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11 May 2010


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HI Corey
Well I forgot to ask.. but you provided anyway.. those trees.. the beautiful Parisian Trees!!! One of my favourite things in Paris.. Thank you!!


I think you need to turn your post cards into real postcards (and note cards) and sell them online! I would hang them on my walls, especially the flower pics. They are just amazing.
So glad you are having such a wonderful time.


Oh Corey I could hug you! The red hat is wonderful - yes I love it thank you, made my evening! And I see my secret wish - so handsome - swoon.....:^)


This is sounding like the start of a book, to me! I'd buy it in a heartbeat. How about the clothes hanging outside of the Parisian apartments. This made me laugh, when I first saw it.

Kathy in Chicago


Thank you for the beautiful photo of the ponies. I'm glad you're having a wonderful time in Paris and sharing it with us! I especially like your photos here of the handsome men. I bet that a book of candid shots of handsome French men would be very popular.


Aah thank you for Chanel. It's been so long. I had the most gorgeous Chanel suit when I was 16. Mom had purchased it for me and today I couldn't get my toe in it! (I guarantee it was on sale at such a good bargain, probably second hand, or else I would never have had it!) She actually dismantled it to see how to construct a la Chanel! So every trip for me is to go back and visit Chanel.


These are truly fantastic!!! Please, you must compile them, exactly as you've created them....the idea that you've photogrphed them all in a couple of days is amazing. Your book title - 'Paris Postcards, May 10, 2010'?

Jeanette Mc. from Everton Terrace

yes yes, a book of "paris in postcards" please. It would be great, with the captions of what your fans asked for. Even though the bridge photo is for another Jeanette (hello other Jeanette)- I love the sentiment and the photo.


Such visual delight! The only sense still sleeping in me is the sense of smell. No, wait - you have awakened that also this morning on our postcard travels through Paris. Merci!


Putting locks on the foot bridge! How enchanting! More handsome French men, if you please... heeheehee!


Dogs dressed in raingear. Yorkies and poodles must be clad in yellow slickers in this weather. Or any pooch with matching outfit with owner would make a chic Paris postcard.


Corey, You must be pysic, I secretly wished for a picture of a handsome middle age single man, and Voila one appears, did you know that I also secretly wished that you would get his address for me?

g coughlin

dearest c and family...each morning a delight... thank you all for sharing your time with us and most especially...for the requests asked in silence-- how do you know these things? corey what would your request be for a paris post card? please do share

Ana Maria

Dear Corey,
I can hear the music, see the dancers, feel the leather of the shoes, taste the desserts! You are more than a photographer -
you are a magician!
This IS your book! "A Day in the Life of Paris", or "Paris Postcards".
Thank you Corey and family for this marvelous trip to my favorite city in the world!


Thanks for the tour and beautiful photos. I would like to see what the Repetto store has in it's window. In September when we were in Paris they had beautiful tutus with glass bubbles and then changed it to look like candy. As a dancer (and lover of wonderful comfortable shoes) we spent a lot of time at this store. Thanks - caren


Dear Corey and Family, Thank you for the most amazing tour of Paris. You all have transported me! The speed and energy with which you cover the city is mind boggling. Breathtaking photos! I would love to see a photo of what is it about Paris that has stolen your hearts?

Debra P.

Since another year is going to pass and I will have to wait longer to see your city, I feel like through your pictures I have made my journey. thanks! your shots are incredible not to mention your comments (come on book!) . . .since we all feel the same, maybe you are our little fairy godmother, oh lucky TIC readers. . .making our dreams come true through your posts! merci beaucoup!
PS I think I am your long lost cousin!! I can't imagine visiting Paris in such a fun way!!!


Still travelling with you!


I am totally loving my visit to Paris through you and your camera! Just what I'd be taking photos of if I could come..... thank you for aharing the delights of Paris!


Corey thanks for the memory of Lapin Agile, the nimble Rabbit. Sorry your picture was difficult to capture. I asked my client to forward a picture of my painting (of the Rabbit) and I will forward it on, however she leaves today for Paris. so it may be awhile. If you still have gas in your tank how about doggies in the window at Quai de la Megisserie. ( preferably Scotties!)
Waveney Whitney in Calif


Tres jolie photos!


