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28 January 2011


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On a scale of one to ten the answer is TEN! I love your stories and miss the brocante and antique posts. I have no doubt that you will win this bet. I can hold out for another month, my birthday is also on Feb 28th so it will be like a birthday gift to have a peek at the brocante again.

TEN for me, please. I love your posts, but miss the Brocante. Even though I only window shop, it gives me a sense of what French antiques are like...so different from here in the States.
Thanks and have a lovely weekend.

I vote for ten too. I love your posts about brocante.

Dear Corey, I like everything about your blog...that is why I visit it every day. I love all of your blogs, especially those about your life as an expat. Brocante? Yes and10 it is.

Ten TEN TEN! I don't know why Matthew wants to punish us all.

TEN, 10, Dix, tien, tsien, zhen, los, da, and in etruscan, zar...you get the picture. by the way, I look forward to hearing you swear when I visit. Picturing it is making me laugh right now.

The brocante posts break things up, it's a nice change. I've never been good with numbers, if you like it, post it, and we'll enjoy it too. Just don't forget about the food...

Brothers! They always have caused trouble. I love your blog for all things French including brocantes.

Ten. Ten. Ten. But the lapse in time gives us time to concentrate on all of the wonderful things you do and say. I look forward to your surprises. Have fun with your bet. Sorry Mathew.

I love whatever you decide that you want to write about, brocante included.

Bring it on, Baby!


Count me in as a ten. Except for appliances and mattresses, everything else is antique in my house. Go girl.

Count me as a TEN as well. I live vicariously an alternate life in France through your blog. Please, don't stop!

I am a TEN! If I had never read about the brocante in your blog I never would have visited the one in Paris when we were there. And I never would have found such great souvenirs for my daughter-in-law who is a French teacher.

TEN ~ Whatever you like to blog about, I like so let er rip !!

Okay okay, win the bet.. but bring back the brocante right thereafter!!! 10.......

TEN! Look at all of these women your brother is punishing as well!

Ok...I'll be brave enough to say it....."4". I enough your stories about family, history, travel and Annie a little more than brocante. Sorry

A big TEN from me too, especially when there's 4 feet of snow outside and it will be months before I can visit any flea markets in New England!

10. Just tell brother Mathew to shut his eyes and turn his back. I think he's in the minority! ::Jill

I would have to say out of ten? It would be twenty at least. I have been there to these brocantes, and they make me weak in the knees and dizzy and leave me wanting more and more. Inspiring! I love your blog and that you swear! There is sweetness with other stuff all mixed in. It's all about balance Baby! Please write about the brocante!

Definitely at 10+++++++++++++!! If people want to read something different, maybe they should buy a magazine! I love reading your tales about the brocante, family and especially Annie. I LOVED my time visiting the brocante with you. What a day that was! Can I come live with you? Please, please. :-)

I would say a ten. Brocante adds balance to your blog. Without the brocante it feels as if something is missing.

It's all a 10! I love anything you write about. Brocante? Yep, love that, too. I DO want to see the artist's work tomorrow!

Mopsy- How did you get your name? You brought back memories. My mother used to call my father "Popsy" and he called her "Mopsy." My parents are both gone now. I think about them constantly, but had forgotten about "Mopsy" until I saw your comment the other day.

TEN. I was wondering what was missing lately.

How did you get your picture there?

Ten for sure. I wondered why you were talking of other things lately, with none of the Brocante and it all makes sense now! And no, I don't think talking about a painting and talking about the brocante are the same things, so have at 'er.
So...does this mean if we, your avid Followers, ask a question about the brocante, you will be forced to ignore us until Feb. 28, or are you permitted to do the only right thing and answer our questions? Is there a rule on that?

I absolutely hate shopping--all shopping--but I love seeing the things that you've chosen and the way you put them together. So, although I'm allergic to shopping myself and buy everything online that it's possible to buy online, I say ten, too!

10!!!! 10!!!! 10!!!!!

Ten for the brocante, the food and all the wonderful places you tempt us with!!

