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04 February 2011


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Happy Birthday!

Linda (from New England where we have SNOW)!


Happy Birthday Corey. Your posts brighten my day. Thank you. Have a wonderful day.


Hey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Mine was 2/2 (I'm a groundhog:) I hope your day is super special, full of love and special treats-like you.
bliss farm antiques


Happy Birthday Corey. Thank you for being part of my mornings! God bless you this coming year!


Happy Birthday! We share the same birthday, I am going to celebrate today with cheesecake, mega huge, cappuccino-fudge cheesecake that I made last night. I will eat a piece for you. There are no calories on birthdays, every one knows that!
Happy day!


Happy Birthday, Corey, and thank you for wishing me a happy birthday yesterday. As you, I just thought about my day a lot but did nothing special. Susan


Happy Birthday, Corey! Wishing you all the best this year! Thank you for sharing your life in France with us.

My birthday is a holiday at my house! I tell everyone that it's the best day of the year next to Christmas because it's MINE. I am queen for the day. And my family pampers me, makes me a special dinner (usually scallops and steak)and gives me a great present.


Happy Birthday, Corey! Quietly held birthdays rarely disappoint. I like your style.

Cynthia Rieth

Happy Birthday Corey - have a wonderful day!


Many happy thoughts from me to you on your birthday Corey! (my youngest Sarah celebrates her birthday along with you today) Hope to see you soon!


Happy, Happy, Wonderful, Sweet Birthday Corey!!!!!!

Love and Miss You XOXOXO Sheala


Happy, happy birthday, dear Corey! May your day be full of joy, happy reflections, and some fun and surprises! May the blessing you are to others be heaped back onto you!


Happy Birthday Corey ! I'll think about you for the rest of my day xxxxx


Warm wishes on your birthday, now you have 365 days around the sun to celebrate it. Make it a good journey - there is no reverse gear.



Happy birthday, Corey! I hope it's a great year for you and that it's full of good surprises.

Linda C.

Have the Happiest of Birthdays Corey...I am sure you will.

Thank you for everything.

Natalie Thiele

Happy birthday Corey! Go blow bubbles in the chi chi park with Frances and indulge in some Queen Amen.

Everton Terrace

Many Happy Birthday wishes Corey. Hoping your day is full of laughter and love, I suspect it will be. I'm in bed with the flu and woke up thinking "today is Corey's birthday" :)


Feel the Love Corey, from around the world.


Feliz Cumpleanos Cococita!

Franca Bollo, myself and a couple other grade school friends are leaving in a week to Todo Santos to bring in th 50s.

Love, Mary


Happy 53! enjoy your day.


Happy Birthday! Sto lat! - (Polish birthday greeting which means "may you live 100 years").
Hope you have a fun day and may the coming year bring you many wonderful stories for Tongue in Cheek.


Happy Birthday!
53 is a very fine number to be, though it was mine so long ago, I sometimes forget!
I like quiet birthdays. This December, my husband, daughter, and son-in-law took me to a special showing of It's A Wonderful Life at a restored early century theater in a town near us. It was $5 for a local charity and one of the best birthdays I've ever had. Seeing one of my favorite movies on the big screen was such a beautiful experience.

It is, after all, a wonderful life! Enjoy!


Happy Birthday Corey! I hope your day is full of wonderful surprises, and the year to come will be full of special little moments. Thank you for bringing lots of smiles into the lives of your readers everyday. I love how you celebrate life everyday.

Deb in IN

Happy Birthday Corey-we will be the same age for a few months and I hope you enjoy the age as much as I!

Thank you so much for including me in the 'contenders' yesterday. It was such an honor and I so appreciated the responses from everyone whether they voted for mine or not.

I am happy Star won the knocker! And, I am still smiling about my having been a part of the Tongue in Cheeck Blog Family yesterday! It was a touching and meaningful experience for me.

Thank you Corey and all your readers.


Happy Birthday, Corey! I had forgotten DD2 shares this day with you. She is 23yo now and will become a mother in August. I am so proud of my baby girl.

Hope you have a wonderful day!



I hope it will be a warm, love-filled day for you. What a good age to be: it's perfect, because it's you. Happiest of birthdays to you!


This is Linda from Texas where we also have snow.. just a dusting, but WOW! Happy Birthday sweet friend. You know very well what I did on my 65th birthday, celebrated with you, Yann,and many others.. it was a milestone in my mind, and I wanted to whoop it up big, and we did! The next few will be quite like yours today, and maybe when I turn 100.. I will throw myself another whingding.... wanna come?