I love the locks on the bridge. My favorite memory of any city in Europe would be of the bakery. My Father stopped at a bakery in every city of every Country we visited. Looking at all of the bread stacked and oh the smell. We used to make it our first stop in the morning and have just hot bread broken into pieces for breakfast. When we lived in England my Mother would bring back French Bread once a year on her trip to Paris. Oh how we looked forward to her return. Such simple pleasures.

Nancy from Mass

Just as when you took a trip on Willow; I am enjoying your postings of Pictures from Paris. How wonderful are those pictures!

Can you find a child playing hopscotch or kicking a ball?



Oh, I am having such a good time seeing your Paris postcards, Corey. Thank you so much for sharing so many wonderful photos.

I'd never heard about the locks sealing your love. And thank you for hearing our silent requests for more handsome French men... :)

What's up with the trials of finding a bathroom--are they scarce in Paris???


Dear Corey, thank you for the flower photographs. Only one more request if you have time and opportunity. I would like to see pictures of antique French soft porcelain. Yes, a book definitely. Would be so much more interesting than the typical travel publications.

Paula S In New Mexico



No request - you're doing a wonderful job already. Thank you for the fantastic tour!!!


I am flying to Paris today! Can't wait! If I spot a group with lists and cameras I will stop and say hello! Your photos are so beautiful. They are giving me even more 'can't miss' places to put on my own list!


It was so funny, I was reading a new magazine last night, the article reminded me of you. I finally looked at who wrote it and it was you! Congratulations on your publication in Somerset Life.
P.S. everything I would like to re-create from that magazine would look so much better with a little peice of french vintage attached to it.
Enjoy Paris!

Violet Cadburry

Wonderful pics! How fun to travel with you! I love a man in uniform with a beret....see any of those????

 Brother Mathew

I wish I were there. Love the hat on the American tourist.

Jenny N

You took an awesome photo of Gene. It is one of those that if you showed anyone the photo and asked them to take a wild guess "where" it was taken so much of it screams "Paris!"...the cafe cup, the cobblestone, the street artists, and the shop awning. Thank y'all again for sharing your Paris days with us daydreaming readers. and that bridge with the locks...I had never heard of that before and now have another stop on my next visit to Paris.


Wow...thanks for starting my day with those beautiful photos. Almost felt like I was there for a second. Your writing is wonderful as well. Paris looks like a fabulous place.

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

The best photos for me, were the couples dancing. What a wonderful culture!!



Thank you Corey, for the beautiful, handsome french man for Suzanne to kiss. Probably won't find him, but there will be someone a long the way.
Your pictures just make me so excited to get there!! Thank you for them a million times!!


Last minute request for the superheroes to take a photo of anyone wearing a cape. Paris policemen in old films looked so charming dressed in capes.

Kathie B.

Thanks for the photo, Corey! I realize what a huge sacrifice it was for you to force yourselves to eat dessert at Chez Paul, just so you could fulfill my wish for a photo :-)))


I've taken MUCH pleasure looking through your postcards! I always enjoy your photo safaris! I remember the one I walked with you!
I keep reading the requests (all so eclectic) and watching all your photos every day (all so surprising)!

I never ever imagined I could have a request myself... Still, I have a wish.

My Paris postcard would be a picture of you and Yann on Vélibs!
Mind you, no Parisian lady on a pink bicycle, no bunch of Vélibs on the pavement, not even by a bistro, no, no, no...


Hi Corey, did you get the name and other important details from "the other handsome frenchman" in your photo today? Is the reason he is looking at his ring finger because he is hoping to meet the love of his life? an American woman perhaps who is hoping to meet the frenchman of her dream? He could be the one! Can I make his photo my set background? (Just kidding, maybe.)

Now that you know what we 50-something single women really want to see in your Paris postcard....more, please!

Thank you for thinking of all of us while you are out and about in Paris. I have loved every photo and your little stories that go with them.