Definitely a 10!!! And tell your brother he needs to get a life!!!! LOL;)

Dare to be different: I give brocante anywhere betweem 4-8 as subject matter. I like the arty photos of interesting, falling apart things, textures, colours, tastes of these sorts of posts. Most I love a 1/3 each : Spirit/mind/Art, Heart/Home/hearth, World/Homour/History. Yep - thats the ratio that works for me baby!

Hey Corey, I'm afraid I'll be eating nails with your brother Matthew ! You have many talents and one of them is writing about the people you love with simplicity and emotion. Those posts really touch my heart !

Looking forward to seing art inspired by objects of the past. On the scale from 1 to 10, I'd say 11 (ELEVEN) to brocante posts.

I say 10...10...10...

I want all of the brocante news you can write about...

MORE...MORE...MORE...WAIT!!!!...on second thought...


Desirable..your posts.
Each and every one.
Now here is the score..

Brocante 10

Food 10

Family 10

Friends 10

France 10

Brother Mathew 7

Throw out the low score and you have a perfect 10!

oh, my goodness ..........I feel faint .......I thought it was until Jan 28 not FEB!!!!!! as I barely have breath.....10.......oh,dear.....courage......
missy from the bayou

If I ever come to France I want you to feed me chocolate ... so, um, 10.


Hi Natalie,

I wish I knew. Does anyone know?
Sometimes it is automatic when one blogs, but sometimes it is not.



Going against the flow here but I give the brocante posts a 3. I am with a fellow commenter. 1/3 posts about family/friends, 1/3 travel and a 1/3 brocante. That is why I enjoy your blog so much. It's a mixture of the three. Oh but I just forgot about the food and I REALLY enjoy those posts too. :) Keep doing what your doing cause it rocks! Blessings, Kimberly

How much do I love your writing about the Brocante? Well let me put it this way....... if you don't start writing about it again soon then you should know that I live close enough to Willows to drive up there and tell Matthew to put a (vingate) cork in it and let you get back to business!!

I'm just sayin'...

Frankly, I love the mixture of subjects. And your wonderful pictures to illustrate each day's entry.

10 for the brocante
10 for the food
10 for the family
800 for the beautiful photos
What if you just take pictures of the brocante and talk about something else?

I love all your writing and pictures, but, honestly, not a fan of antiques - I'll say "3"....

Brother Mathew brother Mathew, what are you doing to us? I love brocante, especially through your eyes Corey because 1) I learn so much, 2) I would not have the courage to do the bargaining or the hunting 3)your adventures have fun and celebrities (Brangelina anyone?) I have loved the balance of all your loves....that's why I stop by and visit so much.

About the pic in the box in the comment section...maybe people who blog via typepad get the pics in the box because I blog via blogger and always get the patterned box? that's my guess.

TEN, my response would be 10x10x10x10x10x10x10...
I was wondering if was just to cold for the brocante there or what? So now
it occurs to me that is one of those things that brothers do, and I agree the
challenge must be meant, but oh my gosh I am sure that I am not the only
ones having withdrawal pangs for the brocante! And Yes would Love to see
your friends art!

i say 10 plus and then some. but, then i love ANYTHING you write about corey! as for picking on mathew,i won't as you are very luck to have a living brother. brothers are the greatest. Bestest,Denise

Actually anything you write about is a TEN as far as I'm concerned. You could probably copy the names from your telephone book and I would rate it a TEN.
Why are all of us suffering because of your brother? If he loved you (and us, your faithful followers) would he want us to be without your brocante tales for a month? a week? a day? or even a moment? Surely not.

Brother Mathew, I think you just like to stir things up. You probably wouldn't be you if you didn't.....but Corey wouldn't be Corey if she didn't share her love for the Brocante. Stop resisting and jump onboard... and what is it you're going to blog about.

About a 4, I see i'm going against the tide,however what keeps me coming back to your blog is stories of your husband and kids, France and your American family

I like a mix: brocante, your family, your past, being an American living in France, and most of all: photos photos photos. And your love of life, hospitality, humor, and genuineness over all. but yes, brocantes too.

Don't think I can put a number on it.

