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04 December 2010


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What a sweet memory. My middle granddaughter was in love with Pocahunkus (what she called her) when she was 4. I made her a Pocahunkus costume for Halloween that year - complete with a feather in the headdress. That was her request. Thanks for sharing the song's lyrics, too.


I would pretend I was a nun. I would make what was supposed to be a habit and I would pretend to have a classroom full of students. Chalkboard, pointer, and me. Silly.


Oh Lord. I was so uncreative that I had an imaginary friend called, "Other Kimi" I talked to her all the time much to the amusement of my entire family.



Laura from Little House on the Prairie!


I was a horse always galloping through the tall grass. Neighing, whirling, twirling, always running with the wind in my hair.

Everton Terrace

What a memory trigger this post was for me today Corey. My daughter is a bit older so for her it was Ariel from The Little Mermaid. She even cut off a little section of her shoulder length long hair to try and make her hair swoop like Ariel's (found it stuffed down the side of the sofa). I can still sing "look at this stuff" on command. As much as I am enoyed seeing the woman she is growing into, how I wish I could pop back and visit that little girl with more than just memories - grateful for the memories though.

Brenda L from TN

Well, I was Cinderella...always dressed as her on Halloween for about 3 yrs....from 4 to about 7...then I was a cowgirl until I was 10 and then I was a ballerina until 12 and then I stopped dressing up on Halloween. But I always saw myself when I was a little girl as Cinderella...a fairytale Princess...Thanks for the memories.


To entertain ourselves, my sisters and I used to read encyclopedias. They were awfully out of date as I recall - probably from the early, early, early 20th century. They held such fascinating images of national dress from around the world. When we played dressing up, we would wrap ourselves in our mother's fabrics, scarves and bracelets and pretend we were East Indian Maharani living in the Taj Mahal. We had so much fun!


Dreamed, lived, breathed ponies and horses all the time until I was 10-11?


I was Daniel Boone. Yes, a tomboy. My daughter took on the characters of her favorite movie. My husband would come home from work and have to immediately play the part of whatever prince she needed. He would read her face carefully to determine if she was the haughty Snow Queen or Belle, which would require him to dance a kickline.

Rhonda P.

How fun, my sister and I always pretended to be the detective Stephanie Powers, I forget the tv show she was on. So much fun.


Encyclopedia Brown. "no job too small". He was a character in a children's book series who was an amateur detective. Dad took a great photo of me dressed in disguise at age seven. Somehow despite the disguise, Dad recognized me.


I, too wanted to be Daniel Boone as I was a true tomboy. I changed my Facebook profile to The Jetsons, as I loved watching that cartoon when I was little! My daughter was very into Pocahantas too and had a costume one year for Halloween! Happy weekend to you from California! xxoo:)


How sweet, a cause that deserves to be highlighted. Nothing specific for me, anything with a cape. I liked capes!

Marilyn Miller

When I saw that we were suppose to put our childhood fantasy character on FB I wasn't sure who I would put there. I always fantasized I was a girl pilot. But don't have a specific character in mind.
What a lovely tribute to Chelsea and I love that she wanted to be Pocahantas. How fun to dream dreams and have fantasies.


someone I made up. I painted my red tricycle silver (my dad had sprayed some on his bumper and I wanted to be like him), slapped a red AllState insurance sticker on it(just like my dad's) and pretended that my sidewalk was the Golden Gate Bridge (which was a direct link to Argentina) where I went to pick up a distraught friend now and then. My sweet Aunt thought I was nuts, my dear mother thought I had a wonderful imagination.


For Rhonda:
Stephanie Powers was on Hart to Hart. Loved that show.


El Kabong....It gave me a good excuse to bop my brother and sister over the head with a pillow, since I didn't have a guitar.


"I look once more...just around the river bend, beyond the shore..." My son is in the same age group of your children and this was one of MY favorites to sit through!

As I child...I wanted to be Hollie Hobbie! She lived in a nice place where everyone was sweet, and I liked her clothes!


I wanted to be Shirley Temple because she could dance and sing...two talents I never had.


No Way, Meridith! I used to play El KaBong, too! When I wasn't pretending I was Johnny Cash's friend and backup singer.


I was Penny on Sky King. Uncle Sky would take me on adventures in his small plane, solving mysteries. I used to be able to fly!


Pocahantas was one of my favorites as my children grew in the age of Disney's newer animations. Her true history is astounding also. Thanks for the memories.. I do love that song.


It came and went, but I always wanted a shop! I was a teacher, an artist, and designer, and knew retail from front and back, and now I've grown up and have my own quaint little 1600 sq foot shop~ "Kindred Hearts Antiques and Gifts"...we would love it if you came by one day when Louisiana is on your path! Have a great day, Pretend Pocahontas!


Wonder Woman. I was her like 5 years in a row for Halloween when I was small.


I was Rima of the Jungle! I was alone a lot as a kid and spent lots of time with my pets and outside. I loved to be Rima and have wild imaginary animals as my friends!

Pattaya Girls

I was always Spiderman and my sister Wonderwoman.

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