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24 January 2011


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Two years ago my very large flower bed by the pond became grass...I want my flower bed back, or at least part of it.


I am ready for spring. Sadly Spring is at least 7 weeks away. While I am happy to be pregant I will be so happy when I can eat a meal without want of throwing up. Excited to celebrate my best friends birthday this weekend with her in Colorado. My husband doesn't go to the store that often either. I think he would rather have a root canal.

Mélanie Aussandon

I can't believe you are going to the Edouard Loubet's hotel ... lucky girl. I am a big fan of Edouard Loubet


Lions seem to have white chins that make me they look like they have a beard. I have lion colour on the back of my hand and should wash it off before proceeding with our 5:30 am supper. Also fluffy socks seem to wear through the heel in a hurry, I need to learn my lesson and quit buying them.

Linda C.

1) Didn't work too hard today...modern technology kept failing. Oh for pen and paper!

2) Thought...what a beautiful day, and walked to the letter box, to mail our office stuff, because I had the time, because of the above!

3) A moment in time...my 2 year old reading me her bedtime story tonight. Kisses, curls and whispers. Baby moochiness delightfulness!

4) I am at one with the Universe. All my cupboards, (well almost all) are decluttered. Yay!

5) Hope my work computer works tomorrow or I'm in Big Trouble!


Today would have been my mothers 90th birthday, Happy Birthday Mum xx

Wish Corey could find a man for me!

Really should get dressed and stop reading my fav blogs.......

What should I make for dinner tonight as my daughter is away looking after her class at school camp.

Is my hair really too short? (had 6 inches cut of at the hairdressers on Friday).

Think I might book a holiday to Marrakesh.....

Must make those phone calls I have been telling myself to make for a week now.


Have a good day Corey, Love xx


~ having my children away at college makes me appreciate them more as adults yet miss them more as young children.
~ decluttering my bedroom is much easier than decluttering my life.
~ where does that spare sock go between the hamper and dryer?
~if today is really the most depressing day of 2011, can i stay home and eat cake and watch old movies?


I wonder when it will warm up...today it is 8 and there is snowstorm on the way...

I wonder if we'll get details about the French matchmaking relationship...

I think I'll make chicken soup today, it will warm up the house (and our hearts.)

Should I get out of my snuggly bed and take a shower? Nah, I think I'll just stay here...


I opened a link on a Facebook post that destroyed my laptop - blue screen - keeps shutting down. Grrr. Have to take it in for repair.

My cousin would be delighted if you would "matchmaker" for her! (She is going to kill me!)


1. I am missing my daughter who is in Italy studying.
2. It has been since August that my kitchen has been gutted,and am grateful that I didn't loose my mind in this renovation...hoping this is the last week before it comes to fruition.
3.Where there is God, there is love, and I am feeling the love right now amongst family and friends, and that is a beautiful thing.


I too am ready for spring and wish that I'd watched the weather to know that more snow would await us this morning. I hope that my little guy will be okay at home with his Daddy today...even though he prefers Mom when he's sick. My sister and I are so close now that we live 1000+ miles away from each other, I am counting the days until I get to visit her in February!


1. I wonder what it will be like next year when my husband has retired...
2. That geranium on the window sill needs to have half of it clipped off and rooted...
3. Time for some green tea...
4. I like my new mug...
5. How much postage for the package I'm mailing off to my son in Colorado?


Lovley frost etchings on my window. It must be cold today. (After checking the weather channel) YAICKS! It's -27 degrees Celscius!


I would prefer to iron rather than to wash dishes. I love the smell of hot cotton and the feel of the freshly pressed fibers. It reminds me of my grandmother. She is the one who taught me how to iron.



-It's my college roommates birthday today.
- I wrote a sympathy letter to my best friend from high school because her little brother died. I'm having a hard time sending it because if I send it it'll be real. It's already a week overdue.
- I painted my nails with so much nail polish - three colors because I couldn't decide on a shade. I decided on purple sparkles.
- I'm excited to teach ballet to an elementary school theater troupe today.


All my thoughts are random.

My husband would have brought home a pizza and a liter of Dr. Pepper in that pink bag.

Can't wait for the flowers to bloom.

I love getting up early in the morning when it's just me and the sound of the humming appliances.

Slippers with no traction on the bottom are overrated.