Becky F

Happy Birthday Corey. You also share this day with my lovely sister-in-law. She is 53 today as well.
When it's my birthday my family makes me the queen for the day. Have a beautiful birthday. Becky


1958... a new and most interesting object appeared in the USA... the HULA HOOP !!!

Hope your day will be swirling on and on and will be a big festive hoop for you !!!


Have fun ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!

Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic

Like you, we do not make a big deal out of my birthday or MR CCC's birthday anymore....would rather just think of the year ahead and plan for the future. But...I do wish YOU a very pleasant and peaceful day ;-)


Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Star who?
♪Star tspreading the news, I'm leaving today♪

Congratulations Star.


happy happy birthday dear Corey, may the blessing just pour out!
53 is a good year. i was born that year ;-). I can remember 53. my birthday is thanksgivings so i am either cooking, planning or cleaning or decorating. we used to go to santa fe every year but now that the kids are grown we don't because of the holiday and they don't travel with kids. i've been 57 now for the 3rd year. i forget. LOL


Happy Birthday from the Austin TX area. And we have snow here too. Very cold for us. My pipes froze yesterday.


Congratulations, Star and Alan.

Happy Birthday, it sounds like you are being pampered, enjoy yourself! They say youth is wasted on the young, but they aren't lacking, we are just richer for having already gone through it all.

No ritual here, except to hint around for about a week beforehand, to remind my husband how delicious chocolate can be.


Happy, Happy Birthday Corey! May you have the best of days and years to come. Celebrate however you like and
do whatever you want, as you are the Birthday Girl.
I love quiet birthdays, doing whatever comes along.

My son's birthday was yesterday....Cheers to 2 wonderful


Happy Birthday lovely friend
May Heaven smile and hear your every wish
Love you


HAPPY BIRTHDAY COREY!!! a big shout from the east coast! Thank you for each and every post, it would be withdrawal time w/o the few minutes I spend with you each day.
I did not vote yesterday, but happy Star won. Her comment took me back to my childhood as well - such peace & simplicity. Although, Alan's was quite sassy, huh?
I, like you, do not celebrate my b-day, but it lingers in my thoughts many days before & after the real day . . .
I think the weather there is very pleasant today, yes?
Have a wonderful day!!!


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Corey, happy birthday to you!


Happy Birthday to a special lady Corey!! Enjoy every moment!!!


happy happy birthday!!!!!!! thanks for a fun read every morning...many blessings! molly


Thank you, Alan! You're a clever one with words.

I could certainly relate to the response you gave to Corey's question (and obviously I wasn't the only one, so many found themselves saying "me too"). Corey's readers and commenters are beyond compare. Thank you for adding your voice here.

Wandering Chopsticks

Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday, Corey! I hope there are some good surprises that come your way today.

And thank you to the readers who found something they could relate to in my childhood experience and took the time to comment here. There were so many personal stories, each of them rich with meaning. You have the best blog family anywhere.

"Behold, I stand at the door and..." wait, for the hand that knocks. Thank you, Corey!

Amy Kortuem

Happy Birthday, Corey! I hope you have a wonderful day.

My birthday is December 19, and my mom and I usually make a little girls' weekend to Minneapolis go shopping, hear a concert, and just get away.


Hope you have a wonderful birthday and a wonderful year filled with much joy and happiness.


Happy Birthday to you Corey! 53 is a great number, especially because you think it is - thta's half of it right there.
I'm like you, I think of mine all day but I don't celebrate it in any particular way. In some ways I liked my birthday most when my children were small as they would be so excited about it - the joy came to me through them I think. To this day, I still enjoy their birthday wishes best.


Have a sweet and wonderful day.


Happy Birthday dear friend. When I am 53 later this year I will spend it thinking of you. I would be wishing that I was right there with you in Provence sharing a cool glass of something and more importantly sharing your company. Dreams.
enjoy Corey dearest.

Brenda L from TN


Hope your day is super special...I'm betting FH will make it so...

Also congratulations to Star...she got my vote as well...many good memories.


Happy, Happy Birthday, Corey! May your day be as special as you are!!


Dear Corey,
Happy Birthday,to you!! I too am a 'quiet B-day' kinda girl. I have always believed that on the 'marker'
days of our lives that we should just try to be more AWARE.... On my 50th birthday I asked the universe for a silly favor (don't remember why). I wanted a stanger to tell me Happy Birthday without being prompted. I spent the day walking,looking at art and visiting a book store before I headed home to the family. At the bookstore I treated myself with a huge cappochino. When I handed the clerk my credit card he asked to see my driver's license. I was surprised as this is not often done. As he handed back my license he said, "Happy Birthday,Melissa". I was stunned. I laughed and my eyes teared up. I told him he had 'made my birthday'!! I wish I could have explained it to him but there were so many eager customers behind me.
So just be more -aware- today Corey because the universe will speak to you!!
much love,missy from the bayou
ps congrats to Star and Alan....I loved their comments.


