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26 January 2011


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love it, love it, love it.....
There is only ONE everlasting mystery in all this; just HOW can the French stay so slim and lean with all that delicious food??? I yesterday had to do some very taxing shopping (Leroy Merlin not that you think it was Gallerie Lafayette....) and by 1.30 I was so 'dead' that I fell into a comfy chair at their restaurant and had 'just' the 'plate of the day' - I can honestly tell you if they had forgotten the course, I would have been dying happily just with their crusty, wonderful, fresh and slightly warm bread they served before the gratin au saumon arrived!!! I literally stuffed myself with it.... Delirious food!!!!
Thank you Corey, for making me smile(and hungry!!! At 10.30 in the morning)


Oh Corey, and Yann,

I cant wait to visit oneday. I will want to have a hot chocolate in a breakfast bowl, (as I have just had here actually) with a croissant to dip in it!

I will bring you something :)

Katiebell x

Karen at Pas Grand-Chose

Food poetry for the soul! And I'm happy to read that you've squeezed in some brocantes between eating, 'cos that hopefully means some things will find their way into your shop soon! :))


that Italian lunch thingy looked great...please tell us what it was made of...like to have it tonight during our SNOW (again) storm thanks

Everton Terrace

I want to try dessert first. What pure luxury it would be to be roaming France with you as an interpreter and guide - seriously I think I'm putting that on my bucket list! Cheese bread and wine for dinner sound about perfect to me.


My friend Noreen says she has never visited a place for the food. She has never been to France.


How funny Corey that you asked for things from America! When we lived in the Netherlands,we asked for visitors to bring us miracle whip,SOFT toilet paper and Ziploc freezer bags.
I do not understand how French women stay so thin with all that delicious food. My French friends tell me it is because they don't eat in between meals.
I will definitely bring you what you asked for!


I am so excited! How does April sound? Late April...or the first week of May???
bliss farm antiques


When I come, I'll bring your list! What is the first item on my list.. pate de fois gras, escargots avec un baguette, carambars(if they still make those) and violettes pastilles.


C, I let myself dream for a second that you were only talking to me . . .and, that we were planning my trip. All things I want to do; cafes, brocante, patisserie, boulangerie with your wise knowledge by my side.
I will bring your requested items; and, I think the first thing I would want would be a glass of champagne to toast your gracious hospitality!


You might want to spruce up your guest room because at least 1/2 of your readers are looking at flights now :-) When I come to visit you: I will bring you your list, I will wear my stretchy pants, and the first thing I want to eat is a fresh baked, still warm from the boulangerie oven baguette!

Guess who just decided to bake bread today? Thanks to you I will need to wear my stretchy pants today! ;-)

Janell West


Your description of dinner made me smile in memory at the many times my Greek grandfather made a meal of Feta Cheese. And Kalamata Olives drizzled with olive oil. I don't remember him using a fork -- instead he scooped up bites with a large hunk of French bread -- which was torn rather than sliced.

Simple and delicious -- the food and the memory.

Today I go to the dry-cleaners to meet the old man who once knew my grandfather. The thought of our meeting excites me as much as someday visiting Provence.



Oh this sounds delightful! The bread there sounds so good that I think I could get along with bread and butter the whole time I was there (until you distract me with dessert...and then I'm lost to the sweets). Mmmmmm.


Corey, Corey - don't forget we come with suitcases onlly half full - that is a small list! The first thing I would want is wine and cheese and bread.
Your friends look like they are having a marvellous time!


And don't forget the tortillia's


Oh how i would love to come and eat with you for a whole week. One day I will come see you and get fat!!! It will be so much fun!!

Now I will be good and go eat some cottage cheese but dream of french menus!


We must have driven right by this restaurant and didn't know to stop. Sniff! Love baguettes, croissants, and macarons. I would be so happy to come again and bring the things on your list.


Taste first? Black truffles..

Paula S In New Mexico

My first taste would be of a glorious glass of wine!

I'd bring your list, plus tortillas (corn and flour) and chocolate chips.

Jenny N

Greedily and happily i say "I want to taste it all" ....Provence as you describe and share it is simply a feast for the senses. This is so fun. My only question: What to bring your dear FH?


I want to taste the food first, then the drinks. Enjoy your holiday ladies.