I love Monday nights but hate Monday mornings

I started my diet on sat and sun bought girl scout cookies

going shopping for some new socks and makeup for my daughter after work today

I hate dishes, but love washing windows

and if you ever start your matchmaking business I want to be a client

I hate winter and the cold weather....its getting old this year in the Midwest...too cold and too much snow


1)You people are lovely - Thank you, I feel your loving vibes, like a gentle tide.
2)Sometimes I get the blues, real bad...
3)It can be hard to be honest, to tell people the truth - and honesty is everything to me
4) Its hard to be trusting, (even when you seem like, and think you are, a very trusting person) To communicate here what I'm feeling.
4)Trusting is everything (Am I right?)
5)These thoughts are not very random, but the numbers are!


Random thoughts for Monday:
I really like reading Corey's blog -where does she get all the ideas?

I need to find that new couch.

I don't mind Monday's, I just don't like work.

I need to empty the dishwasher.

I really need to make the piece of art in my mind.


I love random thoughts they seem more real
I am trying not to worry as I do not believe in worrying.
I wake up day after day so happy to be in Texas in the winter,not so much happiness when the summer comes,hot hot hot.
I am learning to enjoy my down time, one of my most difficult lessons of adulthood.
I love love love seeing and feeding the donkeys who live next door.
I like being older, and the feeling of content that seem to have come with age.


1. I love creating with paper but hate paperwork.
2. I hate emptying the dishwasher but don't mind loading it.
3. I love my quiet time but miss friends at the same time.

if jane

1) i like my morning coffee alone but my afternoon slash evening one..gossiping with friends.

2) i like to pretend that i actually know how toi give my cat, steevy, a great massage...ha!

3) i spray rose-water on my pillows in the morning when make my bed...



Random thoughts:

Summer pictures make me sigh in the bleak mid-winter.

Coffee with real cream is the best!

New socks. There's nothing better than a new pair of socks.

I like washing dishes. Random thoughts pop into my head like fireworks. It's almost like meditation.

The only thing better than new socks is a warm towel.

I wish I didn't have to get ready for work. le sigh...

beate teale

1. I wish my sons lived closer
2. I love the colours and mood of the painting at the beginning of your entry
3. Today was a glorious day -felt more like autumn than summer
4. I'll never run out of quilts i'd like to sew.

g coughlin

sometimes i feel my whole life is random....no threads of connectivity one event/happening to another

gosh the bitter cold air this morning felt GREAT when i was putting the trash out in a tee shirt and jeans

think i leave all the needles from the christmas tree that fell off right where they are until the big spring clean up(outside that is) just took the tree down this week end...will be a little christmas until then....i especially like finding them in the summer- fall from the previous year. they travel/hide i swear...then appear reminding me of that wonderful time of year

really do not want to go to dentist

post more brocante items please

Paula S In New Mexico

Monday morning......



make deposit to grand daughter's school lunch account

don't forget to look at to-do list

sniffle, again

stop at thrift store on the way home


-the world would be a better place if we traded our cars for a pony
-put your candles in the freezer and they will burn longer
-God is good!

Everton Terrace

Should I eat the leftover roasted vegetables that we had two nights in row for dinner, for breakfast this morning?

Do I need to send out any birthday cards this week?

Where should I plant all the poinsettias left from Christmas? Inside or outside??

Denise Moulun-Pasek

I didn't sleep a wink last night.

Isn't that Cotignac in the picture?

Tonight, I have a 65th birthday party to attend.

I have to get more exercise.

I went to the site of the hotel you'll be staying at. Lucky Girl!!


Nothing tastes better than coffee someone else made for you.

The world is full of good and wonderful people.

Trying to be normal day after day is exhausting.

Stephanie M

We leave for Mexico in a week and I am already packed.
Tonight will be an early one as I didn't fall asleep until 3am this morning.
Why did my husband not turn off the alarm and wake me after only 3 hrs of sleep.
Do not drink coffee in the evening or eat too many girl scout cookies.
Only 4 more days and my husband retires. so happy for him.
The deer must have slept in.
It is a beautiful day fill with sunshine and I am happy to see the blue skies.
Thank you Corey for giving me the time to reflect.