Joyeux Anniversaire Corey :)
Fifty-Three sounds good; a certain maturity, but still young enough to be foolish (at most times!!!), being able to smile at life, knowing that pulling an angry face doesn't help..... helping yourself to an extra patisserie if you feel like, drink another glass of whatever takes your fancy without regrets.... YES, it sounds good!
I celebrated two of my birthdays in a special way, my 40th when I wished to invite some of my closest friends for a brunch and then realised that I had over 40 (with their families) and therefore changed the concept: 40 for BREAKFAST from 9h-11h and then I added a second invite for those living further away for an afternoon BBQ style buffet so that I got another nearly 30 for that invite... Only, in the end, the breakfast people stayed till after 1pm and the BBQ gang arrived before 3pm and I was all over the place and we had a most lovely, wild, imaginative, fun, laughter and song-time till nearly midnight!
The second birthday party I did 'big' the invites did NOT know that it was my birthday; they were invited to inaugurate our house we bought..... they therefore didn't 'have' to bring a gift for me, they were just invited for a longish afternoon stay, we had long buffets meandering from kitchen to dining room, the children played in a guest room with my old teddies, children books, toys and drawing stuff, the adults played the piano, sang, talked a lot and drank a bit with their food - so relaxing and so wonderful....
Have a happy day and then 365 more to come. Much love

Toni Mason

Happy Birthday Corey. Hope you have a beautiful day.


Happy Birthday to you too - sounds good too!
I didn't know about the NO calories though, so I shall remember that novelty for my next birthday.... on October 14th!!! :)


oh Melissa, this is priceless (or is it prizeless?! I NEVER know, not being English mothertongued.... :))))))
What a great and wonderful experience.... and what an attentive clerk! Thank you for this great 'testimonial'

g coughlin



Congratulations to Star and Alan!
Happy Birthday to you Corey. You are one special lady. 53 is not so bad; I am there myself. Enjoy your day and I am sure their will be surprises along the way. My birthday is in June and we have a family get together and celebrate.


Happpy Birthday Dear Corey! The world got changed on Feb. 4, 1958 and never to be the same...It became brighter and most beautiful the day you were born~~~ Wishing you a perfect sweet day my friend!


Happy birthday, Corey! I hope you have a fabulous day!!!


Happy Birthday! A friend of mine had a baby boy today, so another birthday you share!

Wild Plum Cottage

Happy Birthday Corey! Hope you've had a delicious day.

Kathleen in Oregon

Happy Birthday Corey! Maybe there is a surprise waiting for you?


Happy Birthday, Corey! Today is my mama's birthday, too. We lost her last summer and we're missing her so much. My birthday is New Year's Eve. I celebrate with family, friends, good food, and a little bubbly - and just celebrated 56.


Enjoy YOUR day.

Isabel ~ Maison Douce

Happy birthday, Corey, I hope you get a little pampering today!!!! The word for beignets in Portuguese is sonhos (dreams)... They truly are!!


Happy, happy day! I usually celebrate with a bouquet of daffodils, my first strawberries of the season, and have a day of leisure. When I was young my mother would make a spice cake. I haven't had one of those in many years.


Hi Corey and happy birthday!! Gosh -- I've been reading your blog for over three years now and I've loved all of it.

I hope you've had a wonderful day.

I'm going to be 52 this year. These days I usually buy myself a pair of shoes and give them to myself for my birthday. And then we go out for pizza!

Chris Wittmann

Happy Birthday Corey from frozen northern New England where we are huddling around our woodstoves! I hope to be 59 this spring, afraid we never do anything very special except maybe go out to a favorite place for lunch, and if the weather's good, take a drive around Lake Winnipesaukee which takes about an hour. Just grateful for good health, that's the most I wish for.
Have a wonderful birthday!!


Best wishes for a lovely, happy and healthy year. February babies are the best. I'll be 54 on February 8 - I always take my birthday off and do something fun for myself.


That's a great idea Nathalie - it's been far too long since Corey and I blew bubbles ! Then maybe we could drink some too..

Linda P.

Happy Birthday from another Linda in Texas.