Chris Wittmann

What I love about the French is how they make a celebration of food and truly take time to enjoy it. I cannot even imagine stopping at so many different places to partake of so many different meals! Sounds heavenly, and all great food too, not junk. I'm afraid if I ever was to visit France I'd be eating my way around the country!

Kathie B

You realize some of us are liable to show up someday, don't you? Especially because pure maple syrup is produced right here in SW Pennsylvania, just two counties away from where we live ;-)

Kathie B

Oh, and nowadays there are four non-stop flights a week between PIT and CDG. Sure hope my abstract for that Paris conference is accepted...

Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic

Any and all the pastries!! Yummy ;-) Pastries for breakfast, lunch, with tea in the afternoon and again after dinner. Oh, and lots of fresh bread! Oink, oink...lol!


What a sweet post!Irresistable the thought of all that fun and spontaneity with a wonderful guide!

Elaine L.

I would be happy to try any recommendations. When I visited France, on a tour, it was so rushed that I had to make the choice between eating and seeing. The seeing won out, so I can't say that I truly had the opportunity to savor the food.

I would love to visit you one day!


Rita Darnell

i will probably never make it to france. i will however ship all the maple syrup, baby powder and burt's bee's lip gloss you want. just say the word. such a small request from a girl so far from home. :♥)


Oh....I'm so jealous!! Du Pain sur la Planche is one of our favorite restaurants in all of France.....and we adore Jean Louis and his beautiful daughter! I get the assiette royan almost every time!!! When our boys were at the college in Coustellet we ate there twice a week. Next time you go, please tell him that Danna and Brian from Texas send their best.


Oh how simply divine! I don't eat cow, or duck, or swine, but do love the sweet taste of the fruit of the earth baked in a Tarte Tatin upside down.


Picnics in Provence

I am lucky enough to have a business taking small, luxurious gourmet food and wine tours to Provence 4 or 5 times per year and I always pack my stretchy pants! I'ts ALL about tasting our way through the countryside, the wines, the cheeses - right now I would kill for a chilled glass of Domaine du Mourchon rose, some olives from Nyons and some fresh Brebis or Epoisses - a bit hard to find in Australia!. The patisserie, I love creme brulee a la lavande, tomatoes plucked warm from the vine with fleur du sel, basil flowers and organic basil flower oil. Have you ever tried white peaches with a sprinkling of fleur du sel, olive oil and a splash of Poire Willem! Simply divine. I could go on.......and on........and on.........


I am just a simple girl at heart and love the French butter, so butter, bread and cheese for me please, oh and a salad, they tast so different in France. Maple syrup, johnstns baby powder and burt's bees lip gloss bought, but Corey you did't say when I should visit! Are you free in March? :-)


So cute! I love this post. I love food, too!

Your husband's correction is awesome.
The french are so romantic with their words.

Melisa Green

Corey, I would love to send you something that I believe is even better than Burt's Bees! How would I do that?

Have a beautiful day - you make me miss France so much!

Michelle M  in KY

Dear Corey...
I would love to come to France and visit...even dream about it. Antiquing (the brocante) is so my thing. We have a small antiques store here in Kentucky and love to attend all of the shows during the Fall, Spring and Summer months. There are no shows in the Winter for they say it's too cold. I say, wear more clothes. I'm dreaming that when I am able to come to France...that you will still be willing to have me and explain the menu, translate the dialogue, and maybe even wipe the drool off of my chin. Thinking of it is such a great daydream. Right now though, I must concentrate of my five year old finishing Kindergarten and finish preparing my now four year old twins to enter Pre-school. so, it may be awhile...I hope the invite will always be there for I will have suitcases of Johnson's Baby Powder and Burt's Bee's by the tub for you. By the way...now I'm hungry!


Whew! If I was not already stuffed with pasta tonight, I would be drooling!
Your wonderful post makes me want to pack my suitcases within suitcases and come visit! You sound like the perfect host! Whatever you would like from here, just say the word and it shall be done!

Brenda @ Kindred Hearts


Maple syrup and wild rice. These were my host gifts when traveling in France. Hadn't thought about Burt's Bees lip gloss...which I'm addicted to...have about 10 tubes stashed around.

Sharon Penney-Morrison

Bread, Olive, Tomato's, Cheese....and good wine. The only way to eat in France.

Franca Bollo

Just plant Franca face down in a place of profiteroles. Squizizito!

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