I have to set an agenda for a meeting tomorrow and email it to attendees.
I love the snow and winter (but am tiring of this cold spell)
I wish I could hug my granddaughter right now.
I wish I could hug my granddaughter right now.
I need to find a thermos for soup.
I hope the injured buck that comes by will heal.
I hope the injured buck that comes by will stay out of my flower beds.
I need another cup of tea.


I want to go to that hotel even though it's very close to where I live so I guess I won't be staying there.

I have ants in my pants. I drove to Avignon to shop, but didn't buy anything but a vegetable sandwich.

I let my dog sleep on the couch when my husband isn't around. And the silly dog figured out what a pushover I amm, but will hop off the couch as soon as she hears my husband pull into the driveway. Because he is not a pushover :)


I started feeling my baby moving in me yesterday. It was really weird!
I am tired of sharing a bathroom with two teenage boys.
I need to call to get an appt. to get my Tahoe serviced.
I am tired after not sleeping well after two nights.
I am ready for summer, but mostly to meet my baby in June.

Carole Boatright

I must write my "45 things to do this year"--since I'm 45--before January is over!

-Should I cancel my Wednesday dental appointment since one of my daughters with autism has a sniffly nose, may get sicker, if so, can't send her to school, and can't go to the appointment with me....

What should I feed my kids tonight since my husband and I are going to eat at the New Deacon's Fish Fry at church?

My husband is always crabby when he takes his shirts to the dry cleaners and I am not there to open the door for him. (He has a lot of shirts to be cleaned!)


Love the landscape picture, wonder if I can buy it or if it hangs on C's wall?

Why, oh, why, can't I be in Provence visiting that glorious place in Bonnieux?

Heart, stop beating so loudly, calm down . . .

Need to get at least 3 loads of laundry done TODAY!

Why did my good friend, Marie, call me a diva Saturday?
where did she get that from? I'm no diva!

I am freezing . . .this has to be my last winter here . . gotta move south . . .Carleston ...YEs

College visits ...get them scheduled (she's a junior, remember!)

Check status of resumes . . .January is almost over and still no job!

How much wine is left in that bottle in the frig? Note to self: get by the liquor store, TODAY!
I guess we could use a little food too . . .


I need a new computer mouse (the one I have doubles clicks and the scroll bar is broken).
I think our chihuahua lived up to her heritage yesterday when she stole and scarfed down a tamale.
I hate doing laundry - I am never, ever caught up.
I need more sleep.
I wish people wouldn't talk to me in the morning until after I have drank my coffee.
You're still the only blogger I have met in person (Marburger).


wondering what color I should paint my kitchen.

And my bedroom...

Trying to figure out how one person can mess up a house so much and where are those darn 'elves' who are supposed to come clean it while I'm sleeping. Need to talk to someone in the elf union!

Why does time go by so FAST when I'm on the computer and so SLOW when I'm waiting in line.

Will my first sewing attempt be successful? I'm making bibs for my niece and nephew... without a pattern except for them.


Do I keep the potholders my Mom made out of acrylic yarn (making them utterly useless),?....she passed away one year ago yesterday.
Why is Sally, the golden retriever staring at me? I wonder what she's thinking.
Does my sixteen year old daughter have blue bike shorts to wear under the short blue dress she's wearing to Winter Ball this weekend?


#1 - the more i think of it, the happier I am that my former boyfriend didn't ask me to marry him

#2 - Paradise is...Sunday at the beach enjoying champagne and a full gourmet picnic lunch complete with dinnerware, cutlery, glassware and cloth napkins...sunny skies, cool breeze, emerald green ocean...family

#3 - the BEST is yet to come, and it is coming SOON...WOOOO HOOOO!

#4 - I am in love with life and life loves me


I would love to see the inside of a French grocery store. I bet it looks nothing like what we have here, huh?


Birth control is the devil... and makes me devilish

It's not that I don't like doing dishes, it's just that I can always come up with something better to do

I'm in the process of creating/ sewing aprons for my bridesmaid gifts... and I love it.


I don't mind the snow, but I'd like to slice through the clouds and catch a glimpse of the sun.

I dread the day there will be no footie p.j.'s in my household.

I had a fever last night, and I dreamed about lots and lots of cats. And I held every one of them.