Oh yeah, FOOD too. I love your blogs about that too. But they make me hungry to look at the pictures.

Hi Corey,
On a scale of 1-10 I like the brocante about a 7, love your recipes about a 7 as well, love your personal stories of family and love the best!! Your photos are a 10! Oh by the way, I would love to have dinner with Bro Matt!

I doubt that brother Matthew can cook as well as you can, nor does he know anything about the brocante. So who do you think I'm going to please? Since I'd love to visit the brocante with you, AND eat your food, I'll give the brocante posts 10. And the same for the food posts, and the family posts, and anything you choose to write about.

"This blog was created on a dare, November 29th 2005, after having lunch with fellow blogger Kristen, "French Word A Day." Kristen, daringly, encouraged me to write about my, (as she called it;) "Tongue in Cheek," collection of French flea market finds."

This is what brought me here!I say be true to yourself, (with all that entails including brothers which I suffer with as well.) I must admit I have missed hearing of your adventures into the past lives of good finds, but is your take on life that makes it so rich. I want it all. So back off Mathew and let us have our fix.

You discussing the broncante...10,
You talking about French food...10,
You waxing poetically about life in general...10,

Tongue in Cheek is my quick enjoyable trip to Provence each morning. :D Thank you!

Washington Post political columnist Dana Milbank has vowed not to write about Sarah Palin in February. Isn't it curious that you and he have picked the SHORTEST month in which to conduct your fasts? LOL!

all 10's hands down.....Brother Matthew 25.....As I always wanted a brother and do not have one....Not even a brother-in-law. Love the banter back and forth. Yes Cory you CAN have it all.

I have no idea how that happened!

To: jandreaco@hotmail.com

I love experiencing the playfulness between you and brother Matthew. He has you giving up brocante writing as if he has imposed his own private lent of sorts.Good for you for taking him on in this show of will.

I assumed that when asking us to rate the time spent on the brocante it had nothing to do with the other wonderful things about which you write so, I give the Brocante a very strong DIX. Can't wait for lent to end.


P.S...........Please bring on the "art" for tomorrow"s posting.

10! It is your blog--do what YOU want to do. Looking forward to the artist post!

TEN for everything you write about except Matthew, and I'm going to have to give him a ONE until he gets over his brocante aversion. 'm going to the Marburger show again in March. I'm happy to know you'll be writing about antiques again by then.

Dear Corey,

to be honest I don't care much about the brocante or antiques.... but I DO CARE A LOT about your passion for life. And if you inspired by brocante, write about brocante. I will come to read whatever YOU write about.
Today's post: 10!

I LOVE it whe you post avout the brocante, bring it on!! To heck with your brother!!! Also, you need to list more brocante items in you shop!! You are the best, I LOVE everything you do!

I really don't have any interest in the brocante itself, but I do love the way you write about it. You inject your own spirit into everything you write about, and that's what makes it interesting.

But if I remember correctly from pictures, I wouldn't be averse to lunch with your brother, either. Except for being married and all.

Hello. 10!

Is this Corey's "Tongue and Cheek" blog or Matt's obsession with Corey's huge and fabulously successful blog? Corey, you go girl, I've got your back. :) I love your blog just the way it is, brocante and all.

10. Anything about me
9. Le chat qui pipi dans ta chambre.
8. Talking wallpaper
7. Me ... Franca Bollo
6. Talking paper dolls
5. Buff construction workers and fine china
4. Stuff that other people used to own
3. More about me
2. What Choupy wants ... Avons-nous l'intérêt?
1. Eating too much/fat/weight gain ... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Katiebell, you said it for me - Corey, it's YOU and you take on life why we all keep reading and feeling connected to you 10, 10, 10

Amen Susan! I will second that!

A TEN for everything you write about--especially the
brocante(except for your brother Matthew)!! I will love whatever you choose to share with us. Part of what I love about coming here is your love for
beautiful old things. Marie

10...Absolutely! At least your son's friend gave a valid reason for skipping the brocante posts. He said he wants to see more posts about family and friends. But what is Matthew's reasoning? Don't be hating on the brocante Matthew! And besides, it's part of who Corey is.

