corey the first thing I thought was ARE YOU KIDDING ME! And from yesterday's post, you've got balls! Not really, but you know what I mean. :) Blessings, Kimberly

I kept thinking what did you tell your dad if anything about this date? I laughed myself sick over the speedo post. I could just picture you telling him about this? Then again some things are better not shared with parents.

Once again I am hearing my great-aunt, now departed, saying the words she said to me after a first date brought along a bottle of wine to share with me: "My, he's got a lot of nerve!"
Whoa, what would she say if he'd taken me to a nude beach? LOL

Le French hunk didn't breathe a word of where y'all were going? Or did he not know?

This really would be a best seller Corey...you sure have the stories :)!

I think that I would have looked
frantically for at least one big
fig leaf...maybe two, one for him and
one for myself.
Do your son and daughter read your blog?
If so, what are their comments?

And here I thought I was being so brave by going on a blind date with my friend's brother. And it was only for tea! The naked part took a little longer.

You're a gutsier girl than I'll ever be, Corey.

Oh my gosh Corey! You really should write a book! I bet every one of your readers would buy it immediately! Whether fiction or non, you've got the gift girl! Write us a book (:

Hi Corey,
I too was taken to a nude beach. It was our second date. Clever fella....my soon to be husband. The beach was just South of San Franciso, near the town of Half Moon Bay. I asked him what he was going to do with his suit. His reply? "Take it off!" "What about you?"-he asked. " I never take my swimsuit off on the second date." I replied. Let's just say he had quite the sunburn on his back that day.
San Francisco

Dear Corey,

you are showing me how to be more honest, free, joyful and loving.

Thank you.


That list going through your head, as you walked down the embankment, had me in stitches.

Wow! Yann likes to live dangerously, taking ones clothes off in public when one is attracted to ones date.

Just wanted to tell Laura that I loved her cool retort that, "she doesn't take her bathing suit off on the second date." LOL So clever. I would have just stood there with my foot in my mouth.


you are like an onion... so many layers to read. thank you for sharing you wild woman, you!

I can't figure it out Corey. Your religious upbringing must have had a European, Portugese flavour to it for you to be so....free & open, so normal I guess. My Irish Catholic education saw sin in everything, so a first date like that, well I would have run off, never to be seen again...
If you had stayed in the monastery, do you think you would have been the "problem" nun like Maria in Sound of Music?
And, I guess that Yann knew it was a nudist beach. For a guy who was new to the country, didn't speak the language, he certainly knew off-beat places to go!!
What a story! thank you. Linda C.

Reading your love story with your French husband made me fall in love again. Thanks for reminding me how beautiful and wonderful the feeling of being in love.

Thanks for sharing a very romantic story. It made me reminisce the time my husband and I met. Hmm! It wasn’t so romantic but for me it is.

Could this be a painting depicting Paris,Prince of Troy,awarding the golden apple to Aphrodite?

Darn. I wish my one visit to a nude beach had been that romantic. Alas, not.

I enjoy you and your life soooo much....don't stop.

My favorite book right now, because I am rereading it, is "The Fall of a Sparrow" by Robert Hellenga.

One of my "other" favorite blogs is: http://studioviolet.blogspot.com/

Thanks, Corey!

Oh my gosh, Corey. First off - you are brave! Way to go Corey! I would have been so chicken!! And look at you both now, you lovebirds you. :)

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