Tammy Hensley

My random thoughts:

1. change sheets on the bed

2. I know I should eat but lately I feel better when I don't (as I have to ingest this horrible chocolate sludge on this stupid liquid diet)

3. do I pack or not pack a bag for this trip to the hospital for my surgery as I shouldn't have to spend the night there as it's supposed to be outpatient but I'm scared as I've never had to have a surgery before


The best thing about Monday is it is mocha Monday at the espresso shop
I saw bluebell leaves starting to peek out in the garden path yesterday
Sending my dear friend in Arizona her birthday present today. Wish I could go there too.


I have too much to do.
I need another coffee.
I should go put on laundry.
Why is the kitchen light shining in my face?
We need new, softer kitchen lights.
I wonder if the red fixture for Finn's room will shine in his face.
Delish. Gotta get onto Delish.

Okay, I could go on, but you get the drift! It's like a stream of consciousness twitter feed directly from my brain!


Random thought . . . hmmmm . . . if I win this, I wish Corey would send me un homme gentil along with the lovely lovely notebook . . . ^v^



1. Listening to cars pass by on their way to work.

2. Thinking of waking my sleeping husband with a smooch.

3. Haunted by thoughts of undone paperwork piling ever so high.

4. Should I make a phone call to my oldest son who is in the Navy and married and tell him what is on my mind regarding his latest decision?

5. Walk the dogs in the snow and smile every step of the way because I am healing from surgery!

5. Sit and enjoy a quiet moment while staring at a freshly opened puzzle box.

Blessings! Kimberly


The day is too short...never enough time.
I wish a moment of completely silence.
I like Ella but i love Billie!
Should i drink a coffee at this hour?
What should i do to make a change?

annette richmond

I have lots of random thoughts, oh which one do I choose.
1. I want to change my life drastically, I want to get rid of all my extra stuff and move.
2.I have dreamed about my xhusband 3 nights in a row. What does that mean?
3.I'm hoping I can do some good at the battered womens shelter that I am going to start volunteering at in a few days.
4. I'm up for some match making but only if it is a Frenchman.
5.I want to learn to draw better. Should i sign up for lessons?
I was very fortunate with my Xhusband cause he would go to the store and always shopped for groceries with me.


1. I should not have packed my lunch all in one container today. I am either going to have warm pasta or cold chicken.

2. My puppy Max has the cutest round head and scrappy ears.

3. Need to pick up two cards on my way home from work this afternoon, then clean out my purse.

4. I never eat the last crust corner on my sandwiches and don't know why.

4. That apple was good.

annette richmond

I have so many random thoughts which one do I start with!
1.I have been thinking of declutttering my life. I want to get rid of almost everything and move.
2. I have been dreaming about my xhusband, weird dreams. What does that mean?
3.I hope i can do some good at the battered womens shelter I start volunteering at in a few days.
4.I want to learn how to draw better. Should i take some more lessons? College classes?
5. I'm up for some match making but only if he is French.


Husband home on first day of retirement
How is this going to go?
Trying to remember the last time it was this cold (10 below zero)
Looking at the yellow tulips I brought home to bring a little life into the house
I need to take a shower...sweaty and getting a chill after Zumba this am
Doing well so far today on my eating healthy for the new year
I should clean out closets but have a great book waiting for me......

Betty K

1. Why don't people listen to me? For example, I told my hair stylist that I was tired of my hair looking like Mamie Eisenhower's and I needed a new do. He said that he understood perfectly. He did not; it looks the same, only shorter.

2. Can I wait until noon before eating chocolate? My husband is very ill, and I have been eating cookies for breakfast for comfort. Almonds and a small amount of dark chocolate are ok, I think, maybe even healthy.

3. Can I go a whole week without buying one nonessential item (my friend and I trying to do so). I love old stuff; this will be very difficult.

4. Isn't technology fabulous? Last night, I sat in California, turned on the computer, and watched my 7 year old grandson practice the cello in Arizona while my 2 year old granddaughter played hide and seek with me!! Amazing!

5. But, if technology is so great, why can't anyone fix my husband?

6. Is it wrong to feel badly that I am leaving my pug so much while I go to the hospital to be with my husband? My pug is 12 years old and recently had a cancerous tumor removed; her sister is no longer with us. My husband also worries about the pug.

7. Are my random thoughts too depressing to share?

Wild Plum Cottage

I should have done a better job keeping up with my accounting last year. It's not as hard as I'd thought, just a steep learning curve.

