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10 May 2010


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My favourite postcard has to be " French Husband" he-he :)

How about a pic of YOU in paris? It should be you shopping someplace, or eating, or drinking;)
bliss farm antiques

I have a ridiculous fear of flying so it is doubtful I will ever set foot in this country in which my Grandfather grew up. With you I am seeing it anyway! I don't have a special request just lots more beautiful postcards. Thank you. Keep enjoying.

These have been fantastic pictures Corey! Thanks for sharing them!! Cy

I thoroughly enjoyed every single photograph in today's post (and thank you for the picture of the French Bulldog!). Looking forward to seeing more of Paris!

Oh, I have so very much enjoyed this! Keep it coming. How about the Paris Opera House - Garnier. And the restaurant that sits close by. My daughter and I toured the opera house and it was amazing, beautiful, and awe inspiring. Have a great day! - Kathy in Chicago (which is a beautiful city but it isn't Paris)

I am so enjoying this!

Lov e the photos corey, not sure if you're ignoring my request for graffiti (and I dont mean tagging - I mean street art!) on moral grounds or if you haven't found any. So here are so,e alternative requests just in case you cant fulfill the first.

A busker, (street musician) perhaps playing the accordion? in front of a interesting piece of textured and strained wall, or by the metro perhaps?

or a

chalk artist/pavement artist's work that is faded and nearly worn out

or just

a stained, textured, wall with layers of old ripped posters and paint.

thats what I really want! The gritty, real side of paris. Have fun on your treasure hunt!

I am enjoying all of these pictures. What about school children, funny looking cars, or adorable old folks?

Thank you for the daily glimpse of French life. Love the photos of you and your cousins and your husband.
It looks like you all are having a wonderful time in Paris.

These are so great. Thanks for doing this, what a super idea, I hope it's fun for you too. It sounds like it is, a scavenger hunt of photo ops. I saw another post you did of artists in Paris after I made my request, but I love the one you did on this post - thank you. Now for the place with the money hanging from the ceiling- only if you get back to the Place du Tertre, it is called "Le Sabot Rouge". When we were there we met a man who we were told was a famous female impersonator:) Don't remember the name though.
Yes I agree about the French Husband - great photo!

Corey, I have loved all your photos of Paris. Makes me so homesick to go back, which, hopefully, will be in Sept if not before. I love how you are "seeing" the city through the eyes of your camera and the requests of your readers. Makes for an exciting time.

Love the pictures! Especially the Rue de Nancy!

I'll get there one of these days.

Thank you so much for the postcard of the pretty Parisian girl - fabulous! And what an exquisitely elegant bride and adorable flower girl. I'm loving this tour of Paris - you are wonderful to share the experience like this. Merci bien!

This is just so darn fun. It's interesting to see what other people enjoy looking at. I have held many photo scavenger hunt parties and everyone always has a blast - I think cousin Gene would win every time! I love the couple you showed, a better expression of love would be hard to find indeed.

Wow! I have been so busy outside that I told myself that I need to take 15 minute blogging time, and look what I have missed! Those are great shots!!

Thanks for my postcard! :) Now I'm imagining that thats my cup and I'm sitting whereever that is. :D

I'm really enjoying this series and I'm glad you got your cousins into it too. Sounds like such fun. :)

Gee..no cats in Paris to be photographed..sigh..I guess I will just look at my calendar of vintage photos of Paris entre Chats..

Love the PINK painted Eiffel Tower! Could you purchase some small canvas ones for me??? Tres chic for a lady who LOVES PINK!

I cannot believe how many of our requests you've found, Corey. That Gene is a wonder.

Thank you for the armful of flowers; they are beautiful. (And I could sweep that little flower girl right off her feet and take her home!)

What a blast, Cory! This has been so much fun to stroll through the streets of Paris with you and to see such wonderful glimpses of life!

Now, are there any cats in Paris?! Would love to see one in a window with a flower box of pretty flowers!!

Corey, why didn't you do the can can by the poster and make those silly sticks in the mud photograph YOU??? ha!

Love the bulldog photo!!! Yes, a photo of a spoiled french cat would be nice!

thanks for the trip through the streets of Paris today--such a special treat~

You've made my day, Corey! Thank you thank you thank you for taking all of these photos for us! I'm heartsick for Paris, and yet I've never even been! Your photos help me feel as though I've visited. And your photo of the darling little French flower girl - SO PRECIOUS! Thank you again! xo

Just goes to show what's out there if you're looking....and you are the queen of looking!!!


Thank you so much for finding my postcard!! And thank cousin Gene for me - he's my hero! Enjoying the trip through Paris, and your perspective on it.

COREY! Thank you for that postcard from Notre Dame you posted over the weekend! I'm so glad you got to bathe in the incense in that beautiful place during Mass.

