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14 August 2010


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So beautiful! You and the light and the photographs.

Just beautiful photographs - I love the warmth and subtle nuances of light on stone, and your flowing white clothes are just perfect in this setting. This is visual poetry.

You always find the thing, beauty inside & out, Jx

Fabulous photos!!

you look so lovely, so serene, peaceful, comfortable, what a nice treat for all of us to see you.

So lovely. The third photo, where you are leaning a bit out of the window is the most interesting. She's captured you so well and we don't even see your face.

The most fascinating thing about a good photograph is that you can create a story by simply glancing at it. One person might create a romantic tale of why this woman is gazing out, another might see sadness and loss. I guess it's the viewer's perspective, huh?

You always amaze and delight..never fails...

Love the photograph of you and I love your outfit. Beautiful!


The lighting is awesome and the photographs speak volumes despite the fact we can't see your facial expressions. Corey I hope your soaps have arrived...let me know...I do hope they did not get lost in the French post!! :)

Gorgeous....where in Arles were these taken?
Your outfit is adorable!!! You look soooo chic!!!


You should frame that photo! Beautifully done.

These are beautiful pictures and the vision that I see, through your words, of the single dandelion seed floating toward its destination is beautiful as well. Isn't it amazing what we see when we are quiet. I sometimes have to force myself to turn everything off, put my own camera aside, and just be. Thank you for letting me just be for a few moments here today.

these photos are beautiful and you do look very chic. Love the haircut. ;)

I don't know which is the most lovely, that amazing looking building, the light, your outfit (!!), or your words. I want them all.

you are lovely. I knew that was you before you mentioned it. I don't see the 2 lbs!! haha
She is a good photographer

Love your outfit and shoes!!! Beautiful photography.

Your outfit is very magnolia pearl....and artist/textile designer in Texas...you should check out her website...magonoliapearl.com

I meant to say 'an' artist, not 'and' artist. sheesh.

First I did also notice your outfit, so very cute. Great photos. Eventhough we saw only your back, the expressions were there.

So beautiful, and also hidden beauty.
When the shutters are closed, just ugly shutters. When opened, colorful stained glass and light. Seek beauty behind a plain facade.

Lovely....just lovely...knew it was you...you seemed so peaceful and serene...she did a very good job of capturing that "feel"...

Her photographs remind me of a Vermeer painting. I love the play of light. You look beautiful too. Great hair!

Each photo is like a prayer

Beautiful as always!


What an absolutely wonderful blog you have, glad I found you!! And I've become your follower straight away, I just love France and the people that live there!

Very great shot. He is very good..

Corey, I absolutely love this post. The images are beautiful, the prayer in those moments are made visible. Amazing!

Corey, I just happened to have a very strange experience. I was googling pictures on the internet about windows. After looking at about ten pages, I saw a picture named " woman at a window". Suddenly, I decided I had seen enough of those windows and wanted to have a look at your blog. What did I find ?
The same caption " Woman at the window " How strange ... I like the window in your pictures.

just gorgeous, Corey!!!!!! great photography, and I adore your outfit, shoes and hair!!! wow!

sooooo beautiful . . .


Beautiful photos, beautiful light, beautiful words and most of all beautiful you. It is wonderous what we can see when we take a moment.

The photos are wonderful, but your outfit is adorable!!!

Exquisitely Stunning!

Amazing photos, the light shines through the beautiful stained glass and comes alive. I always stare at the light coming in and I love how it dances on the table or vase or a loaf of bread.

Your outfit is so breezy and flowing, I love it! Hey, it's not black!!!

The room is beautiful. The windows make perfect decorations.

The photos are beautiful and serene. Your clothing adds to the feeling of Peace in the photos.


my goodness!

has nothing
on you!


when you dressed for the day
the window

the sun



Corey, I would love if you would turn around and we could see the *complete* picture of that BEAUTIFUL outfit you are wearing !!!!


The pictures are gorgeous, the subject is pretty cute too, looks like a modern day angel in that outfit.


Great outfit. Will you all be coming to visit?

Your blog is truly unique! What fabulous images and words you share with us each day!

At first, I didn't realize this was a photograph - it looks like a Vermeer. Everything about it is sheer beauty: the photography, the light, the wall, the windows and of course, the model.

What I find fascinating is how multifaceted we women are. We appreciate the structure, marvel at the windows, understand the poetry of the image - but we also recognize, "cute outfit", "cute sandals", "great hair"! Isn't it wonderful to be a girl? (Regardless of our age!)
Thanks for a spectacular blog!

Ana Maria

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