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20 February 2010


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Sounds and looks like a lovely, if not perfect day. Your photographs are beautiful and enticing. Please tell Ladelle that we are keeping her in our thoughts and prayers...
You are a good friend to many Corey.

Marie-Noëlle Roland

My family and I were there last summer !
Absolutely beautiful !!!
Must be so great without the tourist crowd !!!
Thank you for bringing my memories back ...

The Little Red Shop

Stunning pictures, Corey...really! I am so sorry for your friend's loss. You asked earlier if we have lost...I think you know that I have....you are such a blessing right now for your friend! I don't know what I would have done without mine.

God bless you,
Julie M.

le petit cabinet de curiosites

I'm happy you didn't have picnic outside of the car. The Mistral is so strong on the top of the hill.
Cassis is my little nest. I feel so good when I go there .I try to go there every week end but sometimes I can not ... Cassis for me is synonym of fun, childhood, go fishing, sea , blue sky ...and so much more


These photos are simply wonderful. Some are wild and rugged and others a softer beauty. Gorgeous. It's making me long to travel again.


Are they crepe myrtles along the water front? How beautiful that would be in summer.


I am so enjoying your blog.. love your photographs, thanks for sharing.

And.. if you come across another little old jewelry box like the one you sold recently, I'de be interested. I still think about it :-)

maria fazio

You're a good friend, Corey.....

btw, i love how your orange still has the stem and leaves.

your life seems magical...


ahhh beautiful...

Leslie garcia

Dear Corey,
Your photos really capture the day...and your wonderful, loving ,friendship. Prayers for your friend Ladelle, prayers for you and your family. Sharing time and moments together is the best medicine for a broken heart...and it takes a long time to heal. Patience is the best virtue.
Thanks for sharing, my heart is better just reading your blog.

Rhonda P

You could create your own magazine, it would sell like hotcakes! Gorgeous photos and they have that "wish you were here" feeling about them.


I think that it takes a great deal of strength and understanding to be able to sit beside someone who is grieving and let them be - just let them be as you are there for them. This post, as well as yesterdays, which I just now got to read, are such wonderful expressions of both grief and hope and your pictures capture not only the scenery, but the emotions at hand.

Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic

Corey, I envy you and Ladelle...to be able to take in all God's beauty in one spot! What a darling little French village and port. To live in one of the apartments above the shops and gaze out at the sea....oh, la la!! Hopefully Ladelle was able to cast some of her sorrow out to sea. Thank you again for sharing lovely France with all of us.

Jeanette Mc.

Charming. It's nice to have such joy for the eyes when one has so much sorrow in their soul.


Just felt like I had a petite vacation in my pj's this morning.
Thoughts and prayers to Ladelle


I love all you share
I love you


Looks and sounds like a wonderful day :) Gorgeous pictures.

Paula S In New Mexico


Ellen Cassilly

Lovely A kir royale in Cassis with Corey. hugs, E


Beautiful stunning photos! Makes me want to pack immediately!

mickey (michel) johnson

...what a gorgeous place...i am now in love with the small seaside town of cassis. to be a silent friend to one who is grieving is not an easy thing. yet, if we can realize that they grieve much because they loved much then it is how it needs to be. only close friends can sit silently together and through the silence feel connected. xo, mickey


I love being by the water--so relaxing and soothing. I'm sure it was a balm to Ladelle.


Your blog is a delightful view, into a place far away from where I live. A place I one day hope to visit. A life, much like mine, living with the love of a husband, and children, and the people around you. Thank you for letting me visit!!! Always a pleasure. May your friend find peace and comfort in the people around her now.

cynthia Wolff @Beatenheart

A enchanting post...as usual you place your readers right there with you..i can almost smell the sea..taste the kir royal even though I never had one..your sharing is a blessing and inspiration to me..My heart lurches for your friend.

nan tofanelli

I'm so glad that Ladelle is there with you. Please give her my love and tell her we are praying for her and her family. Nan

Kathie B.

Sometimes the best thing you can offer a friend is the gift of your time. I'm sure Ladelle will always treasure your generosity when it mattered. Laugh, cry, soak up the natural beauty, be serene.


Your pictures are gorgeous and your friendship to Ladelle is beautiful. I was married to my best friend for 32 years and then five years ago cancer took him from me. Over time the severe pain is numbed but never forgotten. No one can do or say anything to make the situation better, but it helps greatly to know that you have a friend that is there for you. Someone that will listen to you, pray for you, recall memories of your loved one, and be silent with you. Corey, it appears to me that you are being that friend to Ladelle.

Denise Solsrud

what a dear you are to help your friend to create comfort. soothing.Bestest,Denise


lovely post.. the sea is so soothing isn't it......mmmm...kir royal yum....


Seeing the little girl playing with her dog near the sea, near Cassis, and I'm hit with that overwhelming feeling of how vast our world is....each one of us with our own little story.
I hope Ladelle gets that global feeling, too.
It can be comforting.


A beautiful village and the sea is amazing. I love the sea in all it's personalities and beauty.


you're a good friend corey.....how nice for ladelle to be able to be with you...reading rachel ashwell's blog she also mentions ladelle.....can only imagine her heartbreak..give her a hug plz,.......

Julie W.

Corey, Merci mille fois for taking us along with you and Ladelle on your outing to Cassis. My heart goes out to Ladelle. Grief is like a maze you navigate~some days making progress, some days coming up against an impass. After days, weeks, and months you realize you have learned something from it each day. To have a friend who is willing to take your hand and walk beside you is a tender blessing.
Whoever said "A picture is worth a thousand words" must have seen some of yours. You have such an eye. Every shot is a gem, but the final wave rolling in is BREATHTAKING!
J'adore your blog!

Charlotte Le Den

That's why you weren't in! We walked by your house to say hi but nobody was home. Next time!


We should all be lucky enough to have a friend like you. God bless you, Corey.


How wonderful for you friend Ladelle to be able to spend time with you on this very sad time. Lucky to have a wonderful friend like you, and it is times like this when you know who your friends are, and that you can sit in silence if you wish.

Such a wonderful place..great photos, I would love to go there :-)


What an inspiration ...love the words and the photography...the details are a blessing.


Bless you Corey for sharing your journey with Ladelle....it truly is a testiment to friendships. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful photography.


What a beautiful post! Your pictures just transported me to that beautiful place. I have had many picnics in the car because of wind too. Having a good sense of adventure is the best way to enjoy life! Keep enjoying...Sherry


What a lovely journey! The ebb and flow of images and experiences...a perfect day.


Looks like a beautiful place to visit, even if you did have a picnic in the car!


Route de Crete....how many memories....I hope your friend will bring with her lots of good moments memories too, when she will be back home.

Jamie Billington

Breathtaking pictures! My heart swoons for France!

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