It's cold outside, but sunny and clear. I like it.

Washing dishes and ironing are not calling to me, but cleaning out cupboards and closets is.


Random is as random does...

Momma always said life is what you think about. Guess I should have listened more closely to that one!

Does one half a doughnut go to only one hip?


If I plant a garden this year, will the quail eat more of it than the deer?

Should I go for a walk or have a mug of hot chocolate?

What would I do if I wasn't afraid to take a risk?

I hope there's something interesting in the mail today.

At least dinner is planned - roasted tomato soup, cheese toasts and salad. With a bit of chocolate. Dark.


Remembering 37 years ago today the birth of my first daughter. almost 3 months early 2 lbs 3 oz.....happy, healthy, married, mother of 2 teenage children now. How God blessed us with her.
Missing my youngest daughter who was also early 3 lbs 2 oz. happy healthy, living in NY. Come home Britt.

What a wonderful day yesterday teaching my 16 year old grandaughter to make a quilt top.

Sitting here looking at my handsome husband of over 38 years. I am one lucky woman

God is good.


I need a new RETURN key, alas, my 15 month old ripped mine off.

Yet, I can still use the nub left under the key.

I want to plant a veggie garden this spring, and get some chicks.

When will this darn fire start pushing out some hot air.

And, I have baby fever.


Today is my husband's first day of retirement--mine comes at the end of the week. Remember to kick up heels as I exit the door :-)

Go to hair stylist and have pesky grey hairs banished so people will tell me I look much too young to be enjoying an early retirement :-)

Pack remaining memories of a life time spent in one area of the U.S. and ship them across the country to join us

Anticipate and eagerly await all the snow we are going to have the pleasure of encountering when we get to our new home :-)

Mentally dress that handsome snowman I intend to make the minute I see that above mentioned snow

H-U-G our sweet granddaughter until my arms ache!!


I turned 68 yesterday. I love my birthdays.
Wish I didn't have to curl my hair every single day.
I love my first cup of coffee in the morning.
Yesterday's sermon spoke to me. God is good.
I hear the garbage truck someone needs to bring in the can.
Raining again today.


1. I want to know more about how your matchmaking skills are working out :)
2. We have sunshine today! Winter days tend to be dreary and challenging weather-wise, so the sunshine is welcome any day.
3. My desktop calendar at work is from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I expected to really like it, but I'm disappointed. Not enough paintings and too much other "stuff."
4. My husband is on day 2 of being home sick in bed.
5. I'm fighting a headache today (I know...on such a nice sunshine-y day). I think the headache you were fighting a couple of days ago must have sought out more fertile shores and come my way.
6. Daisies are my favorite flower, but I've really been drawn to anemones the last year or so.
7. I had the most juicy, sweet tangerine yesterday. I had to eat it over the sink because it was squirting everywhere.
8. My closest-I'll-ever-have-to-a-daughter got engaged over the weekend. :)
9. The Red Wings game (hockey) will be on cable TV tonight. Surely that will make my ill husband miraculously better ;)
10. I love doing jigsaw puzzles, but only if they are a pretty picture (no puzzles with just marbles or pretzels).
11. My coworkers filled my area with 50 balloons for my 50th birthday (half of them pink, my favorite color). I still have some left...and my birthday was in early November.
12. I seem to have more random thoughts than your other commenters. Is that a reflection on my random life?

Enjoy your time with Mary!


why do clothing manufacturers always sew scratchy labels inside our neck collars?


1) Food

2) Naughty thoughts of my husband.

3) What to wear

4) Food

5) My first mammogram scheduled for today.

6) My giant easel with a blank canvas. It's been a year.

7) Hoping for Betty K to win...A short Mamie Eisenhower haircut. You poor dear. You deserve to win that notebook!


overwhelmed by the freedom of this random thought invitation...

...delighted by the freedom...pausing for an important random thought...I forgot to put on sunscreen...

...I love coming here to Tongue in Cheek, no passport required...

...I naturally filter, filter, these random thoughts...is this why I don't blog?

Amy Kortuem

1) It's 50 degrees warmer than it was last week, and I feel kind of hot in this turtleneck I'm wearing.

2) I wish I could find the perfect long legwarmers because I don't have time to knit any.

