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25 April 2010


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It was meant to be. For many of us you seem to lead the idyllic life. Nice to see a few blank spots along the way! Happy week to you Corey.

corey ... some days are like that and life as we know it will still go on even if you haven't blogged ... it can actually be liberating ... freeing ... enjoyable ... if you let it ... happy days ... best regards!!!

You have a beautiful life, it happens - we will still be here even if you don't blog one day. I can't imagine missing a Corey blog but it could happen and we would all be here waiting.

Signed one of your adoring fans.

Thank goodness...I was beginning to think you were perfect!! Just kidding....when you weren't around this morning...I figured you were out finding marvelous things....it's raining here so no flea today! :(
Have a great evening!

Love and hugs
Thanks for always thinking of us
I hope your Sunday is fabulous
Love to Annie too
Love to you all

Some Sundays are meant for living...blogging can always wait.

Corey Dear..I received my PRIZE in the mail and wanted to thank you for wrapping it so well! Amazing that it made it all the way from France in one piece. :) I will think of you whenever I see it.


Uh, to me today is Sunday... so you didn't actually completely forget... right?
Anyway, you're allowed a minor slip. I have often marveled at the fact that you "DO" blog everyday when sometimes I forget to stop for a minute to read it!
Thanks Corey.

Dear Corey,

You will never be in the dog house of my blogging world. You are so generous.

You ARE human...I had begun to doubt. I turn my head and all the marbles roll out the other ear.
Thanks for thinking of us Corey.

Good for you! You were so wrapped up in your beautiful life that you totally forgot about the outside world. We would've missed you, but as you can see, we still love to hear from you and totally forgive you!

(I'd like to share the story of the time when I almost forgot to wear a bra when I was heading out to play my harp at a wedding, but that would make this blog comment section no longer PG-13!)

You mentioned that there were guests in the other room. Do you have guests ALL the time??? Are they visitors you met through the blog ? I am curiour......


that salad sounds very intriguing. Thank you for throwing your groupies a bone. You amaze me how much you do and blog about that I have to be amazed again to think "Wow, she does all that AND blogs." I barely eek out a post every other week. Seems though that you were doing what was most important dear friend.

I can't believe you write every day in the first place! Wow for that! No worries, Corey. Hope you are having a fun time with your guests.

And still you have never missed a single day, an awesome track record Corey. I cannot be the only one that worries a little if you are late. Annie's salad sounded lovely. Simple is often the best. I wonder how the sleeping arrangements ended up, will look in with interest in the morning, with love, Jx

I hope your Sunday was pure pleasure.

Quelle shock!! You missed a day???? Gruesome! We are ruined, Corey. We are ruined! Of course, truth be told, if I had a chance to enjoy Annie's lovely salad, I would have been distract too. Hugs, the other Annie

I am sure she will forgive you. Lunch sounded wonderful. Happy Sunday!

It's funny that you should blog about forgetting to blog. I was just thinking about you, today, and wondered if you ever get tired of being committed to blog everyday.

Do you ever feel like you need a blog break?



Hi Elaine

No. If I did I would stop. It is a part of my day, most of all it keeps me sane.


living your day, documenting it is less important

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