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17 January 2011


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Gina Baynham

This post stirs up many emotions.
My grandparents lived in a simple stone house in the middle of their dairy farm. I loved it. It fell to ruin after my grandmothers death. I'd still visit and feel sad when I saw the broken window panes. The leaves on the floor. My younger cousin decided to renovate it and now lives there with his wife and baby daughter. It too has laughter and dancing inside its walls once again.


you are two, too delicious for words...

i changed my bank account name today.

I am officially a deKoster..

and here I read of family

this is a kindred spirit dancing with you in the land of the long white cloud (this is a poetical term the maori use for New Zealand, Aotearoa)

I could paint you.

thank you -for sharing such intimate times...


So restore it! Furnish with your brocante style, make it into La Madone North. Put it to use, breathe life back into it - it's gorgeous. the two of you are so talented and you need a new baby to bring up. Just a thought...


Oh wouldn't it be great to live there?
Reminds me of where I grew up..only that was on the east coast of the USA
Hey Cory, if you want to give it away, I will be happy to take it :o)

Linda C.

So beautiful, but so sad.

Merisi, Vienna

And you are a magician
with your camera.


Beautiful sentiment, images too... and I could see a lovely life in that old place. Sad that it sits empty.


What music was playing? I imagine it would be similar to the tunes they still play in Acadia, in the Maritime provinces in Canada. The French settlers came there in the 17th centry. Their vibrant tunes, full of fiddles, still sound among the green fields of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

An Enchanted Cottage

My first thought was that I must leave Corey a comment about what a magical post this is! And when I came to the comments section, I saw several others came up with the same word. When you write your book, dear Corey, don't forget to include lots and lots of your photographs to accompany the stories and wisdom you share. Because paired together, they truly are pure magic... Donna


So When are you going to restore it?

Rhonda P.

So beautifully written and your images are the magic I see.


bliss farm antiques

ellen cassilly

I like the idea of La Modone North. Let the restoration begin.
Did you know that Tongue in cheek was quoted in the DUrham/Raleigh newspaper about the changing of the astrological chart? I will send it to you. Lovely post. E


You are a lovely dancer, like a whirling dervish! I can relate to FB, there is nothing like memories of grandparents, enjoy your walk down memory lane, Yann.

Gathering Better Junque

What a wonderful Farm House!
Think we could move it to America?


I think we are lost when our childhood memories are gone. Can I say it without offending you? I love that FH of yours.....


My husband grew up on a farm and has so many cherished memories from those times.
The good old days for certain.

Love you

Everton Terrace

Enchantingly lovely.


pack your bags, girlie - I see Farm Living in your future!
we have been in our new cottage for almost six months now in Fort Worth, and it is fab fun.


Yes childhood memories are so intimate and magical. I can just see you bringing this place to life. It would be beautiful. LaMadone North is a good suggestion from several here. Keep on dancing!


I grew up in small European village and I am realizing more each day that when I left my heart stayed.
Great pictures, love that farm house.

Julie Ann

How utterly lovely you are Corey, truly, Jx

annette richmond

Beautiful the way you paint pictures with words. The pictures were haunting. In my mind now I see the kitchen and a little French boy.

Amy Kortuem

That's a beautiful, beautiful piece, Corey. I think you should expand that just a little bit and market it as a short story.

Tell you what: you get the farmhouse livable, and I'll move over with my 4 harps, 3 cats and all my Fire King Jadeite and be the caretaker for you!


I feel a resurrection coming on someday, Corey. The children are raised and out the door. Grandbabies aren't on the horizon yet. French Husband's inner child is whispering for a makeover.

Franca Bollo

Are those your Julie Andrews/Maria impersonations? The kitchen is alive with the sound of music?

Denise Solsrud

i love you and how you put words together. the old farm house is fabulous and i can relate to how F.H. feels about it. we have a similiar situation in my mother's family and she is the youngest of 12. a family farm,old brick house aged at over 100 years. it is up for sale and it is filled with tons of memories. we would love to keep it in our family. all of us are so nostalgic. so, i can relate to F.H. feelings. Bestest,Denise

Chris Wittmann

If that property were mine I'd be living in it now! A farm means self sufficiency in troubling times, a welcome retreat from the world. And with a kitchen like that, I doubt I'd ever leave! I can't imagine why you wouldn't want to be living there Corey.


Love it!!!! Beautiful place, beautiful words!
I love to restore old houses, and this one.. what a great story.
I can picture the family around that table with a crackling fire.
Tell you what, I'll come help you bring the wonderful house back to life! Deal?!

Claudia (Lilly)

Maybe French Husband can write down his memories of how that farm was when he was a child. If you write a children's picture book based on his story, I would love to illustrate it. With photos of the farm and copies of photos of Yann's family who lived there (if you have some) and photos of Yann as a boy, we could put together a picture book and try to have it published. It would be great to recreate and preserve how it was.