3) I wish cookies didn't have calories. Or that they were a food group.

Carolyn Mallin

1. Why is my head aching today.Should I tough it out or take some Excedrin?
2. I need to empty the dishwasher and the clothes dryer.
3. I need to bring some jewelry pieces to the gallery but I don't feel like going out.
4. My doctor ordered a custom necklace from me and I WILL finish it today.
5. When is Cory's book going to be done?
6. My hubby will be home from work very soon. That makes me smile.
7. My random thoughts seem utterly scattered.


1. Reading the book is definitely better than watching the movie!
2. 2011 appears to be a year of change for my family!!
3. I'm thinking it's time for a nice big cup of tea in a girlie cup!


1. Why did my dog throw up on the floor beside my bed?

2. Why did I have to step in it?

3. Why did I just join a gym when I'm really a good book and
margarita kind of person?

4. Is it really -4 degrees outside?

5. I should be doing something "productive" but I much prefer
here to the gym.


1.Must clean out this teacup..the tea stains have made their way into the cracks.Mmm think it's white vinegar that does the trick..
2.Why isn't there enough hours in the day?
3.Back to work this week [don't think about it}...
4.I wonder if it will be as hot as yesterday? [39deg]
5.Mmm ....Capelongue.. will store that for our next French sojourn..
6.My husband spends so much more time than me in the bathroom.


1-How do squirrels remember where they buried the walnuts way back in October?
2- Why does Annie-cat throw up only on my pillow?
3- Why are the birds lined up on the tree branch staring at me? Whoops, all the feeders are empty.
4-Why can't I wake up this morning and why can't I just take a nap?
5-Oh Oh, I think the birds are going to storm the garage in the hopes of getting to the seed by themselves. Gotta go!


The snow is melting, and with it comes mud. I need to buy a floor mat. What kind...

I love reading this blog. It makes me seem normal.. sort of.. what is normal?

Wouldn't a holiday be nice to brighten up the winter blues. Where would I go? But not now cause I need to paint Morganne's room. Or not. But I promised.

Hmm.. what should I plan for Morganne's 17th birthday on Thursday. I really should go shopping.

I miss my boys.

Why are the sky's so gray in January? The black birds are taking over my birdfeeders, and the ground is covered in a blackbird carpet.

I need to stop daydreaming and call the appliance repairman. I really need to do my laundry.

For now, I'll just enjoy my tea and dream of your fun retreat! Have a great time!


1. Spending time with family
2. Walking along the beach
3. Cooking lovely food for friends
4. Reading a book in bed
5. Living, loving, laughing
6. Reading Corey's blog everyday

What more could I ask for!!!!



1. I love watching my little girls sleeping.
2. Pulling weeds from my gardens makes me feel like I have accomplished something.
3. I am a morning person.
4. I would love to live in France with my family.
5. I love spending time with my parents.
6. Must buy some lettuce today.
7. I love cuddles.
8. Good morning world, what are we doing today, please be nice to each other. xx


There is a little blue folder on my virtual desktop.

Who left it there, and why do they have a picture of Palin in a steam-punk outfit?

All of the watchmakers are gone, captured by the concept they made possible.

Large forks are the number one cause of kitchen accidents.

But you're thinking too hard--you should have let it alone.

Is it out of warranty?

I, I, I. I am not I; I am. I, I, I. Me and and Mine. Documents to sign. The Great Design has a dollar sign.

Brother Mathew

Great. Brocante for my birthday. I can't wait.


1. How did my little Pembroke Corgi eat one pound of sliced ham in less than one minute?
2. How did he get it in the first place?
3. Should I make dog food for him vs. buying dry kibble?
4. Is there really a difference between Iams and homemade dogfood?
5. What is the matter with me? I don't need more stuff "to do"!
6. I really would like a good shot of espresso right now.
7. Why is Starbuck's espresso so bitter? (At least IMHO)
8. Should I buy an espresso machine when I have such a teensy kitchen?
9. Should I buy an espresso machine when there's only me?
10. I really hate coffee but love espresso, why?

