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25 January 2011


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such a joy to be a tourist on your own terrain, without the typical tourists distracting your view; Bon voyage to all!


I'd like so much to be there right now! I live (and work) in Rome, but I own a little house in Vaugines (tres proche a Bonnieux!) and if only I could leave the job Im sure I's appreciate a lot to experience the Luberon in winter... Enjoy (and in case you go to Vaugines... say hello for me to the beautifuol fountain and to Rue des Coquillages - my house is the one at the ebd of the road on the left!)...


I love the blue glow in the first photo. Enjoy your time with the girls, I am sure Capelongue is grateful for the visit.


Love that second photo, sounds like you're going to have fun, try introducing them to the joys of chocolat chaud for breakfast, still sweet but healthier!.
My French Country Home.


Have a fabulous time
Blessings and much love


Oh, to be a scarf around your neck while your tour Provence.
The hostess at the desk was a little rude, I thought. Your first time in France! Please. How many Americans can speak French like you? Not many.
I didn't have any random thoughts to share yesterday. Either that, or they are all random and I just don't realize it.

le petit cabinet de curiosites

I want to make a surprise to Philippe for valentine day .This could be a good place .It looks so romantic

Rhonda P.

Ah, Provence has my heart, if I don't make it there I will cry. Enjoy your stay and once again we thank you for sharing what we all long for. Smooches.


Dear Corey, You have been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award. Here is a link to my post. Congratulations!


Julie Ann

Cool friend. Love that place although have yet convinced K to buy me dinner there.. Jx

Everton Terrace

If Paulina is the scarf, I'll be the hat. I am so appreciative of the tours of France you give us. I feel these are probably places I'm never going to see in person and your eye is seeing and showing the things I would most like to see.
I've never in my life had a Diet Coke and cannot fathom the idea of having one for breakfast of all things. I also don't drink or know how to make coffee either so perhaps I'm the exception.


I am lucky enough to have visited Bonnieux a few times and I also know Vaugines, but not Capelongue!
Your artwork on the first shot is exceptional and the second is only slightly less than spectacular, but all de rage for the colourwork; if not everybody were already fully in love with Provence anyway, they would be now....
Was preparing house for more work (emptying rooms, buying material with list in hand - scribbled illisibly with a murdered crayon by my painter/handyman, getting half wrong - had to go again today...., washing from returning from UK weekend, preparing for the choral concert of tonight.....) so I had NO time for random thoughts - although I would have had tons I bet, but I didn't know you wanted to know them..... lol
Hope that the year will get 'slower' but v.much doubt it!!!
Love, Kiki


Your quote:
Oh, to be a scarf around your neck while your tour Provence
is SO wonderful; it sounds like a beautiful beginning of a beguiling story!!!! Love it!
And I just see you wrote the same (more or less) as I just did about random thoughts! :))

Jenny N

Corey, tell that fellow Texan (I hail from Waco/Austin) hello and what a wonderful woman she is to share the experience and joy of Provence with her friends and now through you, us! Thanks for the wonderful wonderful photos...I can't wait to explore.

Amylia in Wisconsin

G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S ! !

You live a charmed life, my friend.

You really do!


The hill country of Luberon is so beautiful. I do remember visiting Bonnieux in the fall of 2009. Gorgeous! I know you will savor each moment.


What lovely blogging friends you have,Corey! I am sure you will show them the Pearls of Provence during their stay! I was so lucky to visit Bonnieux during a holiday in 2007 and when I see that church spire I am reminded of the photo my husband took of me standing by a wall looking down on the village below,the only thing was the spire looked like it was growing out of the top of my head!Photography is not his thing!Looking forward to more photos of Bonnieux!

Sharon Penney-Morrison

Ahhh Bonnieux was one of my favorite villages we visited while there last May. We ate in a resturante that over looked the valley below and you could see forever. I am
glad you are enjoying this visit.


Oh a beautiful French town with my name in it! I LOVE IT! Can't wait to see more pics when you go on your fabulous journey. It looks like it's going to be divine!

Elaine L.

How Wonderful!


beate t

O Corey, you write so passionately with so few words. What a beautiful post.

EFT for Anxiety

It's sure a pretty place in France.


I was fortunate to visit Bonnieux twice. Oh, beautiful.
Always in the summer.
Must be so peaceful in the winter.

Finally found herring!


I LOVED Bonnieux. Hope you enjoy your travels.


Dear Corey,
I hope you just keep on writing, as long as you find inspiration. Your posts are a joy!

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