Hi Claudia

Sounds like a wonderful idea. BUT YAnn's family did not live there. His grandparents owed the farm, and had farmers take care of it. Yann's family were city folk.


The farm and house evoke such strong feelings of tenderness and home in a place that was central to your husband's childhood. It seems like it is a bit like having his very own Willows. How lovely for you both to have such an enticing "What If..."


I haven't commented in a very long time. I love devouring your blog it is like a great book---- and it never ends!!

after two boys we now have a daughter! and she has a french name vivian miette. {did you know miette is the diminutive form for marguerite?} I did not until after she was born.

and since I love sweets--miette is our perfect "sweet little crumb"


Brenda L from TN

AH....another wonderful story...you can tell FH is really wanting to restore and live there...you can see it in the way he stands and you can "see" him looking back and remembering the fun times he had there.
I think it would be so much fun for the two of you to do this...and it would make him so happy. Plus it's a lovely place and you could do wonders with the restoration what with your style. THINK ABOUT IT...

Veteran Military Wife at Life Lessons of a Military Wife

I absolutely loved this post, and it absolutely put me BACK in the right frame of mind today....to things that matter. Thank-you! BTW, I can see this place as a wonderful B&B:-)


A place like that is my dream! Beautiful post, as always.

Miss Robyn

just think of the stuff you could fill it with!! no more problems about where to put this or that!!

Janell West

Truly wonderful. I am very much enjoying your blog -- a new one for me -- that I found, complements of my Oklahoma gardening blog-friend Dee.


your writing is lovely, Corey. a beautiful post.

sherry whitehead

Cory, I have been reading your blog for the last fue months. Such a fresh glowing burst of energy. Your choice of description is awsome. Sherry


Such possibilities, such a lovely place.. such a sweet post.


Wouldn't it make sense to have a farm house in Rennes and one in Willow? Split your time. Franco/American....sounds perfectly logical. You own the one in Rennes.....time to start looking in your childhood neighborhood.


Corey we renovate homes. Only if we lived in France and not North Idaho. Looks like a fun project. Blessings, Kimberly


Your words are so lovely. I love your writing. A precious image to catch a glimpse of the boy in the man.


I would like to add my name to the restoration list. Free services. Oh what fun.

Elaine L.

Imagine the decorating possibilities? Is it big enough for a Bed and Breakfast? You could stay there during the summer. Just think you could have chickens and farm fresh eggs.


Karen C

What? You have been sitting on this gem and you haven't even tried to turn it into a brocante or a B&B??
I'm dumbfounded!
My husband has just watched his home town being swallowed up by a 'once in 200 year flood" (Victoria, Australia)
Tonight he spoke of wanting to travel back there when things return to normal (his bro still lives there) and revisit people he knows who have lived there forever. Similar to the feelings that come to FH when he sees the farm, I'm sure.

Sue Morris

Tears came to my eyes as I read about the farmhouse and, in my minds eye, I was able to see the huge table set with delicious rustic food, plus I could also see the dancing old couple......lovely.


:) sigh....
I know exactly what it feels like - Hero Husband and I also don't live where we came from and most likely we will ALWAYS live where one of us isn't coming from....
Your last sentence is SO beautiful! Go on dancing, my friends.... both of you wonderful people.

Danna Wolf

Oh. I think it more romantic that you leave it as is. You could never recreate what was. As it is he can go and 'relive' his beautiful memories without distraction and you are free to indulge in whatever wonderful fantasy comes to you.
And each time can be different.
Other than what needsto be done for preservation, I wouldn't touch it.
Loved the post today. Your prose is intoxicating. Thank you for sharing with the rest of us. Tashi delek. Danna

French Farmhouse Holidays!

I would love to restore an old French farmhouse, what a great project that would be! I've always wanted to live on a farm and in France, so this combination is perfect! However I think it probably would cost a bit more than I currently have, so maybe I'll settle for holidaying in France at the moment.


pure poetry


Yes, truly magical is the only way to describe this post. I felt as if I was standing there with you. How wonderfully you write!


Dearest Corey, this is so sweet! I can relate in ways to Yann's being intrigued. My parents left the country and my grandparents lived on a farm in the Louisiana country, canning fresh produce, selling eggs, milking cows, growing flowers in glorious beds all around the perimeters of the yards! Now turned city, what a shame! I write of my memories of "going to the country" on my website, www.KindreHeartsAntiques.com
When the property was sold, the grandchildren were "cheated" of all the things that could have been!
I would think that a good cleaning away of the brush, and opening up of the farm house is a great start...only fill it with the most special finds along your way there and watch it evolve into treasures of the past and the present! Dance, loving couple, dance!


OOps, correction to website! That is>
Time for bed!!

Victoria Ramos

I think your mom is right --- you are a lucky girl!


The slate roof has been restored with a purpose in mind.

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