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11 September 2010


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Ed in Willows

Since it isn't Saturday here yet, I'm not sure what's in my basket. I'll be going to the farmer's market in the morning to see what's fresh. Hoping to pick up some sweet corn and maybe some blue berries.


My you are up early! Enjoy the market!


Ratatouille bouquet of aubergine, tomato, garlic, couregette & herbes de Provence. Plus a 1 Euro crazy twirled bamboo branch to suprise my girl!

Delphine Payne

The end of winter vegetables were in mine. Butternut pumpkin, parsnips, desiree potatoes, green beans, spring onions, tangelo, berries, family meal tomorrow here in Australia.

Julie M ~ The Little Red Shop

I'm heading to a "French Flea" tomorrow afternoon! I've yet to attend this annual event across Lake Washington from Seattle...but it should be fun! There are actually markets on both sides of the bridge tomorrow. I hope I don't have too much success shopping. I've been finding far more than expected whilst thrifting lately...just today, I came home w/ a multi-lb. bag of mostly vintage costume jewelry. Oy! I hope you are having a fabulous weekend, Corey!

: )

Julie M.


I am a lucky girl, I can go to the local market on Friday mornings and/or on a Parisian market (huge!!!) on Sunday mornings, after church....
A lovely, tasty and tasteful collection of market finds - I smiled at the 'no cost' 'basilic' pot.... I get my 'bouquets' for around €1.- here!
Happy market to all of you, and happy flea market where this applies! I DO envy you; flea markets are one of the great life's pleasures. :)

Natalie Thiele

Today is our Fourth Annual Curtis Fest, an Art Show a friend and I started in 2007. It's in Curtis Park, a half block from my house, in Sacramento. This year I have two booths, mosaic birdbaths and ceramic roses in one, and garden urns that my husband and I make, in the other. It will be a L-O-N-G day, but lots of fun.
Tomorrow is the monthly Sacramento Antique Faire, held on the second Sunday of every month. YAY! It's always fun, too.

Ida from South Africa

The market looks lovely - enjoy!

Eileen @ Passions to Pastry

Oh... this is one of the reasons I love Provence. When my sister and I visit, we go to a market each day. Some of the things I cherish the most have been purchased at French markets.


Can I jump in your basket?


There are attempts at French Markets in the midwest. Nothing like the real thing. Your pictures are luscious and making me hungry this rainy Saturday morn.
There is the most pleasurable Farmers Market in Oak Park that we like to go to. It is filled with all things fresh and ripe and tasty, including flowers and meat and cheese, but, the real draw is the donuts, made right there. Yum. Maybe I'll brave the raindrops and drive on over.

Everton Terrace

No markets for me today but we've just finished breakfast, sliced heirloom tomatoes and eggs - delish. I think I'll pretend they were from your lovely market.
Lately I've really been thinking about something you said about Americans eating and the French dining. We've been focusing more on dining and it's been quite a treat. Thanks Corey.

Sharon, Morrison Mercantile

Precious memories of my time in France this last spring. You captured it perfect in your pictures.
What is in my basket today? changes.


I was in Ile sur la Sorgue once for Saturday market. I thought I had died and gone to heaven!
How exciting you are coming here! Would love to meet you sometime. I live in SF! Either way, enjoy your trip! You must really be missing your kids by now!

Ed in Willows

Made it down to the farmer's market and the only thing I brought home was a fresh loaf of Portuguese Sweet Bread....yummmmm


I went to 3 fantastic markets on my holidays... Cahors, Figeac, Villefranche... One Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, and they are truly brilliant, I could eat so well over there :-)


Apples and tomatoes! Oh, yummm! I love the street markets in France. The colors are delightful.

Julie Ann

There is nothing like a French market and the Provencal markets are of course the best. That pottery shot is so typical & so evocative. I stood beside you and looked at just such a display in Aix Coco. Do I spy polka dots ?!! My luv, Jx

joanne nixon

LOVE markets !! .... went to the eastern flower market in detroit, mi a couple of years ago...it was so absolutely awesome ! whodda thunkit?
since it is so hot here in phoenix, az throughtout the summer, we are glad to have autumn in our future basket....


Tomatillos, Siver Queen corn, red peppers, Ruby and Green Leaf lettuce, Brandywine tomatoes, coriander, leeks, red potatoes, scallions,Macintosh& Stayman apples and beautiful fragrant peaches.Oh! A a jug of peach cider for Bellinis @ brunch! Tomorrow we shall dine!!! Bon Soir!

Kathie B

Ed in Willows, now you're just givin' me saudades for some fresh Massa Sovada (sigh). That's just plain mean ;-)))


wow.. I just brought home a french Oil cloth from Santa Fe NM... my market basket has green chile stew, posole spices, tortilla soup fixings... an oil cloth with olives on a mediterranean blue background, some christmas ornaments by NM clay artist Jil Gurule, and a snake vertebrae bracelet for our son!! Happy Marketing.. i'd take any of those dishes!!!

Denise Moulun-Pasek

Were you in Aix Corey?


Uzès this Saturday??? If not, you must put it on your list of places to visit. Aren't the colors marvelous!

Rhonda P.

Oh one day soon, I will be shopping in a French market.

My favorite part of this post, the table is an altar, I do believe that is true. My man is happy sitting in his chair eating in front of the tv. Not me, I love to set a pretty table...sigh

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