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27 September 2010


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I'm green with envy that you are in New Orleans. Can French Husband feel the French connection there? I'm dying for a good bowl of gumbo and beignets and chicory coffee from Cafe du Monde. Search for one of the small shops that has pralines cooling on a slab of marble.

Hi Corey, I’m going home to Wisconsin tommorrow and meeting up with three bloggers at the Elkhorn Flea Market...One is holding a grain sack that I spotted on her blogs back in the beginning of summer with my hometown on it.....I’m so excited...a good flea market yummeee.....I do wish i could meet yu in Marburger...if I wasn’t doing this...sigh perhaps next year certainly it shall happen...something to look forward to...all the best, Cynthia

Overstated in their local expression "Laissez roulez les bons temps"!

Lucky, lucky, lucky you! You love decrepit- they got decrepit! New Orleans is magical! The best food, music, vibes, sites, oh, you are in for a treat! Have a ton of crawdads for me!

A shimmying French Husband that cycles and flies and his adorable wife who brocantes around the globe and down in New Orleans and photographs their adventures with wit and wisdom, both. Wonderful. I can taste those beignets way up north right now. yum

What a magical trip you are on. Sharing it with all of us is priceless.

Ah, Cafe Du Monde....my FAVORITE stop when in 'nawleans.

It's so delightful to follow your travels and see some of the country!
Keep on dancing!

Glad you get to experience the delight and magic of NOLA. It is like a good book, it creeps into your mind, heart and soul. I missed the music a long time after I left. The food ain't bad neither, no ma'am! And the people...like no other! You and Yann have fun on your adventure, always best when shared with a man who "gets it". God speed and happy travelling!!!

<3 Napolean's

The weather just cooled here in E TX and it is WONDERFUL! We slept with the windows opened last night. You should have a much more pleasant visit to TX now..Be safe.

Have lots of fun!!!1

Oh my!! You are only mere miles away...enjoying our lovely southern hospitality!!!
My son and daughter in law just attended a wedding at Oak Alley this weekend!!!

Glad you and Yann are enjoying yourselves and that your wit and photograhic talents are as sharp as ever on the other side of the Atlantic!
Laughed myself silly reading about your plane boarding issues, and my guess is you didn't actualy being a baguette or yogurt in your luggage ;)
a bientot :)

Hope y'all had fun in New Orleans, how could you not? Glad the shimmy got the beads! And the weather is wonderful for y'all too!! Have fun in Marburger, one day I'll get there! suesue, lockport, LA

Glad you're enjoying my part of the world cos I love when you are home and I see your part of the world. I hope to be in Paris/France in fall 2011!!

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