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28 August 2010


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This person with the Brocante bug always clutches her reading glasses to hand so she can see all those fabulous little details and pieces. She has long given up on having them in her bag and having to fish around for them every couple of seconds, no she clutches them in hand ready for action all the time.

love this post, Corey. so true. in my purse I have a measuring tape in both inches and cm and a magnifying glass, ALWAYS.

A handy item for those with the brocante bug is a storage space so that large pieces never make it home until we have an explanation (justification) ready.
I am an "I brake for yard sales" kind of girl. Years ago, while driving through the Ozarks, I had my husband stop at a roadside revival meeting, thinking it was a yard sale. (No bargains to be found there.)

Coming back at midnight from a 5 day trip - four countries, 1,600 miles driven by yours truly - and think about how sad it is that I can't get up early the next morning and go brocanting with Corey!

That is a serious infection, isn't it? ;-)

Glasses on my head to pull down at a moments notice.
I have to touch almost everything!!

Really? You need to ask? How about the coat I wear?....with all the pockets so that my hands are free to pick with :)

Oh, I've definitely got it, and gladly dealing with the symptoms.

I better call the doctor!

Just wanted you to know I am featuring your shop on my blog today. I absolutely love your blog!

The glint of old silver, the more tarnished the better to have and to hold and polish on a cold winter's day, or the lovingly warn cover of a beautifully illustrated book. Out comes my clutch and into my cloth bag it goes to the groan of the bookshelf or squeak of an already full drawer. There are two special friends that can call me anytime, anywhere, and ask if I want to go with to . . . off I go, smile on my face, determination in my steps, leaving the housework the chores and all sanity behind.

Bug? what bug?

While others furnish their homes with pictures of wood finishes, you have a healthy admiration and respect for history and beauty. Nothing buggy 'bout it!

Don't forget the large trash/bin bags in the trunk for those items that might have bugs of their own to share! I have two lovely Persian carpets from the curbs in two different cities...

Worse than that, I find myself while watching a movie with a story line during a European period pointing out and noticing antiques in the background! Because I have a passion for vintage wicker, I'm always spotting it in movies of the Art Deco period. Watching a movie about Marie Antoinette I was in pure heaven with all the French antiques!

When you have inordinate amount of handiwipes on your person or in your car, 2 alarms are always next to the bed and the most current map boook or a GPS.

I have the bug! Just yesterday, while my husband was driving, I saw a broken table on the side of a busy road and my head swiveled so fast I practically broke my neck trying to see it better. Before I had a chance to say a word, and without even looking to see what I had seen, Will said NO. He doesn't have the bug.

Ah I have it and I LOVE THAT MIRROR!

When I'm on the hunt, I am on a mission and I don't mean to be rude but don't talk to me. I'm thinking, I'm hunting, I'm too busy to chat. That's why I usually go alone, my friends want to hold things up and want my opinion, their lips are moving but I don't hear one word. Isn't that mean?

Hair in a ponytail, glasses on head, sunscreen, bottled water, granola bars in handy cart with wheels. I ALWAYS bring extra large trash bags. I try to go without a large purse so I can have both hands free to explore & sometimes grab things. It helps to bring a friend to help as a "spotter" for the hard to find items. A handsome man with muscles to carry the heavy stuff is always wonderful too!!

Tea and you

It is a quiet sunday morning here

I'm sitting at the table
reading the week through
the eyes of this company...

What a lovely way
to spend a quiet moment...

I consider the weeks read.

I work too much
here in New Zealand.
I purchase quality...
Usually what others have discarded...

Brocante - treasure - I feel you all
know what I mean - kindred souls.

I just purchased an old carving knife and fork - I love it.

My clothes are a mix of Trelise Cooper and Opportunity shop finds...

we live, love and linger (sometimes) on 25 acres of rough land. I was shopping in Whangarei yesterday and looked down, I thought I was beautifully dressed
maroon paitent leather shoes

Kaiwaka clay.

lia fashion meets clay.

It is who and where we are.

In my still moments I long
to live
in a land
that you

I have most of this here.
I have the ability to slow and decide where we eat dinner..I reflect on the thought that this will deepen
our families sense of being.

I reside to do so.

So thank you one and all
I have read you

But I linger on the thought
that I would love to
for myself... with my honey.

..and not for six months as I previously thought but longer...to

The worst thing about the Brocante Bug is there is NO cure.

The bug may not be contagious but I believe it is hereditary. I seem to have passed it on to my teenage sons who cannot pass up a garage or yard sale much to my husband's regret.He's passed on to them sports, I've passed on saving money and the planet. Ha!

Well, there is a sticker seen on bumpers all over the states which I know you will NEVER see in France (fuddy duds)! I BRAKE FOR GARAGE SALES!(or estate sales or auctions etc)

I may have had a bad week and just want to sleep in. However, if Mom or a friend call and say "There is a garage sale nearby-I can pick you up in 30 minutes". I do like a tornado and am showered, dressed and ready in time. I also like swapping items with friends when we put on yard sales. Today I got an antique embroidered pillow sham-she got four Hull coffee mugs.

Hi Corey...Ooooh you made me laugh out loud tonight! When Mr. Cupid and I were dating, we would have to drive through alleys to get to his garage and I would always be looking for treasures peeking out of the dumpsters and one day a great old vintage dresser was sitting in the alley. I made him stop and load it in the car and the whole time he was shaking his head saying he was going to call my mother and tell her that my life had come to this...diving for furniture in dumpsters! And guess what...he now has the Brocante bug too. Sometimes you can teach an old dog a new trick : ) xo ~ Joy

speaking of the bug, what's the story with that mirror?
bliss farm antiques

Oh my, that's my problem. I've had the symptoms all along, just didn't realize what it was. Well, it's a bug a will gladly carry.
On my way out the door right after I post this. I've got it bad. :)

Well, I was up at 6:01am this morning getting dressed in the dark and chilly Normandy air. And off we went to three different 'foire a tout' (literally the fair of everything). Apparently this is the Brocante equivalent in Normandy. It is hard to to this on a regular basis in Paris as the brocantes are either too expensive or a lot of junk. Today in Normandy I found some great little things at really reasonable prices. If I could, I would be at it EVERY weekend. I've got the bug, now I need the time! Erica

I don't have the "Bug" I have the full blown disease! I started early doing flea markets with my Mom hunting for treasures and the enjoyment we found has never left.Our ability to fit unusual items in a small car was legendary! Always carry a list of frame sizes too for the pictures you couldn't resist that now need frames and of course only old ones will do! Happy hunting!

I don't have the same bug, but that mirror is worth anything you must do to have it!

Hahaha! My head swings around when I see an old truck filled with junk, or a heap of things on the side of the road for bulk trash day! I love poking around dusty junk shops, old antique barn sales, grotty thrift shops. The worse the neighbourhood, the more treasures you can find.


Definitely know I have had this bug for years! I just can't wait to split the household between the states and France so I can dive into brocantes a bit more agressively!

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