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22 March 2011


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How wonderful that you were able to spend time together! Hong Kong looks amazing! :) (P.S. Hope your ankle is feeling better and that the swelling starts to go down soon. xxx)

Yummmm, borsht!

How's the ankle, Corey?

Can you go out and buy compression hose, or an elasticized ankle brace while in HK?

What a sweet meaning for food that I am sure is made from the heart.

Hi Corey, I have a wedding to attend in May in Chantilly and a stop over in Hong Kong that I think now I should extend! Would love any advice you have. Hope you foot is healing, imagine the walk up 43 flights!?!? Thank goodness for lifts! X

This has been a great trip. How many floors total? Can you get outside air directly into the apartment?
Take a picture at night if you can.

I've enjoyed seeing all of the places you've visited so much! Thank you for sharing your trip with us :)

I'm so glad that you and Irina were able to meet in person after sharing such a difficult time.

Hong Kong always looks SO fabulous and Irina's menu sounds divine.

Can we take it as an indication of less pain today, since you didn't mention your ankle? I certainly hope so!

That food looks oh so delicious!!!

Feasts of the heart in the sky,
incredibly beautiful!

Such a small world,
I know Irena's blog too. ;-)

Blessings and much love
I so enjoy all that you share
Love and hugs

Hi jetsetters, just been catching up. Sorry about your foot but you certainly fell on it at Irinas ! And why don't I have those antique spice jars ? my love, Jx

I miss Hong Kong, I'm so glad that I saw this pictures, revives many memories. Hope you're feeling better.

I love seeing your travels, but something you said about washing the little dishes struck me. Whenever I cook, or serve meals, I try to dirty the fewest dishes possible so I don't have to wash them -- unlike my husband who has no qualms about dirtying more and more mixing bowls, pots and pans and serving bowls. Maybe I'm being stingy by trying to cut down on the work rather than enjoying the beauty of each piece of pottery. I'll try to change. Thanks for that Aha moment.

I love dim sum, and the Ukrainian food looks delicious as well. I am sure Irina and Alfred gave you the grand tour. One step closer to a pretty brunette.

Hello Corey,
It is absolutely amazing how Blogging has opened the world up to many of us who don't travel. For those like yourself who are able to meet fellow Bloggers from around the world it must be pure heaven. I look forward to seeing what other adventures you find on your travels. Be safe.
Maura :)

Miam, Ukrainian and Chinese dumplings, comfort food such an adorable couple. Just what you deserved as a midvoyage indulgance. Colourful hospitality in the sky, good show Irina!

Just back to your blog after a longish absence due to .... you don't want to know. I LOVE the expression Dim Sum - little pieces of one's heart... :)
Thank you Corey, a large bit of my heart is travelling with you even though I cannot keep up with all the reading right now. How perfectly wonderful to find caring and sharing people all over the world!
Go with God - I WILL read it all - some day.
Kisses and hugs

Oh yummy, yummy, yummy....I'm craving borscht and dim sum. Oh yea, and a trip to Hong Kong (via Thailand of course:)
I have warm memories of Hong Kong. The first time it was just days prior to picking up our first child, a daughter, from a Chinese orphanage. I could not sleep because of the anticipation...I was grateful for the night markets-which were lively and kept my mind busy as I nearly burst with the anticipation of holding my baby daughter for the first time...yes, warm memories of Hong Kong. Thank you for taking me back, what a wonderful way to start my day.

So nice that the two of you had the chance to met! It's always nice to have someone you feel you can connect to in a foreign country!

Thank you for sharing your story with Irina - and the little pieces of your heart. What a delicious way to celebrate a global friendship, built on words across the ocean and held together with such wonderful people.

Ukrainian food is soooooo good, and with so many vegetarian options. You must have been in heaven - and from the look of that building, you were.

These photos are breath taking. Incredible. What a small world we live in. How nice to have shared such feelings through a blog and then finally meet. I am loving your journey and I hope your ankle is better. Thanks once again for sharing.

43rd floor? WOW! You were in the clouds!

What a beautiful apt. and how nice that Irina invited you and FH to what looks like a REALLY yummmy supper! It all looks soooo good.

You are so lucky to have such a great blog that friends all over the world can follow your travels and when you are close to their part of the world they can invite you into their homes. Have a wonderful time!

P.S. glad your foot seems to be better.

Hey Matt,
I cannot help but think of you and Ellen every minute while I have been in Hong Kong... a paradise for your lead holders!!
Yes, the windows open, fresh air a given.
Matt you would go nuts here from the incredible modern design.

Your Sister

What goes around, comes around, as they say.

You are such a wonderful hostess in your own home, Corey. You have written of so many for whom you have provided lodging and/or fed and/or heightened their awareness of the beauty of Provence by accompanying them for a day or so.

It seems only fitting that you are enjoying the fruit of the seeds you have sown. Hopefully the TLC Irina is providing will help your foot and ankle to mend and you will be able to finish your trip with renewed vigor.

The table is my favorite place to gather. Your adventures have been such a delight to hear. Did ya get the recipes?????

And your adventure continues. How wonderful and extra special to have the opportunity to meet Irina and share meals together. Having someone to travel along and guide you in seeing the beauty of her part of the world is priceless.

Isn't it amazing that kindred spirits can be found across the miles and via today's technology? It makes the world very small, indeed.

I am also, as a Polish wife who loves to cook for her family and guests, very pleased to hear that Irina cooks her beloved recipes from her homeland. That helps one in times of homesickness, and also to let others in on our heritage, which is so important to again -- making the world smaller.

I hope your ankle is feeling better!


Blogging makes our world a smaller, friendlier place. How wonderful you were able to meet her, especially after sharing such a difficult time.
And that food looks amazing!

You are so right about meeting friends through blogging.
I am enjoying all of your writings and meeting new friends as you travel and learning about their ways.

Thanks you Corey for sharing. Hong Kong looks like a wonderful place to visit. Sensory overload...visual noise all rolled into one.
I am happy for you and Yann.

Give and it shall be given....You gave to her and she gives as well! Enjoy the harvest that you have sewn and are reaping!

Wonderful share about your blooming friendship with Irina. I have been enjoying the sights and drama of you travels daily, thank you Corey!
And Hong Kong! Wowsers!

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! I visited Hong Kong in the '70s when I was a teenager. That visit changed my view of the world in some many ways! I would love to go back to visit someday.

Must be so nice to have friends all around the world!!!!
I am so happy for you!
Thanks for sharing all the experiences and the pictures! Amazing!

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