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21 February 2010


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Beautiful, I'm glad Ladelle is your friend and blessed with eyes that see the silver lining in everything.. Love to you both xx


Love to you and Ladelle
Love you


So beautifully said.
Sending love and healing thoughts to Ladelle.


This was so nicely put. We do spent much of our bright times feeling guilty. In your lovely post you will have gifted us with something to hold onto in grief, in suffering. Such a tender thing to have. Thank you.


Your words once again have touched my soul!!
What a lovely friendship!!

Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

Please, dear Corey, write an inspirational book. I am addicted to your blog.... Donna

Rhonda P

Your words are so true. We are all waiting for your book. My strength comes from moving forward - keep moving forward and wake up each day thankful for what God has given us.

Ellen Cassilly

Lovely thoughts. I'm holding Ladelle in my hands. E


Ladelle is blessed to have a friend in you. Thank you for sharing such personal experiences and thoughts. Your words sink in deeply.


Thanks for reminding us there are silver linings.


I'm thinking you are Ladelle's silver lining.

cynthia Wolff @Beatenheart

Let Joy prosper and grow and let it be contagious to all those around you...There is enough grief and sadness in the world...lets spread the joy.. adios to guilt..


24K gold post


Corey, this was so beautifully written. thank you

Julie Ann Evins

Ladelle has the right spirit. I am yet to speak with my friend Shirley who has her cancer back. She is a beautiful soul Corey - please send your prayers. Just checked out your day in Cassis yesterday, a Kir Royal at Cassis - bliss. I miss you still ! God bless, Jx


Corey, the French papers arrived yesterday - they are heaven in a brown envelope. I can't wait to use them in a painting. thanks for yesterday's post about Cassis and the one today. Your thoughts are so timely for so many people. An Episcopal priest named Barbara Crafton, who has meant so much to me, said in her email letter for the beginning of Lent, "Be what you can be. Grow into the full stature of Christ. Use what I have given you, and take joy in using it. I will give you the energy for it if you will step up to the plate and begin. See? Feel the stream of living water that flows straight from my heart to yours? Let that stream rush with power into the world, and you will know why I put you here, in this place, at this time." Undoubtedly God gave you the mission of this blog, because it touches so many lives. Thank you.

home before dark

In this world that is "all about me" so gentle to hear qualms about being the one who may have received a silver lining. You saw the lining. Too many people would have cried "So what no migraines, I still have cancer." And the difference is grace. Your spirit is needed on this earth.


I love your image of "a box of assorted chaos"--which is so often what life does bring us. I know Ladelle is thankful to have a wonderful supportive friend like you!!! My love goes out to you both


yvonne rosenfield

Post was fantastic. Just got my test's back and I am Cancer free for another year.

We all have to do the best with what GOD hands us. Big Hug,,


Keep the faith Ladelle, life is beautiful. Grab onto it with both hands.

Denise Solsrud

you are a wise woman. what a friend you must be! Bestest,Denise


If you truly are as you write, then you Corey are one of the kindest hearts I know. xoxo

Gina Baynham

You have such a great ability to be positive even in hard times. It is no wonder you beat your cancer. I think you will live a very long life!


Corey, I needed this post today. Praying for your friend Ladelle.

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