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12 August 2010


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Congratulations, ladies! Thank you for the lovely tour, Corey. Have a beautiful day!

: )

Julie M.

Nothing like a Nord Pinus......! xx

Oh Corey! These glimpses are almost more than I can bare! I'm SO ready to return to France.

;^) dede

I'm going to pretend there was no bullfight, they break my heart. I am certain the round and charming shop is a tourist shop!

I like the sign Ronde and Charmante . Round and charming- sounds so much better than plus size:) I was there a year ago and your glorious photos are pulling me back!

I especially love the market on Saturday in Arles. (Its' HUGE!) If you can't find it there, it's not worth having.
So Corey, will you be at the 89th International Brocante and Antiques Fair starting today at Isle Sur la Sorgue? I saw an advertisement for it and thought of YOU!

Oh, the stroll through this lovely, quaint village was a delight today. I love the doorknockers and would enjoy starting a collection. Does anyone who reads Corey's blog know where I might find a few of these, other than stealing them off the French village doors at night...lol!

Love it! And "Round and Charming" was fabulous! What a fantastic sign. Leave it to the French to be polite.

Lovely photos Corey, how nice it must be to stroll those qaint streets. I hate bull fighting, I wish it could be banned, such a horrible way for a noble animal to die. And the fact people cheer and enjoy it so is even more horrifying.

I loved it loved ,loved it.. Feel like I took a quick trio..
Is this the town that Van Gogh lived in ??

What are the answers to yesterday's challenge? I don't have time today to go back thru yesterday's comments. Love the tour of Arles though.

I would love to see those large vases tucked away in secret gardens. Lovely Arles!

Corey, I dream of this (that) life. I actually think it will be so...MUST be so...because I dream of it so often and it's so realistic to me. I don't see any reason why Finn can't go to school in France. As it is we might try to enroll him in a bilingual school here - but since that is years away, perhaps we just find him a school in France!

Such a delightful way to amble down a street - a rue? Round and Charming - just my size. Your pictures, as always, dazzle.

Thank you for the walk through Arles. I miss France so very much.
I saw a bull fight when I was 18, in Mexico with family. It is one of those..."been there, done that" moments.
Seriously thinking of becoming a vegetarian. Watching so much about what is in our meat makes me cringe.
hugs for the day.

Another lovely place to meander around :-) Thank you for sharing, , gives me a joy to read.

Beautiful photos. I remember spending a very hot afternoon wandering through Arles. Thanks for reviving the memories.

I wish i could come back to France today! Now that I'm a part of this amazing blogworld I have built up a list of places to stay and see so now I can't wait to return. Many thanks Fiona

Oooohhh! I won! Thank you Corey. I was feeling a bit cheeky and almost didn't press submit. I'm glad I did now. Will email my details to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Your photo's are beautiful!

Thank you!!! I was so hungry for a big slice of France. Love how you capture the small, innocuous details. To me they are sweet little bon-bons. Delicious!

After seeing all this, I really want to go back to France -

What a lovely place you have made for yourself to relax. I love the place and the shed is so cute!

I had the greatest of time in Arles a few years back, your post and photos brought back such sweet memories....

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