I'm one of those people with a birthday on Christmas Day. When we're standing in line to get our driver's licenses renewed, we indulge happily in a pity party. The conversations always go something like this: "Did you ever have a birthday party? Does everyone give you one present for both Christmas and your birthday? Are all your presents wrapped in Christmas paper? Did you ever get a birthday cake?

So, for my birthday, I'm typically cooking for a big group of people, some of whom are especially careful to wish me Happy Birthday and some of whom forget. The good news for any mother and grandmother, however, is that I always have my children and grandchildren around for my birthday!

Sharon Penney-Morrison

"You are wonderfully and gloriously made."
That is a quote from the Bible......so in His honor I hope you celebrate just a little bit, for it is by the grace of God we are still alive, in the world as it is today:-)
Jump up and down...let your boobs flop....clap your hands and do the silly dance at least for 2 minutes!!
Love you and Happy Birthday Corey.

Franca Bollo

Is "sugar bun" a code name for Yann?

And a plate of filhos would be welcome right about now.


Happy Birthday! I just read, "Do not resent growing old...Many are denied the privilege." (Not that 53 is old.) Have a wonderful day, whatever you do!


Happy Birthday Corey!!! Do whatever your heart desires and do it with gusto! I celebrate all week (I have a friend and aunt who celebrate their birthday months!). Now, that sounds selfish, but I prepare. I fill the freezer with meals, get groceries, etc. The week itself is spent doing whatever creative endeavor my heart desires. It is the one week a year I allow myself to fall into the creative rabbit hole, only to come up for meals and sleep. I love it.


Happy Birthday Corey!
Fifty-three looks absolutely fabulous on you. I wish you many, many more filled with good health, joy, and blissful interludes.

Janell West


I'm adding to the growing chorus of birthday wishes.

I hope it was grand. That you are feeling well-loved.

I'm in love with my 50's. Maybe because I can't name another time in life where I've felt more joy, day in and out. I sense a similar joy in you -- for it spills out in your photos and lines of letters. And like many here, I'm grateful for your sharing.

Happy birthday, new friend.


Happy Birthday, Corey, and many, many more.



Happy Birthday, Corey!


Happy Birthday Corey!
May this 53rd year be absolutely wonderful!

Amanda May

A very very Happy Birthday to you, Corey! A day of doing nothing sounds like a fabulous way to celebrate a birthday!

French la Vie

Filhos, leave it to you to know how to spell it!
Sugar bun is the name I gave years ago for: Brioch au Petit Sucre.

French la Vie

xxx I need your address!

patty g

Happy Birthday Corey! Wishing you a sweet day, week and month! I will be 53 in April. Often I take the day off from work. Reading a book curling up in bed, and taking a walk or hike with friends is something I might do on or near my birthday.
Since turning 50 my wish has been to visit Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery near Ukiah. Last year we brought food for the monks and I was able to help prepare the meal in the kitchen. This year we have two buddhist nuns living in San Francisco. Being near others who are living such simple wholesome lives makes me happy.


Bonne anniversaire, Corey!!

Victoria Ramos

Happy 53! I too will be 53 in August - and oddly enough at 53 I will have outlived both my parent's....it was making me trip alittle yesterday thinking out it... about how old I thought my mom looked and she was only 52! Merde!

Guess I better invest in some good wrinkle cream as a birthday present?!?!?

Enjoy your day - live life to it's fullest!

Ana Maria

Dear Corey,
Yours was the first blog I ever read and yours continues to be the first blog I read every morning.

A friend asked me why I like your blog the best. What is it about? she asked. I began to say, "it's about France (which I love), it's about Brocantes (which I LOVE)..." and then I realized, Yes, your blog is about those topics, but it's also about food, and husband, and children, and travel, and neighbors (good: Annie; bad: the peeing cat), and so much more. Your blog Corey, is about LIFE! I, as well as all others, feel like I know you. I feel like I could walk into your home and I could sit with your family and just talk and talk. Your blog has brought so many people together, and now, by being able to "Reply", we will all be much closer. THANK YOU Corey! Thank you for sharing your life, your excitement and your love!

May God continue blessing you and yours today, on your special day, and always!

Your friend from Miami,
Ana María

PS: I also LOVE your brocante treasures! (I just bought the silver dinner forks!)

PS #2: I just realized very recently that you are Portuguese!! I grew up next to a wonderful Portuguese family who had seven children - we were very close. Because of them we traveled to Portugal and loved every inch of it!


Happy Birthday, Corey - wishing you every bliss your heart desires, and blessings for the year ahead!


If I were there we'd go out for champagne!

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