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17 February 2010


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Linda C.

I'm smiling....


This boy is a keeper!!


How sweet is that?

Rhonda P

Amour - Isn't love, especially innocent young love, grand?

le petit cabinet de curiosites

I cant tell is more than a Prince Charming , he is a king charming. Does he have an older brother ??


Wow- SIGHING....

Jeanette Mc.

Holey Moley indeed!


What a charming story...


Holy Cow!!! He's a keeper.


So Prince Charming does exist!!! If you find another one please ship him to the US for my daughter!!!


Romance exists in your house - for sure! He is a prince, BUT...is he HER Prince Charming? I thought in another recent post you alluded to a "prince in waiting" as well. Does Mr. Espresso have competition?

Betty M

If he has an older brother, let me know for my daughter. LOL!


Aww, that is the sweetest thing I've heard in a long time.

I'm sure it was the most delicious breakfast EVER!


Oh, Chelsea as one lucky girl. Sounds dreamy!

 Brother Mathew

What was in the sack?


Do. Not. Let. That. Guy. Go!!!


My-o-my...............lucky girl.


I once read that Rod Stewart brought tea to his ladies in bed....sex appeal really can be brought down to this one beautiful act!


What a sweet young man. Does he have a brother? I'm sending Ashley over to France right now! Hmmmmm, Corey--maybe you should start shopping early for a mother-of-the-bride dress!

Jenny N

I think it is a very remarkable gesture indeed that he is openly attentive to her in front of your eyes. Unashamedly caring for her ...how dear.


We love the boys who feed our girls! <3

cynthia Wolff

Of course your daughter would attract such a lovely boy into her world..she has such a fine family with their open,warm hearts..


wow, how delightful


How sweet. Definitely a keeper.


What a romantic gesture, Chelsea must have been tickled pink. The two of them must be very much in love.


What a romantic gesture, Chelsea must have been tickled pink. What says love more than breakfast in bed.


What did he make her for breakfast?

Bliss Farm Antiques

Miss Robyn

of course Prince Charming exists! you & I are both married to one, my daughter is married to one and my youngest daughter Sophie (same age as Chelsea) has a boyfriend (the plumber) who is a Prince Charming too..

Hope Chelsea enjoyed her breakfast.. did you get to share?


I simply love vintage graphic images.


A thoughtful young man, just what a mother wants for her daughter.

The Brocantess

I am impressed! Sounds like Miss Chelsea has found a keeper......good thing you like him :)


Ah, some mother did a wonderful job raising Mr. Expresso! He's a keeper ;-)

yvonne rosenfield

What a dream come true, don't lose his phone number


Nothing sexier than a man in the kitchen!!!



So Sweet!


Sigh.....definitely sounds like love.

mickey (michel) johnson

...how could you say no to that indeed...not me...and he cleaned up too...now that is a prince charming! xo, mickey


Corey it has been so long since I have dropped by... and what a beautiful story to come back to! So, so sweet. Nel


Wow! My experience and marriage have been so different that I'm deeply encouraged by this post, and that perhaps a couple of wonderful young men for my daughters might, in fact, exist. Must they really go to France, however? Haha. Love to you!


I live with prince charming! He does exist! Sounds like Chelsea has found a winner! : )


it seems to me that it comes more from a father than a mother. when a young boy sees how his father treats his mother he'll do the same.
beautiful romance.


.....and who said Valentines Day was not celebrated in France?


I think I just fell in love! Do guys out like him still exist out there? I guess they do or at least they do in France.

Shelley Noble

utt oh! Chelsea is being wooed very strongly, n'cest pas?! It's seems she has ordered her Express-so extra strong and sweet!!

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