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19 January 2010


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I love Annie stories! I hope we hear more of them...if I ever visit I hope to meet her, I am sure she is full of wonderful stories and a font of information (i.e. was she living in France during WW2?)

Kudos to Annie,
she's a treasure,
and people like that sales person hopefully live long enough to regret their insensitive attitude toward anyone who has lived a few years longer than their unkind selves!

Did you mean to link to this Cindy Lauper song:


I hope that I will have a spark in my eyes when I reach a certain age like Annie still does, and as an extra wish, I hope that I have a wonderful friend like you around me.
Someone who will stick up for me! that would be awesome!

Thanks Corey

God bless Annie and you
I am so happy to hear of your adventures..........
Smile it increases your face value.
Love you

I also have a friend like Annie. She is my role model. I only hope I have her spark and love of life when I am 90!!

Some people have hard deep wrinckles on their minds !!! Sorry, no cream for those - and no research of any kind could help, I'm afraid !!!

Annie, you are really precious to us !

Corey, I love to hear your stories about Annie. It reminds my of a very dear older friend (sadly passed away aged 89). Her name was Anne, listening to stories of you and Annie remind me of the fun times I had with Anne. I too hope that I will be as lively as Annie and Ann when I am a similar age.

I love you Annie.

I don't think the sales clerks mean to be hurtful with their comments - usually they're young enough to not think about getting older. My great-auntie, one of my favorite role models, lived to be 86. She went to the cosmetic counter and was waited on by a very surly clerk. Since she'd worked in retail for many years, when the clerk handed her back her change, my auntie asked, "What's the matter, dear, don't you like your job?" The clerk was shocked and then apologized. She hadn't realized that she hadn't been the professional she was. Her other important lesson was to someone who was unkind...Then she'd say, "Did you mean that to be as viscious as it sounded?" She was a dear sweet lady with stories that we loved to hear.

remember how jules and julia started? a blog....

i see an annie and corey one in the making.

you two are quite the pair... friendship is both ageless and timeless.
thank you for sharing as always.

I love Annie! I have a friend who is 93 and she's a pistol. She has more .. what's the French phrase? Joie de vivre? Anyway, she's got it in spades.

It's not something that you can fake, you have a zest for life or not. We are drawn to people with that special spark. Annie is a great example and you are so lucky to have her as a friend.

What about a peek at your new car and a tour of all it's amenities. I'm a car nut.

Glad to hear you two had a girls day out!!! Annie is so wonderful and such an inspiration!!! I think the sales person will inherit a few extra wrinkles for her attitude!!!!

I love Annie and I love it when you write about her!

"You look good for your age" is so insulting. Kinda like saying "for a fat chick, you don't sweat very much..." kwim? Okay, maybe I'm overly sensitive on that one.

Love the scarf.

J'adore Annie! and you, too!

I do notice how older women are addressed. I often shop and do things with my mom. She's not old, 69. But for the past 10 years or so sales people usually address me even if it's my mom purchasing something and asking the question. Why is this?

Glad you had a great day!

Touché Corey, touché!

Insensitive sales people annoy me.

You and Annie in a convertible - priceless!

All of your stories put images in our heads and I think I can speak for everyone and say, they make us SMILE.

Hi, Corey,
I love to click your links. When I did, this statement popped up..."This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment, who has decided to block it in your country." The good ole' USA must not like this version. Another reader diplomatically suggested another link. I love it!

how i love to hear of you and Annie's adventures
yes age discrimination is alive & well
but really the best revenge is living well

xoxoxoxox to you both and all your readers
i love popping in here and having a little girl time!

What a wonderful example she sets. I can just see the two of you rockin' the convertible on the way home :)

Annie is so cool. I really enjoy "Annie" days. The thing I really love about that generation is that in the face of that kind of mindless rude patronising behaviour, they don't get angry or rude, and instead just calmly and matter of factly just deliver the perfect put-down !! Comes with age & wisdom I guess. Love it. If God spares me into old age Im going to get a stick and poke people with it if I need attention ! Love Jx

Love it Love it Love it.

I left you something on my blog :)

For some reason I can envision this entire scenario. I am so happy you & Annie had fun. Forget the saleslady. I believe karma has a way of taking care of that type of thing. The more important thing is the beloved relationship that you and Annie share and the way that you make eachother feel. That's very rare in this world. I know that the two of you cherish it. Girls just wanna have fun. Top down, heater going. What a great day! Take care!

Love it..and I agree I think that comment about hope I look thaat good when i am your age is lame!

Brilliant- thanks- I still haven't come to grips w my wrinkles. I better- they-re going to be here for a long time.

Annie is a treasure. And I agree with you about the lame comment.

Another one I hate is "you don't look like you're 53." Well, what does 53 look like? I'm 53, therefore, this is what 53 looks like!

Great come back, Corey. Except, it's likely the salesperson won't ever realize the depth of your point.

Still, it is odd to see these canyons forming on my face, aging such a personal experience of adjustment, n'cest pas?

I'm embracing it as a gift of precious time on earth.

My mother lived to the charming age of 89 and like Annie she had dry skin but oh, such a lovely complexion! Annie reminds me of my mother...."You go girl!" I would love to hear more stories from Annie; she's experienced so much in her 90 years!

Had it not maybe got Annie arrested she should have shocked the lady good! Thanks for answering the questions about the cake. I am going to make it right away.

Annie is beautiful! And even at 90 we will need face cream. I notice as I get older my skin gets drier. It is frustrating when young adults talk down to the elderly. I hope that girl learned something from the visit.