I'll be in Paris for 5 days in September, and guess where my first stop will be? Our Lady! Then I'll complete the pilgrimage by going to the Cluny Museum to commune with the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries.

Then I'll be heading to Auvillar for a writing workshop. I wish it was closer to Marseilles...I would buy you lunch and we could go to a little brocante.

I have tears in my eyes. Thanks so much for all of these beautiful postcards!

Corey, is there still time for you to find a Paris synagogue to photograph? Thanks!

Hi Corey. I've left a note for you at my site http://lillyshome.blogspot.com I've posted photos of an angel sculpture that's at Pere La Chaise cemetery, in case you go there. It was beautiful but in disrepair 20 yrs ago when I was there. I've been wondering how it's fared over the years. Please don't go way out of your way to find it though. It's hard to locate any particular thing at Pere La Chaise!

So lovely to run into you, Corey. I think you need to come back to Paris just to hit all the brocantes. But we might be fighting over the finds. :) (I'd let you have them, as I'm downsizing, in prep for a move). Hope to see you in your neck of the woods later this year. xo

Tour guide par excellence, Corey, merci beaucoup!

I would like to see the flavors menu at Berthillon on L'Ile St. Louis to see if my favorite is still there.

Thanks and your photos are incredible.


I've been absent from your blog for a little while,so today was a wonderful surprise with the results of your postcard search that I didn't even know about. Lovely! Wonderful all (I'd love to see more little girls in pink, and I don't even particularly like pink!) and my personal favorite was the curious sculpted "couple" sitting on the bench. Also the wonderful hats on the women of a certain age. (Now I have to backtrack and see what the deleted words were in that note!)

I love whimsy. Photograph something delightfully whimsical for me.
As if you haven't been doing that all along...

And old men, perhaps at a WWI or WWII monument.

Your Paris Postcards fill me with longing to hop onto a plane and visit this beautiful city again. I'd wander the streets, stopping when I wanted at a café for tea and sustenance just long enough to gather my energy for wandering some more.
So much magic, so much beauty.

Dear Corey,

Thank you for this magical mystery tour of Paris' it is a source of delight each morning as I live vicariously.

I would like you to hand the camera to a stranger so we can see a photo of all of you together...perhaps while breaking bread and drinking wine.

What fun you must be having......


Since you've been window shopping in Paris, have you seen specifically a cheese shop or cheese stand worthy of your photography? Frommage!

Someone throwing coins into a fountian to make a wish of love! (or just making a wish!) It sounds like Gene and Kathy are having a wonderfull vacation!

Jeanette M.

Hi again Corey. Earlier I left a postcard request with a link to my site but please Never Mind! I google searched 'Pere LaChaise sculptures' and found a photo of the angel sculpture I was asking you to find and she has been nearly destroyed by vandals or weather and looks very dismal.... .........
But I'd still be curious to know if they have pony rides in some of the parks?

Rue Cler a picture of a shop on Rue Cler!

a really cool metro sign!

This is wonderful. I LOVE the one of the French Husband :) I love all of them. I truly love Paris in the Springtime. I love being able to live vicariously through you and everyone's postcards. Perhaps you really should print these and sell them, Corey...?

dearst c-- thank you so!!! much more than is pictured-from my paris postcard-- you and your cousins are right. i think the dog makes the picture complete. i wish my cats would behave like that. one more request-- how about the number 17 or a picture of a mother and child or perhaps a parisian chat thanks for the views ---which also stir emotions in me i have long buried!! as always with thanks and gratitude

Corey, yes, you met the challenge of finding some fashionable "women of a certain age"...I'm intrigued, though, why three women seem to be "lintpicking" (as my Mom would say) one man? (Lintpicking is arranging a tie or scarf, picking off bits of lint, etc. generally tidying a man up....)

I have so very much enjoyed your postcards! I would also love to see pictures of the
Champs Elysees and Arc de Triomphe.
Thank you so much. This has been a
wonderful blog series.

Gros, Humides Bisous, Coco, for the shot of Inge! I love her work. Let me know if you ever head back and I'll PayPal you $$ to buy me un petit cadeau! Now, to find where the ladies wear no pants!

Dear Corey, Thank you again! It seems that you are all having a wonderful time. I am so enjoying this fabulous trip! One photo we need is of you and FH and your cousin and her husband. Ask a waiter to take your picture.
I can't believe you only went brocanting one day! Will you be there tomorrow? Vanves is my favorite (tomorrow Saturday, early should be great).
I think you should print and sell us these pictures. Other blog sites do so. Unless you're saving them for THE BOOK. In any case, keep having a good time and keep sending pictures!