Ida from South Africa

Was a bit out of blogging-land and ♥♥♥ your postcards!!!
What about
- a fashion item I must have this (SA) winter
- the beauty of parks/public gardens in the city
- you in front of your (future) Book Publisher's offices - just so that we know you're going to get there!! ☺


Corey, this is so wonderful. I feel like I am there with you all. Sounds like you're having a great time.
I do have another request. If you happen upon a shop that caters in stitching supplies, I would love to see what is inside.
Stay warm and dry today.

Linda Ferrara

I'm enjoying your postcards - thanks so much! Now I have a challenge for you. How about a photo of Mexican food? A taco, a burrito perhaps? I am planning my trip to paris this fall. And since I'm from New Mexico, I'd love to see some Mexican food in Paris!


I am so enjoying your tour of Paris. A postcard for sure, each and every picture.

Bethany Marco

Do you and your husband work? You seem to have the ideal life.


I need help! Do you know a good recipe for brandied cherries? The early cherries are just starting to arrive. Maybe you or your cousins or readers may know a super recipe!

Laura Quaglia

I love the trip Thank you for the window.maybe try find a girl in a park I have been painting windows from Europe.You must have fun with the camera. I'm trying to learn to use mine.I'm doing the alphabet on B's come visit Laura

Chris Wittmann

Enjoying all the wonderful photos, it matters not what they are of, it's just fabulous to see Paris. My sister in law went a few years ago and I was so envious! I particularly love the old window scenes with their lacey curtains and geraniums.

Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic

If you can steal a moment away from "the men", I would love to see pics of Franck et Fils. It is said that the shop is a "Sex & the City-style" destination for exclusively female shoppers. Oh, la la!!

Amanda Hines

Thank you, Corey! This brightened my day!


Corey...had to go back and look some more! So sorry I missed asking for a postcard but if I had it would have been....


It is the most beautiful.


How wonderful to be traveling vicariously with you on your visit to Paris. It is the everyday pictures that give me the feeling of the "essence of life in Paris." I hope to some day return.

Sue Johnpeter

Glorious, Corey. Thank you!

A fleur de lis -- architectural or otherwise?

Gwen from Honolulu

Thank you for the amazing tour! I would love to see a cheese platter with a beautiful knife. (I know the real challenge will be that you'll want to take pics of all the worn utensils... hahaha...)


Thanks for the great photo's of Paris and the photo of the poodle, so cute. There is one more photo that would be lovely and that is a photo of all of you together at a cafe or restaurant.xxx


Whenever I see pictures of French women, moms in particular, I think "Really? Moms dress like that there?!" as I look down at my jeans and t shirt. Good gravy, I need some help...hee hee...

Gucci Shoes

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Wonderful photos Corey! Any chance of a photo of someone selling crepes outdoors please?.

joanne nixon

love the photos and the stories...so many to love.....don't know how i could just choose one.....this is an enchanting voyage with you...thank you....


Thanks for the flowers! Aren't you sweet!

The dancing in the street pic is my favorite of today's - people should take to dancing in the street a little more often.



what wonderful photos. you really capture a feeling in each photo.
i would like to see the front door of your house, and also a front door in an unusual color. i would also like too see how people's vehicles are parked along the street, the whole block.


Thanks for my American tourist. He looks quite like an artist. If you have more, please send them !!!
Keep enjoying yourself !


I have so enjoyed looking at your postcards from Paris. Mostly the sweet treats and handsome men. Your blog is a treasure.



You have an Awesome blog. It has been fun to see some of the things I didn't get to see when we whisked through Paris in our last five days in France (and I was the only one without jet lag).

If there is anything I would like to have in a post card, it would be a "Paul's" or canélé cart in the gare or some old men playing pétanque in the parc (that brings back memories). Even a photo of one of the giant brioches they sell at the counter at Monoprix (for my dad).

I can't wait for the next installment.



Thank you corey and cousin's you did a wonderful job with the accordion player, and thank you for looking for some graffiti/street art for me. I should send you a photo of some of the cool stuff I saw recently in bristol, the street culture is very alive and authentic there, in a completely different way of course!


I'm enjoying these post cards so much. It's astonishing that tagging looks the same no matter the country or language.

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