Annie: You go girl! Your post reminds me of our discussion at book club last night about how we treat older people. About how some people are "invisible" to others after reading "The Elegance of the Hedgehog" (translated from French). Thank you for that Annie story. I would love to be her friend! --Delores

I went shopping in South Beach, Miami. Walked into a Brazilian store and picked out an item to try on. The sales clerk quickly walked over grabbed the item. "No, this will not fit you!" I grabbed it back. "Yes, it will. It says size 12." "NO! You are much too big for our Brazilian 12." I grabbed the item, marched into the changing room. Couldn't get it past my ankles. The Latina lovely was waiting with her arms folded across her chest and her foot tapping. "I'll take it."-I said

We need more Annies in the world and less insensitive people. And what a wonderful friend you are. What a great story.

Annie sounds (and looks) beautifully delightful!! I do hope I'll be "hopping" around when I'm 90!
Aren't girl times just SO much fun????

Ah, once again the old addage (sp) applies, we can not judge a book by its cover. Here I am a comparably young 37 yet I hate to say because of some skin issues and extra weight I am afraid I look older than I am. And so I never get the "look great at your age". I have though been mistaken for being my sister's mom (she's 32). I don't like either situation, so what I wish more than looking as fabulous as Annie should I reach 90 would be her grace, honesty, and humor to handle those and many other situations better. God Bless you girls!

Did you consider reporting the salesclerk's rudeness to store management? Or was the store too small for that to be viable? Could you forward today's blog, with its attendant comments, to store management?

I love this story and many of the comments. I have to say again how blessed you and Annie are to have one another's friendship!

I refuse to go near those snippy shallow girls at the cosmetic's counters. It's clear they have no patience, or desire to serve those who don't already fit a certain image. Also, if they work on commission you have to question their intelligence...

Rock on, Annie!

Please tell Annie that she looks great and that the Hermès scarf is a perfect foil for her lovely skin.

Annie is amazing and inspirational. I love her scarf. xxx

@ Laurie:
Your story (comment of 07:04 PM for you readers, in case you are in the mood) had me cracking up! *giggles* Merci!!!!

@ Annie:
Your foulard is oh so beautiful! :-)

Everyone should have a friend like Annie!

Love you guys, both,
I only hope and pray to be this strong, loving,giving and wise.
You are such an inspiration and I am honored to meet you Annie and Corey.
(At least on line)

Aw, you both certainly have a good friendship. I enjoy reading your Annie posts, Corey. I noticed that she has the same nose as my mother.

i love all your posts but anything with Annie in it, alway sounds so much fun! thanks for sharing this Corey!

Where do we sign up for the Annie fan club? Thanks for the recipe. I will try the cake recipe this weekend.


Not only is she so cute, she is quite a snappy dresser!! How much we can all learn from your Annie. Thank you, Corey, for sharing her. xoxo Lidy

Hey, we work hard for those wrinkles! We're proud, right? ...but if the mirror would fib to me now and then, I'd be ok with that too. (:

Thank you and Juliette for the wonderful cake recipe ...I can't wait to make the yogurt cake.
I'm so happy I found you ..I love your blog.
Hugz ...Betty

Love your comeback, Annie, like you is gorgeous ;) Ahhh ... so the superior attitude of cosmetic sales personnel is universal? You have to wonder why they are so when we supply their bread and butter?

Her beauty surpasses anything put in a bottle.

You brighten Annie's life in so many ways, good friend, just as much as she brigthens yours!

Thanks for a sweet story today.

"How far you go in life depends on you being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and the strong. Because someday in life you will have been all of these."

What I know...our bodies and faces may
age, but our spirit, our soul, never
ages. The lessons that we learn as
we walk through this life accumulate
in our spirits, like chapters in a book.
If we have a right attitude, these lessons
give us wisdom, something that many younger
people haven't learned yet. Now that I am
in my late 60s, I find that some younger
people treat me with disrespect. In my
mind, I then like to picture them at my age.
The years do pass by quickly. When I was
young, I was taught to treat older people
with respect. I have had many wonderful
friends who were much older than me. I have
learned much from them. Their love and
friendship remain with me, even after they
have departed this life. Being a kind person brings many blessings.

Ahhhhh... This was a magnificent story. Cheers to your dear Annie, and blowing raspberries to the flip sales girl. Sounds like you two had a delightful time, all things considered. - Kathy

I don't like that phrase either, and I don't like the way older people say, "When I was your age," because it's equally as patronizing, no matter how well it is meant. So much better, in the latter case, to simply say, "When I was in my 30s" or "When I was 16," etc.

In either direction, it divides and separates people, rather than creating the bond that I think most people who say those things are trying to create.

Your Annie-friend sounds like a treasure! "No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch. To be successful, we absolutely, positively have to find people who have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals." (Brian Tracy)

Annie is always a joy to read about. Obviously the clerk was under the impression that only younger women want/need to look good. No matter the age, I think that all women want to pamper themselves sometimes. Way to go Annie!

Go Annie! My mother is 95 and when we are out, so many people speak to me and not to her. Her hearing, even with two high tech hearing aids is terrible, but she still deserves to be treated as the wise and intelligent woman that she is. We will have to create a cultural shift if we wish to be treated differently when we reach a "certain" age!

Wow...the nerve of some people! Annie is just lovely and I am so happy that you stuck up for your dear friend.

: )

Julie M.

I hope to be as gracious as Annie...someday!

How blessed you are to have this lovely, wise woman as a friend!

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