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27 April 2010


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Hi Corey, your post has reminded me of how much I miss hugs. I've been without a special someone to hug for 10 years! Yesterday someone told me that if I learned how to bloom where I am right now then perhaps like a flower, God will transplant me to the place where I desire to be; someplace where there would be an endless supply of hugs. Have a lovely day!

Oh, God. You've GOT to me kidding me with the aching beauty of your phrases!?

"I caught the lifeline back to the real shore of my being."

Corey, how you live inside! So beautifully. sigh. How lovely you have your Yann.

oooooooooooooooh!!!! so beautifully explained!

ok, next time I will ask for a hug as well :)

Thank you always Corey


French husband is Wonderful!! That is all we need sometimes, when thoughts are unclear, just a hug. The hug, says it all. Warmth, understanding, lovely and safe.

Have a sunny day Corey!

You are so lucky to have this love. Cherish it!...and I think you really do.

So beautiful
I love you
I love your stories.

A partner who can be sensitive enough to pick up on when you need a hug is a real treasure. I also have a hubby who seems to have a "woman's intuition" when it comes to feelings, I think that's why he's so loved in the nursing home where he works. He has extraordinary patience with people, something I wish I could have more of. Hugs are wonderful, the world needs more of them...and laughter.

As your eyes met up, Yann got the other end of your line. The hug is just confirmation.

Your prose reads like poetry today and Yann is so special, indeed, for holding you in hugs when you seem to need them, and him, the most.

I need a tissue - and I need to see if I can capture a hug of my own.

You are talking about me.

A long embracing hug can soothe many ailments.

Hugs are often the best remedy!

Just like Shelley, I loved the line "caught the lifeline back to the real shore of my being". You are always poetic. The roses are beautiful. I need to tell Pam that I am working on finishing up a necklace today that says "bloom"!! I will be thinking of her all day, even though we've never met. Fun world this blog planet.

that's what i would call being connected. BLess the two of you. Bestest,Denise

You have a very special man in your life that can smooth the edges and take the thorns away. Cherish him,as I know you do.

And THAT is the way it should be. You're an inspiration, Corey, and so is French Husband.

An amiga of mine in Angra do Heroísmo, Terceira, in Portugal's Azores Islands, Rosa Silva -- get it? Rosa (LOL!) -- recently composed a sonnet about herself being a rose, thorns and all.

In consultation with my Portuguese professor at Pitt, Dr. Bobby J. Chamberlain (coincidentally a native Californian like both of us, Corey!) I then translated the sonnet into English -- although I had to sacrifice the traditional rhyme-scheme to preseve meaning, alas.

I doubt Rosa would mind if shared my English translation of her work with you here:

"Rosa / Roses"

Roses are the most beautiful flowers
They set our love life aflame
And I want to believe you also think
They’re so fragile despite their color.

Only their thorns make them odd
And prompt shivers of sharp pain;
Everyone views them as their favorite
For a special occasion.

Queen of the flowers, bed of life,
Fresh and lovely, bouquets filled with tenderness
Happy on arrival, sad at departure.

But even so, a rose is never amiss
As long as it lasts it brings happiness
To any islander’s smile.

Absolutely beautiful! Truly, I love how he takes your thorns so you can bloom......perfect.

Have you ever felt a little out of sorts and can't explain why?
When my kids were little ones, I would open my arms wide
and they would run into them, and we would squeeze tight. I would say, " I'm recharging my batteries". Hugs are magic, sharing the positive energy. Pass it on, give a hug.

Corey, you capture the emotions so perfectly in your words. You are truly blessed in life and love!

My English version is the same. My knight, my guru. He has such a calm spirit and even temper...I'm all over the place. He knows just what to say to bring me back. We are lucky women Corey..and wow yours goes to clown school!

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