10!! Supermarket shopping is a joy for me. Perhaps your husband has not been to non-French supermarkets where the choices are so limited and there is little more than the basics. Ever since coming to France I haven't been able to keep away from the supermarkets! /fresh food markets:)

Love it enough to be a 15. The only way I will visit them is through you...Brother, leave her alone!!

I say 10 x 100! Dear Corey, the brocante is part of what makes you and your blog so very interesting and endearing! You have a lovely mix going on the blog. Ignore Matthew, he gets a 5 maximum. Silly boy! I love the pic above and can't wait to see more of the work.

You make me smile. The image to go with this post is gorgeous....half photograph, half painting or so it looks. Love it!! As for the brocante...some of your very best posts have that as the main subject so by all means, carry on!!

Taking the brocante out of your writing seems tantamount to removing the marrow from your blogging joy... It is your personality which imbues Tongue In Cheek with its unique quality, so whatever subject inspires or moves you is surely right for it.

Oh, and as I see it, only contorted, tenuous logic by the meanest of sly minds could possibly establish a bet-losing link bewteen the brocante and the work of a living artist!

lol, only a cousin can write this and get away with it.
I dedicate my 'talking'red pant wallpaper to you.


Hi Kathie

My brother Mat's birthday is on the 28th of Feb.



I don't have a passion for the brocante, but you have opened my eyes to older things which I view with more appreciation for their history and possibilities. I like that the brocante is part but not all your blog.
Blog gets 10/10!!

Silly, silly Mathew.... a bit 10 of course. Does this mean Mathew can't talk about guy things like motorcycles until his birthday?!?!?!?!? ugh, men.


10+ for sure!! can't read enough about the brocante.

Why would your brother deprive us, your worldwide audience and clientel, of something we all love? It is integral to Tongue in Cheek. I believe we all outnumber him and he can just not read your blog! You write about so much more than just the brocante anyway. feb. 28 is crazy! AND why is the word BRO in BROcante. bro can't deal with brocantes... poor baby! So 10 for brocantes and yes, you guessed it - nails for bro.

'sweet and sour all in one'... I like that!

I give brocante posts a 10, as long as you offer some for sale :-) I remember people begging you to share how you obtained the beautiful things in your home, where the brocantes are, how to "shop" them... so I think you're offering what readers said they wanted! My favorite stories are about people and life in general ...whatever you write about most always speaks to me in some way. Brother is jealous you don't blog about him more often! Go Corey!

Is Mathew a male version of Corey? I sense the great humor of you two.
Family,friends,antiques,and your passion for life appear so vivid through sensible writing and captivating photos.
Simply put,reading your blog has become my daily essential.
Thank you.

Definitely a googleplex!

10, 10, 10

you do not need to use the word "brocante". simply refer to the good things as "items of interest to my blog readers". duh.

10+...love the brocante and all the photos of France...

10 and the odd piece for sale is always interesting. I am a dreamer... :^) and I do love your blog.

All of your posts are of interest to me...Of course the word which must not be spoken of is my fave subject of all, but honestly Corey everything you write, take pics of is to be treasured. How does one become your new best friend. Burts Bee Lip Balm? is that all it takes...I’m there mama...Take good care and all the very best.

Yes, - taking pictures of The Brocante is NOT writing about Brocante (grin).....and, I really dislike Nails - they are far too hard to chew, they taste metallic and are just better off left to the the job they were designed to do. I give the Brocante 10 and I give the photos 10 and I give the posts about Anna and your family 10......Brother Mathew, I am sorry but I have to decline Eating with you.!!!!
Smiles me Sue/Cottesloe West.Australia.

10. Naturellement. Eye candy pour moi.

oh, you make me smile....i will read whatever you write....i will look at whatever pictures you post....i will look at the comments others write .... and i will relish it all !

TEN, TEN A thousand times TEN!!!
Please tell brother Matthew to pull his head in and mind his own business instead of depriving those of us so very far away from the delights of the brocantes ... and maybe I'll consider stopping sticking the pins in the doll ;-)

Ten by all means ten! Some spirits just can't be held back.

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