Miss Robyn

1. my only son has just arrived to visit. haven't seen him in 6mths and he has a new girlfriend after a heartbreaking marriage breakup. he is happy

2. tomorrow is Australia day [much like July 4] - we are celebrating with a BBQ and lots of yummy food

3. I love my life


no...not at all-- depressing i mean, and rest assured your darling little pug understands...prayers for your husband and you and all your animals too!!-g from philadelphia pa


Have a magazine addiction & no one can touch a new one until I am finished.

Glad that all the rain that has fallen in Houston is not snow!

Wonder why I have another addiction to reading blogs.

Absolutely adore all the birds that flock to my bird feeder by the back door especially my cardinals.

Wish I could carry FH's pink bag back to your house for him.

Looking forward to my dear husband making it home through the rain to share evening coffee.

Melisa Green

Not so random thought that I have been running through my head all day, from "A Course In Miracles":

You who want peace can find it only by complete forgiveness.

Random thought:
I wonder if they have "A Course In Miracles" in French and if so how many French people read it?


1. I love to do laundry and iron, but not clean house.
2. I also have a magazine addiction - I see someone else has this too.
3. I plan to dance in a pink tutu on the next sunny warm day.
4. Love to travel
5. Love to laugh, but don't do enough.
6. Don't tell this one to anyone, but I sometimes am willing to take a dare.

Karen C

Karen thinks,

Just had 6 days off work. Where did they go?
Husbands back sore again. WHY won't he go to the dr.?
Son to dermatologist this am, now to orthodontist.
Friends for Australia Day bbq tomorrow. YAY!
(better do some shopping)
Wonder if Corey would ever let me live with her?


i am so glad to be off for the first time in over 2 weeks..............
I am losing patience with my frozen shoulder.........
I am grateful for the silliness of 'The Office'........


- its minus 23C, snowing and I love it, strange
- love that new chandelier with pink flowers
- must buy those Bella Notte linens, what am I waiting for?
- why is my dentist a dentist if he really wants to be a rock star?!

Victoria Ramos

1. I am pea-green with envy because Corey is going somewhere really fantastic! Ugh.
2. Why did I try to cut my thumb off last night while trying to take the seed out of an avocado....
3. And I probably should of gone to emergency to get stitches but just didn't want to deal with it...
4. Need to loose some weight...but the food my hubby has been cooking so too good...is he purposely trying to plump me up???
5. Why was that fancy new hamburger restaurant downtown so good today at our birthday luncheon for Kathye and Lisa. I mean so good.
6. How come it took that woman so long to park her car on such a busy street? I mean, it was like 10 minutes. And why am I watching her as we are sitting that having a lovely lunch.
7. My thumb really hurts now, and I have to do laundry tonight....how can two people produce so much laundry?

Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic

Random thoughts...

- should I eat that cinnamon roll for breakfast
- oh, it won't hurt to have just one
- glancing at my image in the bathroom mirror and wondering if I will be able to lose those 15 lbs. by the end of February
- hope I can squeeze into my jeans; left them in the dryer...uh, oh!
- that fresh egg salad I made will be tasty for lunch
- better go take the dog for a walk; may offset those calories from the cinnamon roll
- don't need to buy that journal; gonna win a notebook from Corey!


1). My black puggle, Napoleon, ate flour that he stole from the cabinet yesterday. I should have disciplined him but he looked so CUTE with that white ring around his snout!
2). My husband arrested a very drunk man last night who fought with the police then apologized on his way to jail. I felt bad for that man. Husband is okay but another officer has a black eye.
3). I bought a pier mirror from Craigslist today. It had been in a barn and smells of hay.
4). My daughter grew 3 inches in one year!
5). I love my family more than I can put into words.
6). My sister, who lives in Northern Maine and recently had a double mastectomy and subsequent implants just sent me this text message, "my boobs are like frozen jello! LOL!"
7). I didn't do this for the notebook. It was actually fun!


- I wish I were having an apero with Corey in Provence
- Dang, more clouds?
- I love it when the Mr. cooks!
- I need a new great book to read
- I really, really need to exercise
- HGTV is addictive!


Today is my Mom's birthday. She turned 72. I wonder how many more times I can personally wish my mother a Happy Birthday? Hopefully many.

I wish I could decorate my house with Christmas lights all year.

I wonder why I don't decorate my house with Christmas lights all year.

I wish I could be 35 again. That was a perfect age.

I will turn 50 this year. What is that all about?

I wonder what the future holds?

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