Hi Corey,
I'm a reader from New Zealand. I've been reading your blog for awhile, but haven't commented, but I can't resist this! My whole entire family have a dream to visit France one day - we've even been taking French lessons (not with much success, I might add). I would love to see a beautiful French shop window with beautiful things inside to tempt my purse. And I'd love to see someone walking over a bridge over the Seine.
I'm really enjoying these postcards!

Gene seems to be a name of charming Americans in Paris! Could your 2 men hijack that Ladurée truck? Can't wait to open my inbox for more Paris postcards!

Corey I am adoring these postcards! I would love to see a lady wearing a gorgeous big black hat - please. It would make my day. Hugs Helen

Corey, you four are doing an amazing job of finding fabulous french post-card photos. I can hardly wait to see the posts each day. The vintage little girl with her doggy in the pram is adorable. And, you are right, the exterior of the boulangerie IS sweet enough to eat.

Thank you so much for the beautiful blue-eyed french perfume ad. I'm gaga over french perfumes--especially the older classiques, YSL "Paris" and Gres "Cabotine" are two of my favs. My daughter calls me a "scent junkie." Well, there are worse things a girl could be hooked on.

Thanks for taking us with you. Enjoy the rest of the trip!.

Julie W.

Corey, you are the most fascinating photographer in the world. And you grant the best wishes. I love seeing the fleeting moments in Paris through your eyes!

Macaroons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would love to see the window display at Gien on Rue Jacob(6th arr.) They are usually fabulous!

Meant to tell you how much I loved the artist's hands in the photo above.

c-- dee has a request--a small man smoking a stogie if possible or just a man smoking a cigar. see i told you she is still thinking of the little man. sorry for the late request. she also wanted a picture of a pink cupcake...but did not want to over request-- either or please -- a heartfelt thank you once again g

how about a picture from that traffic circle where no one stops for pedestrians...the one where innocent Americans think they can just cross the street, somewhere near the Eiffel Tower, I dimly remember that 16 years ago; and one of the 13th pillar in the Alma Tunnel where Princess Diana crashed...still so sad.

I love the post cards.How about a window with a planter with flowers.I loved the little girl at the wedding. I think I'm the farthest place from Paris I live in North Dakota USA. I have a bathroom with all things from Paris. Was there a few years ago. I will be I will be back Laura Q

Dear Coco,

I would like to see A woman shopping with her daughter or at the market. Great post! I love the pictures. They are all so pretty!

Corey - love the postcard photos! can you tell me where in Montmartre did you find the artist who paints the pink Eiffel Tower postcards? I think I need to buy these next time I am in Paris - i'll just have to hope the artist is still there by the time I manage to go!

I love how I see your name on all the photos. It is so cute. Just noticed this recently.

Paris women "d'un certain âge" are dressed for a wedding, or a "soirée chic", ! Never disguised like this for a daywear :o)
I love the photo of the old man, the wheelchair and the dog in a bag ! You have an "eye", a true "reporter eye" !!

I've loved all of the postcards and thought and thought about what I'd like to see. I don't know if they exist anymore, but I'd love to see some little school children in their sweet uniforms.

I left a comment in yesterday's post , hope you read it , if not my wish is a handsome American in Paris !!!Pease?!!!

All these Pics are fantastic Corey !! I love your postcard from Paris! Maybe you could take a picture for me also, if you have the time for it? Of one of the most delicious cake you've stuffed yourself full with? Maybe a large piece of tart tartin :))

Have the best day,

What a wonderfully generous idea of giving postcards to all and satisfying the tastes of many who love Paris. I would love to see you living a Parisian life (with passion of course) but hey, I think you already do! Kindest regards, Therese

my favorite set of postcards yet. the broken chair in front of the blue door is so random and cool.

Thank you for "my" gargoyle. All of these photos are fabulous, Corey, but that photo of the couple with her green skirt and his pink scooter is just the best!

Loving your photos of Paris - was fortunate enough to be there 5 years ago and one of my favorite memories were the musicians playing either on the street or subway - one accordion player played Ava Maria for me when I tossed a few euros in his cup - another La Vie en Rose (sp?) How about a photo of a street musician?

Corey...So glad I stopped by to "what's up with Corey". I love the postcard tribute. Laughed out loud at the citroen. When we lived in Germany, my husband called them faux cars. Will look for the hidden steps at the Sacre Coeur next time we are in Paris. Just hope my knees are still working.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE & LOVE again ... such pretty pictures! your eye is so great.
Thanks a lot Auntie.
I would have done the Cancan in front of the poster... for sure ^^


Is it too late? Since it is dinner time her in the States and I am hungry - how about a great, delicious meal (a déjeuner ou dîner peut-être? One that we could taste from the photograph?? Merci!

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