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10 September 2010


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i loved the last story the most
women have always been cleverer than men :)

and yes, i loved these words by you:
"We both have our passions, we both have our different hobbies that make us who we are... He likes to jump off mountains, go down caves, ride with the wind and fly in the sky... And I like to create a home with falling apart old things from the brocante."

fortunately, both me and my love, love books. so much that we fight for which one to keep amongst ourselves. and we've decided, that when we get married, our home will be full of books and laughter and candle light stories...


by the way, you have to come and read my new poem about me and my love here: http://delhidreams.blogspot.com/ hope you'll like it :)


"I am certain it is going to look better the moment you take it home." What a guy! You are so blessed, Corey! Have a great day...


Congratulatons to all your brilliant authors! I loved their stories. Such talent! Alas, my family too has learned to live amongst old tattered things, rickety furniture, etched mirrors and unpolished silver. Little do they realize that they are living in the lap of luxury!

So happy to hear you will be visiting your family soon! How wonderful for you!!!


Delightful! The give and take between you and Yann are such fun to "listen" to, and what clever readers you have. Congratulations to all.

Everton Terrace

Bravo everyone - BRAVO indeed!


Such clever stories. I see where you would have a difficult time picking. Congratulations to each of the winners.

Victoria Ramos

Kudos to the winners -- I loved reading their entries!


Congratulations to all the winners. I liked Cheryl's the best.

Chris Wittmann

Great stories, every one! Wonderful to hear you'll be visiting your family Corey. We just had family up from Virginia and New Jersey, including my 89 year old mother-in-law. It may well be the last time she comes to New England, so we made the most of the few days and took her to some of our favorite beautiful places. It's nice to connect with distant family and friends when you can, life is too short.


What delightful, clever little stories. I so enjoyed reading them all, and giggling:)

Marie Noelle

I LOVE Tamra's imagination !!! The best words to fill up the gap in your book !!!
So creative, inventive and "tuning" (accurate/ matching/ ??
more XXX


....and thus we may conclude that books are troublesome, but husbands and wives moreso. finis.

Julie Ann

An enduring love story, its real & tactile & beautiful, jx

Rhonda P.

Congratulations to the lucky winners, with fabulous imaginations! I sure wish I could have played. I so wanted one of these shabby books.

Totally understand the his thing, my thing.
We still argue over the home decorating thing but (and I'm smiling here) I'm winning, slowly.

Tamra / The Gilded Barn

OH MY GOSH! I just found out I won!!!

Thank you Corey!

Thank you for posting delightful and happy stories everyday to give us a little smile each day.

Thank you for sharing what seems like a simple french life to you, yet to us Americans is a perpetual dream of french markets and brocantes.

Thank you for bringing old books and their interesting stories into our world.

Thank you for encouraging us to stretch our creative minds and write something.

And Thank you so much for being so generous!!

Merci, mon ami!


my friend Tamara thanks you kindly ... she's a sweetie

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