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15 January 2011


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Is everyone in France this good looking? Sometimes fate nudges us with a note from a kind neighbor, and other times it raps on our window while we are trying to take a nap in a parking lot.


Ahh..that had to be fate and it brought you a very beautiful Frenchman. I am happy for you both!


Yes, your friend does look like she is 20 something. I love your stories and adventures. Thanks for sharing them here.

Jenny N

I love how y'all's love story is entwined with loving people that somehow were conspiring with the Lord to bring you both together. And Dinan! what a wonder of a city/village it is. Thanks for taking us on your Queen Amen tour.


you did find something sweet, unique and beautiful though... what a story. xx

Natalie Thiele

YAY! A story. I love your stories!


Please trade lives with me, just for a day? ......:)

Kathie B.

Considering that Gustine is a veritable hotbed of Portugueseness in California (home of arguably the biggest Azorean-American festa), perhaps after visiting there Yann was predisposed to Portuguese-American girls :-)


Wish the I-Beam was still open and we could all dance the night away!


I LOVE the story of how you met FH. Please write a book:)!


Tell her I said hello, and that we have wonderful reunions, in my dreams


So it rains in Dinan today... my holiday home town.Mmmmm Koing amman served tiede,crack through that butterscotch base and close your eyes to the calories.There is a little shop in the revamped Fish Market that sells these wonderful Breton cakes, and they have another shop at the bottom of the Rue Jerzual...now there's a way to fight off those pounds climbing back to the market place after stuffing your face on pastries


Yes, I want more information on the nude modeling (did I ever tell you I was an artist (hee hee hee.) It is all fate...all fate...your john returned...
bliss farm antiques



yes, Françoise looks frightingly young....

wonderful story of how you found each other! I found MY Hero Husband when singing.... Not bad either!! In fact, even more spectacular than meeting at a dance place.... lol!

Have a happy Sunday, Corey!


I could read this story over and over . . .it was just meant to be! I hope 2011 is the year I get to France to meet you guys, you both are so very special!

Rhonda P.

So sweet your love story is. Sigh....it was meant to be, mon amie.

I received another package from you this afternoon, I'm all giddy with excitement.

Brenda L from TN

I think this is a wonderful tale and I want more!!!...Yes, your friend does look 20-something...where is her Hubby? Please don't say they are divorced or worse....You two are such great friends I don't want any sad news...
I loved the canal city of Dinan!!! What a great picture...Corey,honestly, you missed your calling...Write a book and put all your pictures in it!!! PLEASE WRITE MORE OF YOURS AND YANN'S FAIRYTALE ROMANCE!!!!

Sue Morris

Yes please - do write some more of your early days with French Husband.....words are so special, as are the memories we all carry inside our heads.......especially the memories of happy times.
Smiles Sue.


First time at the I-Beam was dancing to Natalie Merchant..while she played with the 10,000 Maniacs on stage.


Very nice post. I love it. Waiting your new posts. Thank you...

Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic

I love your tales of life and love, but when I saw the pics of the bakery/shop with the baskets on the wall...my heart skipped a beat. How I love, love, love baskets!!


Good things happen to those who are brave enough to dance alone!

Franca Bollo

If you had not mentioned her name earlier in the post I would not have recognized Françoise. It's unnerving how quickly time slips by unnoticed.

Jane Ann

Hurrah! Can you tell I'm clapping my hands and have a big smile on my face. Your stories are a delight! Can't wait for the days to come.


I never tire from reading how you met your prince! BTW..I had a visitor in the shop last week from France and I told her to be sure to visit your blog! Her name is Sherry Thevenot and she is a Guide, Interpreter/Lecturer in Dijon(Burgandy) American born, but has been living in France for over 30 years.


Some friends are priceless, right?


Oh my God, Sunday Tea Dance at the I-Beam...so much fun.

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